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WHARVES (AUS) with DIET, Sunscreen, GOSH (AUS), and 3 more… at The Steyne Hotel (May 11, 2019)
Venue: The Steyne Hotel (Manly, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
DIET with Concrete Surfers at The Workers Club (May 17, 2019)
Venue: The Workers Club (Fitzroy, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
Diet Cig Apr 17, 2019
🚨 throwback because it’s WILD how hot we looked as clowns 🚨
Diet Cig Apr 16, 2019
✨ hiiii y’all our show in Asbury Park with @remembersportsband has only 5 tickets left (maybe less now??) so if you wanna come ya better act fast!! 🌱⭐️ also this saturday we’re in HOUSTON BABY at Rice Uni, outside on campus, free and all ages, we hit at 9pm! 🌈🎷🐁 see you there! 📸: @emdubin 🌟
Diet Cig Apr 12, 2019
mfw i remember we’re playing a few shows at the end of the month 🌈💫⭐️ 📸: @emdubin (tix in bio :)
Diet Cig Apr 08, 2019
holy smokes it’s finally warm outside and dang we can’t wait to see you in just a few weeks!!! catch us with @puptheband and @remembersportsband at these shows coming up, they’re ALL AGES baby! 4/20 - Houston, TX @ Rice University 4/25 - Boston, MA @ Royale 🍊 4/26 - Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel 🍊 4/27 - Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Prk Brewery 🧤 4/28 - Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery 🧤 4/29 - Philly, PA @ Union Transfer 🍊 6/7 - Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall 🍊 6/7 - Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall 🍊 🍊= supporting @puptheband 🧤= with @remembersportsband 📸: @pamelaayala
Diet Cig Apr 06, 2019
🌟 HOUSTON 🌟 hi hello what’s up we’ve missed you! we’re playing at Rice University on 4/20, it’s open to everyone and FREEEE 🌈 come say hi and dance with us, it’s been too long 🌟🍊💘 📸: @lindseyoneda
Diet Cig Apr 02, 2019
🌟 we were lucky enough to catch @remembersportsband on the first date of their current tour a few days ago and dang do they freakin rip!!! come catch us together for two nights this month in Asbury Park and Baltimore, it’s going to be the best ✨💫🌟 tickets are going fast, scoop yours in our bio 🌈🌹💧 pic by @photojoekt 💘
Diet Cig Mar 27, 2019
just a cute lil pic by @sara_cath for @bigbudpress to brighten your wednesday ☀️🌈🍊💫
Diet Cig Mar 25, 2019
a real warm weather mood 📸: @_thefox
Diet Cig Mar 22, 2019
happy friday 😋😋😋 our shows with @remembersportsband are getting close to selling out, so here’s your obligatory reminder to get your tickets to shred with us sooner than later! also remember to take ur allergy meds this weekend cause dang it’s spring!!! 🌺🌻🌱🤧💫 lol tix in bio, pic by @juliepavlacka ✨
Diet Cig Mar 20, 2019
I’m pretty sure this is exact moment after i tore my ACL on stage in november 2017. I’m almost fully healed at this point, but it was a really wild and long recovery process to get back to this place. I was super depressed most of last year because i wasn’t able to do so many of the things that brought me joy, i felt like some weird hollow version of myself. since then i’ve done some healing and we’ve taken time to be people outside of this band and it’s helped so much!! i feel happier again and like myself and better than ever honestly. that being said, i really just want to thank all of y’all for being so patient as we cook up new music and new everything for y’all. it’s been a tough time and we’re finally emerging from that dark place and making things and i’m just so grateful that y’all have stuck with us through it all. you’re the best and it’s so amazing that y’all care about what we do and make, it makes everything worth it. we love you!!!! promise we’re making some really cool stuff for ya ✨💓🌈 (ps i can’t find who took this picture, please let us know if it’s you!!)
Diet Cig Mar 19, 2019
oh hey i didn’t see you there ✨ just a reminder that our shows with @remembersportsband in Baltimore and Asbury Park are coming up and you should grab your tickets sooner than later if you wanna come! we’ll have some new merch and a new song or two sooooo yeah please come and bring a pal! tix in bio ✨🌈❣️ pic by The Duby Scoop
Diet Cig Mar 11, 2019
✨ it’s monday and the clocks have sprung and the warm weather is approaching and so are our spring shows and we are just so dang excited to play a new song or two for you at them while the earth finishes thawing and maybe we’ll even get stuck in that thick springtime mud that smells so good maybe maybe ok here’s a pic of noah by @goldrosecrown 🌱✨❣️
Diet Cig Mar 08, 2019
💫 happy international women’s day, women are magic!!! 💫 go step on a misogynist and declare your love for all the women who make your world go round (and then consider sending them —and any other women who bring you joy— money for being so lovely bc what a great day to financially support the amazing babes in your life!) 💫 📸: @musicfelon
Diet Cig Mar 06, 2019
throwback to this pic by our bb @_thefox ✨🌈❣️ maybe time to chop my hair again?? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Diet Cig Feb 25, 2019
💫 ready to start doing our backstage warm up dance moves so soon!!! have you gotten tickets for our shows with @remembersportsband and PUP yet?? scoop em while you can, these are our only shows this spring!! (writing you up some new songs and maybe we’ll be playing some at these shows?? 😋) link in bio for tix 👋🏻❣️🌈 pic by The Duby Scoop obviously!!! 💓
Diet Cig Feb 24, 2019
daydreamin about tour and the desert 💓✨🏜 pic by @emdubin at @salvationmountainofficial 🌈🗻💫
Diet Cig Feb 22, 2019
Noah and I met 5 years ago today!!! 🌈💘✨ feels really cool and special that we get to make music together, thank you so much for listening to it and for coming to shows and for being with us since that first house show where we met (you know the one) 💓 xo here’s an old pic to celebrate by @shervinfoto
Diet Cig Feb 15, 2019
hope y’all got to spend vday with ur lovers and best friends and sweet pets and whoever else brings you joy ❣️❣️❣️ pic by @emdubin ✨
Diet Cig Feb 06, 2019
our philly show with @puptheband at @uniontransfer is 🌈SOLD OUT🌈 and we can’t wait!! tickets are still avail for our headline shows in Asbury Park and Baltimore with @remembersportsband 😛 link in bio! 😛 pic courtesy of @docmartensshoes ✨
Diet Cig Feb 04, 2019
thinking about being on tour and pulling tarot cards and how i always miss my people the most when we’re home 😭💘
Diet Cig Feb 03, 2019
tix for our lil run of shows in april and june are GOING so if you wanna come i’d scoop em asap and tell ur bff y’all have plans 💗🌈💘 pic by The Duby Scoop 💫
Diet Cig Feb 02, 2019
😛 tickets for our shows with @remembersportsband are now on sale, link in biiioooo 😛
Diet Cig Jan 28, 2019
hiiii we added two shows with @remembersportsband to our lil run with @puptheband (and are also playing the @brooklynsteel show!) tickets in bio ⭐️ also we haven’t played baltimore in sooo long and are v stoked to come back! ⭐️ poster by me 😛
Diet Cig Jan 25, 2019
Boston tonight!!! it’s sold out and so is Brooklyn tomorrow!!! yeehaw!! see you rockers there ⭐️ not sure who took this photo but pls lmk if it was you! 🌈
Diet Cig Jan 24, 2019
levitating up to boston and brooklyn this weekend for our shows with @rubblebucket 🌈🔮💫 tomorrows show in boston is sold out but there’s still a few tickets left for saturday at @brooklynsteel 👀👀👀 these are our last shows til like APRIL so we’re very excited to see you all one more time before we hide out and make new stuff 😋 see you there! 📸: @gregchow