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One Bullet from Paradise
The Opposites of Light
Kisses and Kicks
The Opposites of Light
The World Is Too Big for One Lifetime
Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending
Spawn of Dysfunction
Die So Fluid May 22, 2019
Don't forget to #getyourgothon on World Goth Day 🦇🌚
Die So Fluid May 11, 2019
One year ago today we released our 'No more stars' video 🤘! Enjoy your Saturday 🌞!
Die So Fluid Apr 12, 2019
Enjoy your weekend rockers 😎 🤘 🎸!!! Pic by the awesome Anabel DFlux
Die So Fluid Apr 10, 2019
Wow! Is it already two years ago? 🤘
Die So Fluid Mar 27, 2019
‘Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you'll be a mile away from them, and you'll have their shoes’. 🤣🤣🤣 Warped Wednesday wisdom. Striding into the wilderness in star spangled thigh-highs armed with sense of humour💪👣✨👠 😉@i_am_grog
Die So Fluid Mar 24, 2019
Hehe Peace out! ✌️ Stills from Bittersweet! #iwillonlyfightyouonguitars 💋
Die So Fluid Mar 08, 2019
#fbf from filming the video for What A Heart Is For. That’s a long row of shoes by my feet 👠 This snap looks so vintage. 💋#happyweekend #poshfrock #cocktaildress #strikeapose
Die So Fluid Mar 05, 2019
Thanks for the ongoing support Lurch's Lair 🤘☺️!
Die So Fluid Feb 26, 2019
Can you believe it.... One Bullet From Paradise was released almost one year ago 😌! What's your fave song on the album?
Die So Fluid Feb 01, 2019
11 years ago we released 'Existential baby' from our 2008 album 'Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending' 🤘. It soon became a fan favorite and it still is 🥰! Enjoy your weekend and this HD video from your favorite band 😃!
Die So Fluid Jan 24, 2019
#tbt It’s an all time favourite by sir @paulharries 💯Drew and I were reminiscing yesterday about Al and funny stuff he used to do in rehearsals Miss you Al, still hearing those comedy backing vocals at unexpected moments ♥️♥️
Die So Fluid Jan 18, 2019
Enjoy your weekend rockers!!! 🤘💀😻🎸😃 Pic by Tina K Photography 📸
Die So Fluid Jan 11, 2019
#fbf Flash back to Grŏg lurking in the dark shadows of the cellar of doom that constituted a dressing room beneath the Southampton Joiners @joinerslive many years ago.
Die So Fluid Jan 09, 2019
Hope your year’s off to a righteous start rockers! Here’s a nice shot of Grŏg taken by @davidryderprangley in London #girlnbass #bass #gandl #gandlguitars #bassplayers
Die So Fluid Jan 06, 2019
Hellooooo 🤩! How has the new year been treating you so far 🤘? (Grog pic by Paul Harries Photographer)
Die So Fluid Dec 24, 2018
Wishing you a cool yule and an epic new year!! A time to reflect on all that’s been, what the path holds, and toast it all heartily. Thank you for your warmth and support this past year! “... every day let’s embrace the sensual world, and never bridle our desire... “✨🖤⛄️🎩
Die So Fluid Dec 22, 2018
#fbf It’s still Friday in the States! Drew with his flock of Washburns circa 2008 Not sure who took this but it was one snowy winter session at Assault and Battery Studios in North London
Die So Fluid Dec 19, 2018
And now for a back bend 🤘Yet more great photography from @polglaseuk from the Lexington London last month. Hope you’re feelin festive and rocking the merry season! 🌲✨🎸
Die So Fluid Dec 13, 2018
Swingin those braids and rockin hard in festive red 🤘 Photo by @polglaseuk 💋🎅 @i_am_grog
Die So Fluid Dec 09, 2018
Enjoy your Sunday with mr. Drew 🎸🤘
Die So Fluid Dec 05, 2018
Another great shot, this time of Grŏg @i_am_grog performing at the Lexington Nov 11 2018 captured by @polglaseuk
Die So Fluid Nov 27, 2018
Great shot by Polly Polglase 👌 Sharing more memories and moments from our recent sold out show at the Lexington, London UK.
Die So Fluid Nov 22, 2018
Some rehearsal rockage from a couple weeks ago at Unit 2 in London. Happy Thanksgiving to our ‘Murcan friends! Shot by @davidryderprangley #behindthescenes
Die So Fluid Nov 16, 2018
Thanks Darren Jones for this cool piccy 🎩! We'd love to see your selfies from the Lexington show 😊!
Die So Fluid Nov 15, 2018
#tbt to rehearsing with Justin last week at unit 2 for the show!! Good times! Photos by @davidryderprangley