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Devotchka Sep 04, 2018
Gonna have a bash at open mic at billingham Catholic club on Thursday night :) C
Devotchka Jan 24, 2018
WE'RE BACK!! Showcase at Billingham Catholic Club tomorrow night with three other great acts. Good beer too. Now, where's me guitar....... C.
Devotchka Aug 30, 2017
Maybe the mighty Devotchka should reform.... Thoughts?
Devotchka Oct 22, 2015
The half term holidays are nearly upon us.....This means we can open mic night again....eek. Devotchka will be back on the scene very soon....brace yourselves.
Devotchka Jun 02, 2015
Come to the MusicLounge in Stockton. Do it. Do it now. You doing it yet? Do it.
Devotchka May 28, 2015
Ready to....rock.
Devotchka May 28, 2015
Heading to Billingham catholic club tonight for open mic night. Always a good night in there. Howay ;)
Devotchka May 27, 2015
Taken at the music lounge last night. Thanks norman.
Devotchka May 26, 2015
At the buskers night after a bit of a break. Eeek.
Devotchka May 26, 2015
Music lounge tonight in Stockton. Devotchka are back!!
Devotchka Dec 24, 2014
Chris and I would like to wish all of our followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Devotchka Dec 11, 2014
If you don't come and see us tonight at the Nursery in Hartlepool tonight, we'll find ya and we'll knack ya. Well, Sarah will..........
Devotchka Dec 09, 2014
Come and see/hear us at the Nursery Inn on Hart lane in Hartlepool this Thursday night. It'll be a beaut and we might hoy a few Xmas classics into the bargain. Madhatters will be on too (for all your insane folk music needs), and they're awesome. Doors @ 7.30, See you there :)
Devotchka Dec 07, 2014
What a great afternoon at the musiclounge. Well done to heather and ollie for a fantastic afternoon tea, and amelia coburn who also played. We had a brillant time. Our next gig will be at the nursery inn on hart lane, hartlepool, this Thursday, with support from the mad hatters. Hope to see you there. :-)
Devotchka Dec 07, 2014
Well ladies and we are at the musiclounge in stockton ready to perfom at this months afternoon tea....and its all christmasy.
Devotchka Dec 03, 2014
Playing bloody piano now :0 (Chris)
Devotchka Dec 02, 2014
As if we just played 'let it go'. In its intricate entirety. In front of people.....
Devotchka Dec 02, 2014
En route to the musiclounge in Stockton for open mic night shenanigans. Should've given you lovely dudes and dudettes more notice really............ (Chris) :)
Devotchka Nov 30, 2014
Well ladies and gents...our first official gig. Thursday the 11th of December @ the nursery inn, with support from the mad hatters. Come along and see what we're all about.
Devotchka Nov 04, 2014
Come on down to the music lounge in stockton. ....and have your little socks rocked off. :-)
Devotchka Nov 03, 2014
Gonna wander down to the Nursery Inn on Hart lane (Hartlepool) tonight if anyone needs their mind blowing.......
Devotchka Oct 22, 2014
As promised. ...a bit of video of us doin our stuff at the musiclounge in stockton. Thanks dave brittle for recording it for us. :-)
Devotchka Oct 21, 2014
We are here at the musiclounge (yarm lane, stockton) have a pop down if youve got nothing to do. :-)
Devotchka Oct 15, 2014
Open mic night at O'Connell's in Middlesbrough tonight, always a good night with lots of local talent. Some new re-workings to throw out there from us too. Get yasels there :) (Chris)
Devotchka Oct 15, 2014
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