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Master of the Moon
Angry Machines
Killing the Dragon
Live In London: Hammersmith Apollo 1993
Finding the Sacred Heart: Live In Philly 1986
The Very Beast of Dio
Stand Up and Shout: The Anthology
Strange Highways (Remastered)
Lock Up the Wolves (Remastered)
Lock Up the Wolves
Dream Evil (Remastered)
Sacred Heart (Remastered)
The Last In Line (Remastered)
Holy Diver
Ronnie James Dio Aug 18, 2019
“I will spend the rest of my life helping people who have the same affliction I do”. - Ronnie James Dio. In his last public appearance, Ronnie talks of cancer & his plan to always help others with this disease. To learn more about the #DioCancerFund, please visit, and please 'like' the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund Facebook page.
Ronnie James Dio Aug 15, 2019
34 years ago today! Released on August 15th, 1985, Sacred Heart! #DioHistory.
Ronnie James Dio Aug 12, 2019
Starting the day with some classic Rainbow! Kill The King, Live in Munich, Germany, 1977.
Ronnie James Dio Aug 10, 2019
Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund
Ronnie James Dio Aug 07, 2019
44 years ago this week! "Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow", released on Aug 4, 1975! Favorite song: the opening track, "Man On The Silver Mountain". What is your favorite song?
Ronnie James Dio Aug 03, 2019
Beautiful sketch of Ronnie by Shawn Duarte / Duarte Illustrations!
Ronnie James Dio Jul 30, 2019
Backstage during the Mob Rules tour. Classic Black Sabbath photo by Ross Halfin Photography
Ronnie James Dio Jul 28, 2019
If you haven’t already, please follow the @DioCancerFund to learn more about the organization and their upcoming events. Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: The #DioCancerFund is dedicated to support research and education that furthers early detection, prevention and treatment of prostate, colon and stomach cancers... all in the name of Ronnie James Dio!
Ronnie James Dio Jul 27, 2019
If you find yourself strolling down Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, stop by the Guitar Center and visit Ronnie‘s handprints; forever immortalized in the Hollywood #RockWalk. 🤘🏼🤘🏼
Ronnie James Dio Jul 25, 2019
Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund
Ronnie James Dio Jul 24, 2019
The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund Announces their Fifth Annual #BowlForRonnie event, coming up on Nov 7th! Story via
Ronnie James Dio Jul 23, 2019
11 Videos! In case you missed the news last week.... RHINO has re-released 11 of Ronnie's music videos. It's great to finally see one channel where you can view all of these classic videos! Enjoy!
Ronnie James Dio Jul 22, 2019
11 years ago today! Released on July 22, 2008. The Rules of Hell. This iconic boxed set showcased the remastered releases of 4 classic Black Sabbath albums featuring Ronnie on vocals: Heaven and Hell (1980) Mob Rules (1981) Live Evil (1982) Dehumanizer (1992) Which album is your favorite?
Ronnie James Dio Jul 21, 2019
32 years ago today! Dream Evil was released on July 21, 1987! How does this rank among your other favorite DIO albums? We’ll be spinning this one all day!
Ronnie James Dio Jul 20, 2019
A new painting for our 'Fan Art' photo album. We love seeing these beautiful tributes to Ronnie! Created by MiryAnne
Ronnie James Dio Jul 13, 2019
To celebrate his birthday all week, RHINO continues to re-release Ronnie's music videos, a few each day. Browse this playlist to view this collection of classic videos!
Ronnie James Dio Jul 11, 2019
RHINO celebrates Ronnie’s birthday by changing their logo to this DIO inspired font, and we love it! Rhino is helping us celebrate all week by re-releasing 10 of Ronnie’s music videos. 5 have been launched so far, with more on the way all week! View them here:
Ronnie James Dio Jul 10, 2019
Happy Birthday Ronnie James Dio! To celebrate his birthday today, RHINO announces the re-release of 10 of Ronnie's music videos, starting with these two, Holy Diver and Wild One! Stay tuned for 8 more video releases in the coming days!
Ronnie James Dio Jul 07, 2019
42 years ago today! Rainbow released the double live album “On Stage” on July 7, 1977
Ronnie James Dio Jul 06, 2019
1 Million followers on Spotify and growing! The music of Ronnie James Dio lives on forever, thanks to all of you!
Ronnie James Dio Jul 04, 2019
Wishing you all a safe and Happy 4th of July weekend! 🤘🏼🇺🇸
Ronnie James Dio Jul 02, 2019
35 years ago today this album entered our lives. Released on July 2, 1984. The Last In Line! Hard to choose a favorite track from this one; but what’s yours?
Ronnie James Dio Jul 02, 2019
Great photos captured by Will To Rock of the Dio Returns tour in Los Angeles at the The Wiltern Theatre:
Ronnie James Dio Jun 30, 2019
Last night at The Wiltern in Los Angeles! A huge thank you to everyone involved who helped make the Dio Returns tour a reality; helping us celebrate the life and music of Ronnie James Dio! Photo by PG Brunelli
Ronnie James Dio Jun 29, 2019
Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund