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Saraswati's Twerkaba
The Great Mystery Remixes, Pt. 1
The Great Mystery
The Great Mystery Remixes, Pt. 2
Seeing Things
Far From Here (Remixes)
Downtemple Dub: Remixed
Downtemple Dub - Lost Grooves
Muladhara Yoga Dub
Downtemple Dub - Lost Mixes
SATORI - Eastern Yoga Grooves by Yogitunes
Shaolin Clouds EP - Eastern Yoga Grooves by Yogitunes
Peaceful Air EP - Eastern Yoga Grooves by Yogitunes
DownTemple Dub: Roots
Back to the Dreamtime
Silk House EP
Back to the Dreamtime
DownTemple Dub: Waves
DownTemple Dub: Flames

Nomadic Ecstatic: The Wandering Remixes, Vol. 1

Anahata Yoga Dub
Chill Top Festival Chill Top Festival 2019
Venue: Hill Top (Goa, India) Find tickets
Desert Dwellers and Thriftworks with Tangled Branches and Cam Reeves at The Vogue Theatre (March 8, 2019)
Venue: The Vogue Theatre (Indianapolis, IN, US) Find tickets
Desert Dwellers with The Widdler, Living Light, and Ilas at Fête Music Hall (March 15, 2019)
Venue: Fête Music Hall (Providence, RI, US) Find tickets
Desert Dwellers with Bunk Buddha at Arden Gild Hall (March 16, 2019)
Venue: Arden Gild Hall (Arden, DE, US) Find tickets
Desert Dwellers with Thriftworks, Spaceship Earth, and Tye at Magic Stick (March 23, 2019)
Venue: Magic Stick (Detroit, MI, US) Find tickets
Desert Dwellers at Shady Park (March 30, 2019)
Venue: Shady Park (Tempe, AZ, US) Find tickets
Desert Dwellers with Symbolico and Dela Moontribe at 1720 (April 6, 2019)
Venue: 1720 (Los Angeles, CA, US) Find tickets
Desert Dwellers with Jacob Bennett and SCAT at The Winchester (April 19, 2019)
Venue: The Winchester (Lakewood, OH, US) Find tickets
Shpongle with Tipper, Desert Dwellers, and Leo P at Red Rocks Amphitheatre (May 3, 2019)
Venue: Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Morrison, CO, US) Find tickets
Santigold, Flying Lotus, Big Gigantic, Disclosure, and 51 more… at Buena Vista Lake (May 8, 2019)
Venue: Buena Vista Lake (Bakersfield, CA, US) Find tickets
Desert Dwellers Feb 15, 2019
Back at Lightning in a Bottle! 💖🙏
Desert Dwellers Feb 13, 2019
😲WOW😲 our debut Richmond show sold out in 36 hours!!! Can't wait to hit this dome theater with Datagrama!!
Desert Dwellers Feb 12, 2019
FREE MUSIC OFFER!!! The 2nd single from our upcoming album #BREATH is now available as Pre-Order on Beatport! The song "At Last, Our Refuge" is one of our favorites from the new album and we are once again offering a FREE full length album from our Desert Trax catalog to anyone who purchases the new single from Beatport. Our goal is to again reach the #1 spot on their Electronica/Downtempo chart just like we did with the last single thanks to all the amazing support of our fans! Email your receipt to [email protected] and we'll send you a link for your free album! 💖🙏
Desert Dwellers Feb 11, 2019
JUST ANNOUNCED: We are doing a special 360° immersive dome performance with Datagrama Visuals on the 76-foot Dome Theater at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond to celebrate the Spring Equinox! Earth Frequency Festival 2019 Chill Top Festival - 22 & 23 Feb 2019 Desert Dwellers & Thriftworks at The Vogue Desert Dwellers, The Widdler, Living Light, & ILAS Desert Dwellers at Arden Gild Hall with Bunk Buddha Desert Dwellers - Breath Album Tour at The Stache Desert Dwellers, Datagrama, Dome Theatre : Spring Equinox Desert Dwellers w/ Thriftworks at the Magic Stick Desert Dwellers at Shady Park (Tempe, AZ) Desert Dwellers at 1720 Desert Dwellers at The Winchester Desert Dwellers | Madison Live | 4.20.19 Spring Up Celebration Desert Dwellers 2019 Breath Album Tour at IDL Ballroom Shpongle LIVE Final Performance Desert Dwellers w/ SAAND at Music Box San Diego Re:Birth Nadis Warriors, Desert Dwellers, Random Rab, Mr. Bill Anthropos Festival 12019 Lovelight Community Campout
Desert Dwellers Feb 07, 2019
Added dates in Cleveland, Cincy, San Diego & Austin 💖🙏 Are we missing anything lol? 2019 shaping up to be BIG
Desert Dwellers Feb 04, 2019
Returning to Texas this summer with some of our oldest friends in the industry—feeling the love & excitement on this one 🙏❤️
Desert Dwellers Feb 01, 2019
We are returning to LA with our friends Symbolico & Dela Moon for a special Insomniac Events show at 1720 🙏💖
Desert Dwellers Jan 29, 2019
It's been an open secret, but we're thrilled to officially announce that we're playing BOTH nights of Shpongle (Simon Posford) Live Band's final performances May 3-4 at Red Rocks 🌄 not easy to put into words what an absolute honor it is for us to join such an iconic lineup with our friends 🙏💖 both shows are sold out, but for those lucky enough to get tickets, they will be unforgettable nights... 📸 Sage Cinema
Desert Dwellers Jan 26, 2019
Love Sine New Release! D.J. MacIntyre - Love Sine is an emotional, melodic composition from D.J. MacIntyre. The music takes us through love's emotional spectrum from yearning, to love-found, and finally, love-lost. Equally emotive remixes from Astropilot and Griffin Paisley riff on the main melodic theme, bringing new color to the story and make this a release to add to your musical collection.
