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Good Things Never Last
All the Villains
18 Touchez
Device Dec 10, 2016
Device Nov 14, 2016
check out the new project of our singer :D #staypunkrock
Device Nov 14, 2016
Check out the new project of our singer Emanuele Agazzi And give a like to his page.
Device Nov 14, 2016
check out the new project of our singer Emanuele Agazzi
Device Jun 21, 2016
Device May 07, 2016
ok, due to D.D. deleting from Mediafire, if you want to download our album The Birth, this is the NEW link where you can do it! We also added Leaders Of The Night in the package, so... enjoy it! :)
Device May 06, 2016
someone (D.D.) has removed our album The Birth (free downloadable) from Mediafire. It will be back on the web ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience, The (REAL) Device
Device Jan 17, 2015
Guess who's coming back...
Device Oct 30, 2014
is there anyone that would like us for a C O M E B A C K ? D.
Device Mar 04, 2014
we are writing a bunch of new song,one is in aeolian mode and one is dorian,what do you thinks could sounds better??? (we are looking for feedback :D)
Device Feb 05, 2014
We are gonna record a new fucking song!!!!!
Device Jan 15, 2014
hello guys! How are you? I'm Dario from The Device! Meanwhile you wait for something new from this band, I want to link you the "other" my band, The Q's ( We play indie rock/new wave, and this is our new single "Telling You". Let me know what you think about it ;) Dario
Device Jan 06, 2014
so, with a little of advance (we're still -30) we decided to put "Leaders Of The Night" for FREE DOWNLOAD in hi res (320 kps). Thank you for the support, we can't forget it! I promise, when we'll be 20.000 then you'll have surely NEW STUFF from The Device! Our singer is now studying in San Francisco (studying? maybe!), so there is a certain distance between us and him. But he will come back, and The Device will go to do the BEST ROCK they can do again! But now, please... SPREAD SOME LOVE ON OUR SOUNDCLOUD! T.D.
Device Jan 02, 2014
10.000 = Leaders of The Night for FREE DOWNLOAD. Yes, I know, probably you can find it typing on Google "Leaders Of The Night free download", but what about mp3 full quality? If you want to shoot it LOUD from your stereo, I think it's good to have an hi-res quality song. So, help us to reach this 300 like, then ALL OF YOU will have the chance to download for free our last song. Waiting for a new last song (soon?), The Device
Device Jan 01, 2014
Happy New Year!
Device Dec 26, 2013
so, we're next to 10.000. Why don't you help us to reach it by sharing our page? It would be a NICE christmas gift :3
Device Dec 24, 2013
happy birthday... ehm no, sorry, CHRISTMAS!
Device Dec 23, 2013
first vid, sooo much time ago. We're coming back, trust me! D.
Device Dec 04, 2013
8000 thanks <3
Device Dec 04, 2013
Great news guys!!!!!
Device Nov 13, 2013
WE are slaves of freedom!!!!
Device Nov 09, 2013
Our singer is in San francisco,did he may have found a good label for us???we don't know,just stay tuned!!!!
Device Nov 09, 2013
Yoooo guys we got great news for you,keep on listening,cuz our singer Emanuele has found something really good for us,just keep listen and stay rock&core!!!!!!
Device Oct 08, 2013
The Device, intervista da Black Book. Only italian, soon english! Date un ascolto!!!
Device Oct 07, 2013
domani esce la nostra videointervista fatta da questi ragazzi!!! Seguite la loro pagina per vedere altre videointerviste, perché sono veramente bravi e fanno il loro lavoro con passione!