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Pandora's Pinata
Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Dangerous
The Butcher's Ballroom
Diablo Swing Orchestra Nov 23, 2018
DSO confirmed for Progpower Europe 2019
Diablo Swing Orchestra Nov 18, 2018
Making amends...
Diablo Swing Orchestra Jul 20, 2018
Run down to #hismastersvoice today to get the vinyl version of #pacifisticuffs for only £18.99! ⚡️🤟✨
Diablo Swing Orchestra Apr 19, 2018
Diabolical dancing at Dallas. To be continued...
Diablo Swing Orchestra Mar 24, 2018
What a great day we’ve had. Thank you Johan & Klas for your lovely guidence and spirit. This will be a weird and wonderful video for sure!!!
Diablo Swing Orchestra Mar 24, 2018
Shooting the video for ”Superhero Jagganath”
Diablo Swing Orchestra Mar 21, 2018
A review of the Moscow gig and some glorious pics from the show. Funny Google-translate reading as well 👍
Diablo Swing Orchestra Mar 19, 2018
Now that's what we call two nights to remember. Russia, thank you all! Extra thanks and hugs to Delta Mekong Concerts and Infinity Concert! Photo by: Svetlana Kovalenko
Diablo Swing Orchestra Mar 17, 2018
What a party Moscow!! We hope to be back soon!
Diablo Swing Orchestra Mar 16, 2018
Thank you for a great evening St Petersburg!!
Diablo Swing Orchestra Mar 15, 2018
24 hours and counting. St Petersburg, are you ready!?
Diablo Swing Orchestra Mar 15, 2018
Johannes is gearing up for the show @Aurora tomorrow.
Diablo Swing Orchestra Jan 27, 2018
Russian rehearsal!
Diablo Swing Orchestra Jan 25, 2018
Rope them in while they are young...
Diablo Swing Orchestra Jan 07, 2018
Still wondering what the new album sounds like? Check it out here!
Diablo Swing Orchestra Jan 05, 2018
We’ve always thought it’s fun to name songs in a way that it gets the listeners imagination going. So now we wonder, what’s your favourite DSO song title?
Diablo Swing Orchestra Jan 03, 2018
”The Age of Vulture Culture” bass play through! This song, including the full-length string intro, can be found on the Diablo Swing Orchestra album ”Pacifisticuffs” from 2017. ©/℗2017 Tanglade Ltd t/a Candlelight Records/Spinefarm Records/Universal
Diablo Swing Orchestra Dec 31, 2017
Happy new year! Hope to see you all on the road in 2018!!
Diablo Swing Orchestra Dec 28, 2017
Thanks for all the music tips, we’re listening to everything and have found some really cool stuff! Also keep sending your videos in for ”The Age of Vulture Culture”. From the looks of things it will be a hilarious video in the end!
Diablo Swing Orchestra Dec 23, 2017
So now when Pacifisticuffs is out it’s time to write new songs. Give us some suggestions of bands/albums we should check out for inspiration.
Diablo Swing Orchestra Dec 20, 2017
So lovely people of the world, this is what will happen. We’ll make 2 videos instead of one 👍 1. Superhero Jagganath, production will start after the holidays. 2. The Age of Vulture Culture, here we want to include you guys and girls. Film yourselves while dancing/singing/playing the song and we will edit it. Send your stuff to [email protected] If your file is to big to send contact us here on the page and we’ll sort it out.
Diablo Swing Orchestra Dec 20, 2017
We counted the votes for which song to do a video of on FB, twitter & Instagram and here are the results. Pleased with the outcome? Let us know otherwise.
Diablo Swing Orchestra Dec 16, 2017
Celebrating the album release and discussing which song to make a video for. What do you think?
Diablo Swing Orchestra Dec 15, 2017
The only problematic part about writing music with lots of stuff is when you have to rehearse it 😄
Diablo Swing Orchestra Dec 14, 2017
Interview with one of the Daniels about the new album.