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Shaman's Paths
Dino Sabatini Dec 06, 2018
My latest interview with Paula Koski for Monument.
Dino Sabatini Nov 19, 2018
My latest podcast for The Forgotten, Mexico.
Dino Sabatini Nov 13, 2018
I am happy to announce that OUTIS OPERA 003 • Shaman's Path Limited Double-Vinyl Edition is finally out! After having been released in CD and single EP format on Prologue Music (October 2012), Outis Music is proud to announce a new special limited edition of SHAMAN'S PATHS - the complete album in a double-vinyl compilation (2x12LP) coming out as a part of Outis Opera Series. Get your copy before it gets sold out!
Dino Sabatini Nov 08, 2018
Shaman's Paths Limited Edition review up on Delighted Mag. Thank you! Pre-orders:
Dino Sabatini Nov 01, 2018
Icaro track premiere is online on 6AM. Thank you! Outis Opera 003 • Shaman's Paths Special Edition Release date: 9/11 Pre-orders: #Outis Music
Dino Sabatini Oct 26, 2018
Pre-orders of OUTIS OPERA 003 • Shaman's Paths (Special Edition) available also on Bandcamp. Release date: 9 November
Dino Sabatini Oct 19, 2018
Thanks for sharing, Metropolitan Magazine Italia!
Dino Sabatini Oct 18, 2018
I am very happy to share with you that the new special limited edition of SHAMAN’S PATHS – complete album in a double-vinyl compilation (2×12’’LP) - is coming out on November 9th as part of Outis Opera Series. • OUTIS OPERA 003 • Dino Sabatini • Shaman's Paths (Limited Double-Vinyl Edition) Pre-order your copy on the link below
Dino Sabatini Oct 06, 2018
OUTIS OPERA 003 coming out soon! Pre-order your copy:
Dino Sabatini Sep 07, 2018
Playing in Madrid next week! >>>
Dino Sabatini Aug 16, 2018
Last week's Disconnekt at IPSE, in Berlin. Thanks to everyone who came!
Dino Sabatini Aug 08, 2018
I am happy to share with you my latest interview for The Metropolitan Magazine Italia. Check it out if you want to find out more about my music.
Dino Sabatini Jul 27, 2018
Playing at POLIFONIC tonight! RA Stage 00:00-01:30
Dino Sabatini Jul 19, 2018
Upcoming gigs: Friday, 27th July - POLIFONIC 2018, Apulia Friday, 10th August - Disconnekt with/ Post Scriptum live, Dino sabatini and more And more news coming soon!
Dino Sabatini Jun 29, 2018
#throwback to Outis Podcast Series 01
Dino Sabatini Jun 22, 2018
#throwback to Manticora This EP made in collaboration with Luigi Tozzi was released 1 year ago on Outis Music - my personal label. OutisMusicStore: Bandcamp:
Dino Sabatini Jun 20, 2018
My podcast for Parabel is out!
Dino Sabatini Jun 04, 2018
The Metropolitan Magazine Italia published an article about my music a few days ago. Thank you!
Dino Sabatini May 25, 2018
clubberia podcast from 2015 #throwback
Dino Sabatini May 16, 2018
A 5 shoot interview for Different Grooves from some time ago.
Dino Sabatini May 09, 2018
my podcast for Smoke Machine #throwback
Dino Sabatini May 02, 2018
Remember 1969? Me and Gianluca Meloni (aka Laertes), 8 years ago on Stroboscopic Artefacts
Dino Sabatini Apr 18, 2018
The full preview of my rework of JOACHIM SPIETH's Dispersion is up on Orb Mag
Dino Sabatini Apr 10, 2018
New podcast for Techno Scene!
Dino Sabatini Apr 04, 2018
My rework of JOACHIM SPIETH's Dispersion! More info soon on AFFIN.