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Ape in Pink Marble
What Will We Be
Tonada Yanomaminista
Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
I Feel Just Like a Child
Cripple Crow
Rejoicing In the Hands
Nino Rojo
The Black Babies
oh me oh My....
Devendra Banhart Dec 03, 2018
The video for "25", a song Devendra wrote for the compilation album 27 in collaboration with More Perfect and Radiolab is out now. Illustrated by Justin Buschardt and Animated by The Mighty Coconut.
Devendra Banhart Nov 26, 2018
What's up with this hat? Well, in one sense it's an attempt at a cheeky Ram Dass joke (we love you Ram Dass!) And in the other sense it's really about putting yourself in someone else's shoes, seeing yourself as the other, this is how we practice compassion ya know what I'm sayin?! uh huh! This new hat is now in the merch store and all T Shirts are now 20% off for the week. Shop here:
Devendra Banhart Nov 05, 2018
Here’s a little portrait of chaos, disarray, confusion, and apathy — in other words, it's a photo-realist image of the current administration. Let's clean house Nov 6! #ad . . . . Paid for by DCCC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
Devendra Banhart Nov 01, 2018
Stories for Ways & Means is developing an audiobook, with fan support. The book features original collaborations with Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Gary Numan, Kathleen Hanna, Bon Iver, myself (!) and more. The audiobook includes Danny Devito, Zach Galifianakis, Nick Offerman to name just a few. For the hardcover, audiobook, original artwork and prints and more check out Benefitting Room to Read, Pencils of Promise, 826, and War Child.
Devendra Banhart Oct 19, 2018
Here are few songs by the Artists we have lovingly chosen for this years Le Guess Who Festival. I listen to everyone on this mix EVERYDAY ! i take them with me wherever i go, like magic totems , like spirit animals , like a dear friend. I bow to them in gratitude , for they have made joy sweeter and suffering less bitter. Here is but a little glimpse , of music so gentle , of music so wild , of music so gentle AND wild! What an honor and thrill , to leave the deeper discovery of their work to you! Enjoy and see you soon! Devendra Banhart
Devendra Banhart Sep 14, 2018
Devendra contributed the song "25," written about the 25th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, to a compilation curated by and released by Radiolab and More Perfect. The compilation is titled 27, with one song for each amendment. All proceeds go to New York Public Radio. The album comes out September 18 - but you can stream Devendra's track now:
Devendra Banhart Aug 10, 2018
Devendra is one of the guest curators of this year's Le Guess Who? Festival in Utrecht, NL. The finalized program is here. Tickets at
Devendra Banhart Jul 10, 2018
Hello! Devendra's web store is officially open. Enjoy!
Devendra Banhart Jul 09, 2018
"The Astonishing Adventures of a Celestial Archaeologist" is a short film animated by Matteo Toffalori set to "Celebration" and was used in a series of childrens workshops I curated for @Fondazione Prada Accademia dei bambini in Milan. You can watch the full film at:
Devendra Banhart Jun 05, 2018
Devendra's tour through Asia with his brother in music - Noah Georgeson- begins tonight. All ticket links can be found at June 6 - Guro Arts Valley Theatre Seoul, South Korea June 8 - Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Shanghai, China June 9 - Yugong Yishan Beijing, China June 12 - TTN Livehouse Hong Kong June 14 - The Projector Singapore June 16 - Siam Motors Auditorium Bangkok, Thailand
Devendra Banhart May 24, 2018
Honored to be one of the guest curators of this year's Le Guess Who? Festival in Utrecht, NL in November. Initial lineup has been announced. More info can be found at:
Devendra Banhart May 04, 2018
Next month Devendra will be heading to Asia for a series of dates performing as a Duo with Noah Georgeson. Tickets are on sale now and all ticket links can be found at
Devendra Banhart May 01, 2018
Ci vediamo li cari esploratori dello spazio!
Devendra Banhart Apr 20, 2018
Aun que estare gravando el proximo album voy a tomar un dia para visitar mi amando Mexicoooo! Nos vemos pronto!
Devendra Banhart Feb 14, 2018
Oh it’s Valentines Day, and I’m a sucker for a good love story. Here’s a little snippet of Ben Duffy’s new documentary, #takealookatthisheart. —DB
Devendra Banhart Feb 07, 2018
Luckey and Charlie are hard at work on the new site! Up in a week or so!
Devendra Banhart Dec 08, 2017
Hola! If you’re in Japan, hope to see you at Hotel Anteroom Kyoto on Sunday for this Fukushima charity show! (Photo from Friday's event at VACANT in Tokyo.) ❤️🌈☮️ Every sale will directly benefit: ● Mothers' Radiation Lab Fukushima: ● Tohoku Youth Orchestra: ● Foster care for children in Fukushima:
Devendra Banhart Nov 27, 2017
There is always a way to help, to reduce some suffering on this planet, and when a terrible disaster first strikes, it’s important to give our immediate attention and help in whatever way we can. But the rehabilitation and reconstruction of an entire region of our planet does not happen overnight, and so our efforts, small or large, must be consistent and sustained. In Fukushima, there are still families who have yet to find the bodies of their loved ones, there is still infrastructure that needs rebuilding, still so many people suffering and fighting just to put the pieces back together. Exhibits in Tokyo and Kyoto will show a series of new drawings inspired by Fukushima, where every sale will go directly to: ● Mothers' Radiation Lab Fukushima: ● Tohoku Youth Orchestra: ● Foster care for children in Fukushima: Thank you with all of my heart and look forward to seeing you there: Friday, December 8 VACANT, Tokyo 18:00 - 20:00 Sunday, December 10 Hotel Anteroom Kyoto 18:00 - 20:00 More info on the exhibits:
Devendra Banhart Nov 09, 2017
पवित्र अरुणाचल पर कहीं भी बैठो और आप एक नए दोस्त बनाने के लिए बाध्य हैं! उन लोगों के लिए जो हमारे पीले स्वेटर में से एक हैं, मैं इस पर्वत के साथ बैठा हूं, तमिलनाडु में है! —DB
Devendra Banhart Oct 20, 2017
If you're near the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive October 25–January 28, stop by for the exhibit on 17th c. Chinese painter Chen Hongshou—Devendra is on the audio guide reading the artist’s inscriptions!
Devendra Banhart Oct 09, 2017
Dear friends, Our Mexican brothers and sisters need our help in reconstructing their country. Lago Tanganica 67 is an independent organization of creative Mexicans committed to distributing donations effectively to those in need in different affected areas. There are different way you can support: - Donating to - If you live in Mexico City, you can volunteer a few hours a week or take your donations to Lago Tanganica 67 in Polanco Together, we can make the difference. Fuerza Mexico! —DB
Devendra Banhart Oct 09, 2017
Muito Limitadoooooo! P.S. thank you sweet Lux for the bass laying down of! —DB
Devendra Banhart Sep 23, 2017
"This photos was taken by my friend Laura on Thursday in DF. If you would like to contribute to rescue and rebuilding efforts please go to: Resando por ti Mexico." —DB 🙏🙏🏿❤️🙏🏾🙏🏽
Devendra Banhart Aug 14, 2017
Thank you Boston and The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston for the blissful night! ❤️ odorinayo!
Devendra Banhart Jul 29, 2017
At the Broad Museum in LA Saturday for an intimate set alongside Miho Hatori's New Optimism, Afrirampo, Dustin Wong & Takako Minewaka, Oorutaichi, Tokiko Ihara, DJ Bar Bro and Ikue Mori!