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Dirtyphonics at Stereo Live (August 24, 2019)
Venue: Stereo Live (Houston, TX, US) Find tickets
Elektric Park Festival Elektric Park Festival 2019
Venue: L'Ile des Impressionnistes (Île-de-France, France) Find tickets
Dirtyphonics Aug 12, 2019
So happy to welcome SampliFire in the Disciple family! Another 🇫🇷 means the Disciple HQ is going to smell like perfume, cigarettes, coffee, wine & cheese...
Dirtyphonics Aug 08, 2019
This is Dirtyphonics LIIVE !! Tag a friend who needs to see this and tell us what cities we should bring this show to. Thank you @RAMPAGE for helping us bringing this one of a kind experience to our fans!
Dirtyphonics Jul 31, 2019
We're still buzzing from RAMPAGE - the world premiere of our "Dirtyphonics LIIVE" was one of the best stage experiences of our lives! We have been working for almost two years on creating this show, re inventing the way we can play our music on stage and create a visual show that gives you the full Dirtyphonics experience the way it's meant to be. A big thank you to all of you who created an unparalleled energy during our performance, to RAMPAGE and Murdock for giving us the opportunity to share our world with you and to our team who has been helping us making our vision a reality. This is the beginning...
Dirtyphonics Jul 21, 2019
Follow the Best Of Dubstep Spotify playlist for a chance to win an exclusive merch pack from Disciple! ⚔️⚔️⚔️ Follow/Enter here --->
Dirtyphonics Jul 17, 2019
Hell yeah our customs The Flag Gang x Dirtyphonics Jerseys are available now until Aug 11th. Tell us which number you're going to pick and why. This is a limited edition so don't wait until it's too late ;) Link to grab in the first comment :)
Dirtyphonics Jun 01, 2019
Can't wait to go back to London and destroy Egg London on June 14th with Muzzy & KOVEN. !! Should we play more Dubstep or more DNB?
Dirtyphonics May 25, 2019
We showed No Mercy to EDC Las Vegas and we woke the sun up together!
Dirtyphonics May 22, 2019
EDC Las Vegas was once again insane!! Thank you all for the vibes, smiles, screams both at the closing of the Basspod and on the Artcar!
Dirtyphonics May 19, 2019
It was meant to happen - here's our long awaited collab with PhaseOne​ !! Hope you like guitars 😈
Dirtyphonics May 17, 2019
FREE DOWNLOAD ALERT! "No Mercy", the 1st single of our upcoming Scars EP is out today for free download! >> <<
Dirtyphonics May 15, 2019
Our Scars EP is not for the faint hearted! Which one are the most excited about? Out 5.22 PRESAVE :
Dirtyphonics May 13, 2019
French AF!... We are super happy to announce we're officialy joining the Disciple family !! New EP coming out soon presave it here 👉🏻
Dirtyphonics Mar 27, 2019
WE ARE BACK AT EDC VEGAS with the homies Delta Heavy!! Dubstep & DNB under the electric sky!
Dirtyphonics Feb 25, 2019
Muchas Gracias Mexico!! First time there and you guys definitively gave us that big stage energy <3
Dirtyphonics Feb 04, 2019
Dirtyphonics LIIVE - Summer 2019...
Dirtyphonics Feb 02, 2019
"Rise from the Dead" is OUT NOW on @Disciple and it's causing damage!! Stream & buy here 👉
Dirtyphonics Feb 01, 2019
"RISE FROM THE DEAD" out tomorrow on @Disciple !! Buy/Stream 👇
Dirtyphonics Jan 31, 2019
"Rise From The Dead" out Friday on Disciple ! Buy/Stream 👇
Dirtyphonics Sep 20, 2018
Lost Lands Music Festival was gas! Big up to the couchlands crew as well - where did you watch it from? 🎥 Arudz
Dirtyphonics Sep 07, 2018
Someone said DNB? Scorpion is out today!! 🦂 >> Stream / Download: Scorpion is a throwback track to the DNB we loved back in the late 2000’s with an added contemporary approach. It’s pure raw energy and an hommage to what has inspired us then. Follow the Official RAMPAGE playlist on Spotify:
Dirtyphonics Aug 21, 2018
Still buzzing from Let It Roll the mecca of Drum and Bass! Tag a friend who needs to experience it with you - see you next year :)
Dirtyphonics Aug 08, 2018
"Sayonara" went off at ARENAL SOUND in Spain ⚔️👹⚔️ Out Now > 🎧 cc: Monstercat
Dirtyphonics Aug 06, 2018
Smash the comments & let us know what you think about our new track “SAYONARA” ⚔️👹⚔️ OUT NOW! -> 🎧 #MonstercatUncaged
Dirtyphonics Jul 11, 2018
There is thousands of them, hiding in the dark. You can’t see them until you unleash the madness... Thank you We Are Electric & RAMPAGE !
Dirtyphonics Jun 21, 2018
The 1st Metalstep Jacket is here! 💀🐍 We have designed this fully custom "Vantablack Limited" Denim Jacket and we're so excited to share it with you guys today. It's a very limited series, we won't produce more so hurry up and grab yours NOW !! It's happening here >>