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Dethalbum III
Dethalbum III
Dethalbum II (Music from the TV Series Metalocalypse)
The Dethalbum
The Dethalbum (Bonus Track Version)
Dethklok Feb 22, 2019
Dethklok Oct 28, 2016
Go like my dethklok page
Dethklok Oct 12, 2015
so... sorry everyone. it has been a while, haven't had internet. there wont be a season 5 after all. adult swim pulled the plug.
Dethklok May 06, 2015
Riot in the streets for season five
Dethklok Dec 28, 2014
Roll call my ou brainless mutants. What's your favorite dethklok song and where are you at
Dethklok Nov 25, 2014
Tell everyone to like dethklok even if they don't like dethklok ... Although I don't think this people exist anymore
Dethklok Oct 17, 2014
's cover photo
Dethklok Sep 29, 2014
Welcome to new fans an thank you to all... You brainless mutants
Dethklok Jan 12, 2014
my new fans will not be disappointed
Dethklok Sep 14, 2013
Went to see ABK on Saturday it was awesome, after the show I ended up hanging out with him and his crew for at least an also like to give a shout out to the underground performers that opened Lyrical Deathwish, Canna da Klown and Rob-U-Blind... I would also like to thank Millys Tavern for putting on a show for the juggalos whoop whoop
Dethklok Jul 03, 2013
Has anyone seen this video of the dog getting shot by the police in hawthorne california. The dog could have easily been aprehended by his leash but was shot five times instead. Sad world we live in when your dog is being loyal to you and ends up getting shot in the fucking face. The lapd strikes again everyone. Rotty king? Every officer on the scene should resign from his jobs as the officer who did the shooting, jeffery salmon who has a history of violent behavior, should be arrested as well. I hope the owner of the dog does not take this lying down, lawyer up my friend, do everything you can, you will be in the thoughts and prayers of many I'm sure.
Dethklok May 09, 2013
Who is your favorite metalocalypse charachter?