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I Love You, Dude
I Love You, Dude
I Love You, Dude
I Love You, Dude
I Love You, Dude
Kitsuné Tabloid
Digitalism at The Jazz Cafe (December 21, 2018)
Venue: The Jazz Cafe (London, UK) Find tickets
Digitalism at Hive Club (December 29, 2018)
Venue: Hive Club (Zürich, Switzerland) Find tickets
Digitalism Dec 12, 2018
Dear Team Digitalism - join us for the last 2 gigs off this year
Digitalism Dec 06, 2018
After a 3 year break from remixes, it`s time for the indie kids to dance again ;) So don't stop dancing, move on
Digitalism Nov 16, 2018
Our new EP "UN1T" is out now, here's the video for "Automation". Watch the full video:
Digitalism Oct 02, 2018
We invited some nice people into our bunker universe, socialize with us in the link below Link:
Digitalism Sep 13, 2018
Our EP "PR15M" is out now, we spoke to Billboard Dance about our inspirations and our new US tour Listen:
Digitalism Aug 30, 2018
Check out our brand new video for GLOW over at Billboard Dance
Digitalism Aug 06, 2018
Oslo, vi gleder oss! We’re looking forward to playing for you on 9 August at Parkteatret. Which songs do you want to hear? Tix:
Digitalism Aug 02, 2018
Our new single Glow is out today - let us know what you think! Listen:
Digitalism Jul 04, 2018
Digitalism Jun 29, 2018
The menu is almost finshed, bon appetit!
Digitalism May 31, 2018
There is something in the air, we’re getting prepared see you on all our gigs..
Digitalism May 28, 2018
Our single "Space Race" is out now! Listen here:
Digitalism May 25, 2018
Whoop whoop the SPACE RACE rocket has left the solar system!!- thank you guys so much for the support! 🚀👍
Digitalism May 23, 2018
Djtalism time
Digitalism May 21, 2018
Have you heard our new single yet?
Digitalism May 18, 2018
Space Race is out now! Thanks for last night Berlin! See the rest of you soon 😉
Digitalism May 17, 2018
Our new single «Space Race» is out now! We will be live-premiering from Funkhaus Berlin tonight
Digitalism May 15, 2018
Dear Fans, the wait is over - we’re really excited to share our new song "Space Race" with you this week. Here is the artwork for you
Digitalism May 11, 2018
17.05.18 “Space Race” 🤟🏽
Digitalism May 08, 2018
See you soon
Digitalism May 03, 2018
We are so excited for Funkhaus, Berlin - some big news coming soon. Tickets are selling fast - Das wird derbe! tix:
Digitalism Apr 27, 2018
Dear fans, thanks for support on the "Zdar C1u6 " EP. If you haven´t heard it, do it now... new music is on the way
Digitalism Apr 24, 2018
Oslo! We´re coming back to Norway in august to play Parkteatret during Øyanatt for Øyafestivalen! Øyanatt: Digitalism (DE) / Parkteatret
Digitalism Apr 18, 2018
Just finished our North America Tour and can't believe it's over already! It's been too much fun!! Thanks for the support and soldout shows, Big Ups to everyone who joined us on the way -- see you again soon US and Canada! 🇺🇸🇨🇦✌️ with a pic😀 from @wolfgangamadoeus / Amado Aquino
Digitalism Apr 03, 2018
First week of tour is over - See you this week at: 05.04 @ Digitalism w/ Metavari, Lincoln Hall 06.04 @ Digitalism at Echoplex 07.04 @ Digitalism // Pat Lok at The Great Northern