Desert Dwellers Jan 25, 2019
We have so many Desert Trax entries in the annual poll—go vote for Living Light, Key-G, Humandala, Griffin Paisley, or so many others! 💖🙏
Desert Dwellers Jan 20, 2019
We return to Earth Frequency Festival in Australia next month!!! So many friends on this bill 💖🙏
Desert Dwellers Jan 16, 2019
NEW SPRING DATES ADDED! 2nights w/ Desert Dwellers + full lineups | Asheville Music Hall Luminate Festival 2019 Where The Wild Things Are 2019 Earth Frequency Festival 2019 Desert Dwellers & Thriftworks at The Vogue Desert Dwellers, The Widdler, Living Light, & ILAS Desert Dwellers at Arden Gild Hall with Bunk Buddha Desert Dwellers - Breath Album Tour at The Stache Desert Dwellers w/ Thriftworks at the Magic Stick Desert Dwellers at Shady Park (Tempe, AZ) 1720 Spring Up Celebration Desert Dwellers 2019 Breath Album Tour at IDL Ballroom Shpongle LIVE Final Performance Anthropos Festival 12019 Lovelight Waterloo
Desert Dwellers Jan 14, 2019
WOW DENVER!!!!!! 💖💖💖 YOU WERE AMAZING!!! Special thanks to Abby Moon & Crescent Dance Project, b1n4ry & Pickles Visuals, and Mindbeam Productions for making us look good up there 🙏 Thanks to Cosmic Synergy, Euphonic Conceptions & AEG Presents Rocky Mountains for getting people out on a cold winter night!! 🎥 Sunny Side Production
Desert Dwellers Jan 12, 2019
The Ogden Theatre in Denver tonight with so many friends and mind-blowing production ❤️🙏
Desert Dwellers Jan 11, 2019
New Desert Trax release out of New Zealand: "Life on Earth" >> Shankara NZ is bringing its 5-track EP, "Life On Earth," to Desert Trax with plenty of psy-breaks, dub, and glitch. A surefire hit for fans of bioLumigen, Kalya Scintilla, and fellow Kiwi, Grouch, Brendan Evans and Elijah Wilson-Kelly have a sound that will catch on in the Stateside psychedelic scene. Opening with a remix of Drumspyder's “Salamander,” this EP covers quite a bit of glitch-hop ground with “Holy Cow” and “Terrestrial Birth.” The pair have studied their influences closely, and have succeeded in forging their own path with the knowledge they have gained. We even get a Latin flair in “Planck Epoch,” and close the collection of tracks with the most bass-infused track, “Troglobite.” FanLink: Bandcamp:
Desert Dwellers Jan 09, 2019
kicking off our Colorado mountain run with our good friend Emancipator at #skiDM tonight in Frisco ⛷
Desert Dwellers Jan 08, 2019
Treavor Moontribe of DD posted his solo Ecstatic Dance set from the Ecstatic Awakenings Retreat this past December in Bali! Some seriously deep tribal grooves going on here!!!
Desert Dwellers Jan 07, 2019
Check out this playlist which features the new music from Desert Trax!
Desert Dwellers Jan 05, 2019
ASHEVILLE!!!! We are playing TWO nights at Asheville Music Hall January 26 & 26—totally different sets Friday and Saturday, so you want to be at BOTH 🙏💖
Desert Dwellers Jan 03, 2019
COLORADO!! TAG your friends, SHARE this video, and COMMENT below why you would like to win 2 tix to our Denver show Saturday, Jan 12th with Bluetech, BogTroTTeR & Living Light 🙏💖 winners picked in a week!
Desert Dwellers Dec 26, 2018
Liquid Bloom - Whispers of Our Ancestors Remixes [ Full Compilation Mix ]
Desert Dwellers Dec 21, 2018
Amazing story of Ants who like to Dwell! 🔊🔊🎵🎶🎶🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜
Desert Dwellers Dec 19, 2018
Liquid Bloom New Release! Whispers of our Ancestors Remixes - Originally released on featuring Sarah West’s ethereal vocals & Robert Mirabal’s native Flutes. This mysterious soundscape has now been re-imagined.
Desert Dwellers Dec 17, 2018
We'll be performing at Spring Up Celebration in KC with a bunch of friends!!! 💖🙏
Desert Dwellers Dec 10, 2018
THANK YOU!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ we hit #1 on the Beatport Electronica chart, and it is all thanks to YOU, our incredible fans!! You make what we do possible, and we are honored and humbled to have you in our lives 🙏