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Neon Zero
Unicorn Steak
Die Mannequin Aug 18, 2019
THe 🔫OG 👑RD. 📷 by @nervemeter .
Die Mannequin Aug 16, 2019
Die Mannequin Aug 11, 2019
I AM SELLING MY HAGSTROM baby. DM me, best offer. It is in good condition, and it was just set up again and re-strung. I only played it for one song on a few tours for fatherpunk*-Tuning, and a random c song Here or there. She has however played on a DM recording or three, and I Played it on MTV live, which you can YouTube. The die letters are removable. case included etc. DM me if you are interested. Serious inquiries only. THank you lovers. @ Toronto, Ontario
Die Mannequin Aug 03, 2019
....somewHere beTween a TrasH can and lasT call.
Die Mannequin Jul 26, 2019
Die Mannequin Jul 18, 2019
@johnjosephpitts and I murdered "sexy back" at His Karaoke night at @thesneakydees monday. come visit Him and I next monday and sing with us, or else.
Die Mannequin Jul 16, 2019
Had a beauTiful weekend wiTH @now.carve.your.niche aT THe @indianhandcrafts sHow, killed some alien zombie dinosaurs, and THen wenT To THe beacH.
Die Mannequin Jul 13, 2019
c r a f T dinner*. - Feruza Sulk*.
Die Mannequin Jul 13, 2019
c r a f T dinner*. - Feruza Sulk*.
Die Mannequin Jul 11, 2019 me "FLOORIA." - as sunG by Patti Smith alla 'Gloria'.
Die Mannequin Jul 06, 2019
s l o w.
Die Mannequin Jun 27, 2019
Die Mannequin Jun 25, 2019
THrwbck* from our rioT fesT seT.
Die Mannequin Jun 23, 2019
my naPalm life as a cHemical soldier. @ Toronto, Ontario
Die Mannequin Jun 22, 2019
Die Mannequin Jun 22, 2019
I jusT HaPPened To walk by @anthonybleed and I's old queen and auGusTa sTreeT aParTmenT. wHo remembers THis Place......?...
Die Mannequin Jun 21, 2019
And I will title this photo "sHuT uP mom.".............. vinTaGe*.
Die Mannequin Jun 20, 2019
anTHony aciidz bleed. @aciidzisaband @anthonybleed and @diemannequinofficial . @ The Painted Lady
Die Mannequin Jun 19, 2019
Mullet with mulletfly wigs*. - The Trashing Trumpkins.
Die Mannequin Jun 18, 2019
only sHallow vibes. livinG in a loveless filTer, alla my bloody valenTine.
Die Mannequin Jun 17, 2019
Die Mannequin Jun 15, 2019
@becca.nevins .
Die Mannequin Jun 14, 2019
n e r v e.
Die Mannequin Jun 14, 2019
@becca.nevins - @e.i.n.a.e.r.e.a.n.i.e fixed iT.
Die Mannequin Jun 13, 2019
What a glorious time I had with these four girls yesterday. - Becca not pictured, as she could not make it to the Billie eilish show. I am such a dork for you all. @e.i.n.a.e.r.e.a.n.i.e @[email protected] . @ Budweiser Stage