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Dirge for the Archons
The Wanderer
Diabulus in Musica Apr 08, 2019
Diabulus in Musica joins Codex Agency for European bookings! We are very happy about joining forces with Codex Agency! We are sure that this cooperation will bring us very good things from now on. As you know, we are working on a new album so you can expect some cool European shows following its release. Keep an eye on our social networks to stay updated! For concerts and festivals, please get in touch with Wietze Halma:
Diabulus in Musica Apr 07, 2019
Megaproject ready!
Diabulus in Musica Mar 11, 2019
💥BooM💥 Songwriting finished!! After some very intensive months of hard work, the new album of Diabulus in Musica is getting shape!! Let's start adding some cool orchestras and choirs! Pre-production starts in 3,2,1... . . . #diabulusinmusica #symphonicmetal #napalmrecords #newalbumontheway #songwriters #preproduction
Diabulus in Musica Jan 13, 2019
Diabulus in Musica Nov 20, 2018
New music will come! 🤘☺️🤘
Diabulus in Musica Jul 19, 2018
Reportaje del Z-live en CyL TV. Podéis ver una pequeña entrevista a partir del 13'55''. Z-live report on CyL TV. Little interview from 13'55'' (in Spanish).
Diabulus in Musica Jul 14, 2018
A little taste from Thursday's show in Arguedas. Cortesía de infoarguedas, gracias!
Diabulus in Musica Jul 12, 2018
¡¡Hoy a las 20:00 Diabulus in Musica en Arguedas!!
Diabulus in Musica Jun 29, 2018
Z-live! Rock Fest
Diabulus in Musica Jun 29, 2018
Photos from Diabulus in Musica's post
Diabulus in Musica Jun 27, 2018
¡Navarra y cercanías! ¡¡Buenas noticias!!: este año formamos parte del cartel de artistas del programa Kultur del Gobierno de Navarra, así que podréis vernos en directo en Arguedas el 12 de julio. ¡No os lo perdáis, será el único concierto este verano y además con entrada libre!! This year we are one of the artists to take part in the Kultur festival organized by the Governement of Navarre!! We will play live in Arguedas in July the 12th! It's going to be the only show this summer and besides, it's free, don't miss it!
Diabulus in Musica Jun 20, 2018
¡Gracias a vosotros Z-live! por el trato y la profesionalidad: organización, equipo técnico... y por supuesto a todo el público, sois grandes! Un honor haber formado parte de ese cartelazo :)
Diabulus in Musica Jun 19, 2018
¡Primera crónica del Z-Live Rock Fest! ¡Gracias! "El potencial y la calidad suprema de la que hacen gala bien merecen una mayor repercusión en nuestro país. En Zamora sacaron a relucir su exquisita lucidez interpretativa para completar un concierto que pocos olvidarán y que, además, encajaba perfectamente en el plantel de la jornada.
Diabulus in Musica Jun 16, 2018
Gracias a todos por aguantar el calor con nosotros! #diabulusinmusica @zliveoficial #zamora #dirgeforthearchons
Diabulus in Musica Jun 06, 2018
Y aquí el horario de firmas del viernes. Signing session timetable for Z-live!
Diabulus in Musica May 30, 2018
Aquí está el horario del Z-live! También tendremos sesión de firmas de 18:15 a 18:45 ¡¡Os esperamos!! Running order for Z-live! We will also have a signing session between 18:15 and 18.45. See you there!!
Diabulus in Musica Apr 09, 2018
¡Ya está la distribución de bandas para el Z-Live, nos vemos el viernes 15 de junio en Zamora! Complete line-up for Z-live is ready! See you on Friday 15th June in Zamora!
Diabulus in Musica Jan 27, 2018
New music on the way!!
Diabulus in Musica Jan 01, 2018
Happy new year everyone!!!! Hope 2018 brings you health, love and tons of new music!! Kisssssesssss!!!!
Diabulus in Musica Dec 24, 2017
Merry Christmas from a part of the DiM family! Our best wishes to you all!!
Diabulus in Musica Dec 09, 2017
Z Live Rock
Diabulus in Musica Dec 08, 2017
¡Buenas noticias!! ¡Confirmados para el Z!Live Rock Fest De Zamora en junio de 2018!
Diabulus in Musica Dec 03, 2017
Zuberoa is one of the guests on the new Dark Sarah album together with other great musicians! Check them out!
Diabulus in Musica Nov 12, 2017
Brainstorm meeting! .... also we had dinner 😇. We hope you had a wonderful weekend! 👿
Diabulus in Musica Oct 19, 2017
Iberian Warriors Metal Fest (sept.2017)