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Cold Inferno
Mind Tricks (Extended Version)
Fragments of D-Generation
The Isolation Game
Nebularium + the Restless Memoirs EP
Disarmonia Mundi May 03, 2019
It seems we are shooting a video too 🤔
Disarmonia Mundi May 02, 2019
Something is going on here at The Metal House with Björn Strid
Disarmonia Mundi Apr 29, 2019
Rumor is this power trio will reunite soon enough... wanna know more? Stay tuned... 😉
Disarmonia Mundi Mar 23, 2019
Disarmonia Mundi Feb 13, 2019
Hookers from the Red Light District? Not really 😆 The dynamic duo hangin' out with Björn Strid before the Soilwork gig in Milan , superb show as usual and always cool to spend time with such an amazing human being. Expect more news from this power trio later this year, stay tuned 🤘🏻
Disarmonia Mundi Aug 29, 2018
We recently opened our official Instagram page, don't forget to follow us to keep updated on what is happening here!!!
Disarmonia Mundi Aug 20, 2018
We are still working hard on the new stuff... More news coming soon.
Disarmonia Mundi Jun 23, 2018
Another big loss in the metal scene, but finally you're together again. R.I.P. Vinnie.
Disarmonia Mundi Feb 05, 2018
Hey people, just a quick update: been working on tons of new stuff lately, still a lot to do, but things are shaping up neatly, so you won't be waiting another 5 years for a new album for sure.🤘
Disarmonia Mundi Jul 19, 2017
Thanks to Carl Schiller for making this re-edit of the "Celestial Furnace" video with scenes taken from "Toys In The Attic" movie:
Disarmonia Mundi Dec 29, 2015
An icon has just become a legend, celebrate his legacy #RIPLemmy #hailtotheking Official Motörhead
Disarmonia Mundi Dec 22, 2015
Disarmonia Mundi "Cold Inferno" album is #1 in Loud & Heavy "THE LOUDEST & HEAVIEST OF 2015 AWARDS"
Disarmonia Mundi Dec 15, 2015
Disarmonia Mundii "Cold Inferno" album is in the Dead "BEST OF 2015"
Disarmonia Mundi Sep 06, 2015
Questa sera alle 20:40 intervista radio con i Disarmonia Mundi su Materiale Resistente:
Disarmonia Mundi Jul 31, 2015
"Cold Inferno" is in TOP3 June releases by MetalMusicMadness videoblog! (with ENG subtitles)
Disarmonia Mundi Jul 06, 2015
Disarmonia Mundi new album "Cold Inferno" is album of the month on Dead!!!
Disarmonia Mundi Jul 03, 2015
Check out guys, the live video of the song "Stiletto" taken from Swedish Classic Rock band The Night Flight Orchestra- featuring Björn Strid (Soilwork) David Andersson (Soilwork) and Sharlee D' Angelo (Arch Enemy) - new album entitled "Skyline Whispers" out on 9 June 2015 via Coroner Records can be seen at the following address:
Disarmonia Mundi Jun 22, 2015
Disarmonia Mundi Jun 10, 2015
Disarmonia Mundi Cold Inferno sits in fourth place on US Itunes Metal Chart, c'mon guys, help us to reach the first place!
Disarmonia Mundi Jun 09, 2015
Disarmonia Mundi BUY NOW "Cold Inferno" on iTunes (Germany and Austria only) here:
Disarmonia Mundi Jun 09, 2015
Disarmonia Mundi new album "Cold Inferno" is dominating Amazon charts ranking first in both Death and Alternative Metal charts and in second place in global Metal chart! We want to thank all people that are buying our music, that will keep us alive and ready to make a new record soon. Thank you our friends!
Disarmonia Mundi Jun 09, 2015
What a great review!
Disarmonia Mundi Jun 09, 2015
New Disarmonia Mundi album "Cold Inferno" out now! Available in digipak and digital format, you can buy your hard copy from: Coroner Records Nuclear Blast EMP Or get your digital copy from: Itunes Amazon Spotify Available also on Google Play.
Disarmonia Mundi Jun 03, 2015
Hey guys do you want to listen to Ettore singing in Japanese again? Take a look to Gyze "Honesty (Feat. Ettore Rigotti from Disarmonia Mundi)" Lyrics Video at the following link:
Disarmonia Mundi May 27, 2015
An Idol!