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Fingers Crossed
Mockingbird Live: The 10 Year Anniversary Concert
I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry & I Love You
Stockholm Syndrome (Bonus Track Version)
The Ringing Bell
One Zero Remix
The House Show
I See Things Upside Down
She Must and Shall Go Free
Derek Webb Dec 09, 2018
‪is there postmates but for someone to go downstairs and get me another glass of wine‬
Derek Webb Dec 09, 2018
‪sing sober, comp drunk ‬
Derek Webb Dec 07, 2018
‪thanks for an amazing year #2018 ‬
Derek Webb Dec 05, 2018
‪you’re never more alive than when you change your mind‬
Derek Webb Nov 30, 2018
i can’t fully explain what it is about the energy of this painting that i’ve so connected with, but i’m so grateful to have it on my next record cover and now on my wall. thanks again, Fluid Medium (Art and creativity by Jim DuBois). #TARGETS
Derek Webb Nov 24, 2018
someone please remind me to talk about how after 20+ years as a “christian music” artist, only now as an unbeliever do i finally & truly see my work as ‘ministry’ (and vehemently so) with the impending release of #TARGETS
Derek Webb Nov 24, 2018
‪if there’s ever a secret you *really* want to keep from me, call & leave it on my voicemail. that’s a surefire way for me to never, ever hear it. ‬
Derek Webb Nov 23, 2018
OK WHY NOT: from vinyl to handwritten lyric sheets to digital music, ALL my merch is 20% off till monday. use code “BLACK” at checkout. GET IT:
Derek Webb Nov 22, 2018
just over here talking to myself
Derek Webb Nov 16, 2018
when you know you know
Derek Webb Nov 14, 2018
apparently my friends & i were stirring shit up amongst evangelicals today while i was simultaneously in the studio making spiritually defiant rock music with my other friends. hey thanks, #internet!! #TARGETS
Derek Webb Nov 12, 2018
so grateful for this record, to all the folks who listened and held me up this year, filling up living rooms to both participate in and bear witness to this good grief, and especially the packed house of friends in nashville this weekend. my heart finally feels free to go, the sun coming up on a new season of energy and music. my friends and i are pressing all of our weight into #TARGETS. if you’re looking for a soundtrack to accompany you out of grief and into new hope and life and love, boy have we got something for you. coming soon.
Derek Webb Nov 09, 2018
‪TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT. tune in and watch the last (and only full-band) performance of ‘fingers crossed’, live-streaming right to your couch. ‬ ‪shaping up to be a pretty memorable night. music starts at 8PM CT, grab your tickets: ‬
Derek Webb Nov 07, 2018
the final & only full-band performance of my most recent album ‘fingers crossed’ is happening in NASHVILLE this friday. it’s sold out, but you can still tune in and join us online. grab your live-streaming tickets:
Derek Webb Nov 01, 2018
don’t forget to make your plans to hang with me on instagram live TONIGHT at 8PM CT. i’ll be playing the a side of ‘fingers crossed’, getting ready for next week’s show.
Derek Webb Oct 31, 2018
this is me, saying that tomorrow night (thursday, nov 1) at 8PM CT i’ll be playing the a side of ‘fingers crossed’ on instagram live, from my living room. follow & tune in, party people.
Derek Webb Oct 30, 2018
‪a few nights ago i got a text outta the blue from my pal David Bazan. needless to say, i stayed up all night.‬ ‪not sure which part got my heart pounding more. regardless, Pedro The Lion fans are about to have their minds blown. ‬
Derek Webb Oct 30, 2018
the nashville ‘fingers crossed’ show on nov 9 is officially SOLD OUT. if you missed tickets or live outta town, get your live-streaming tickets and join us online:
Derek Webb Oct 29, 2018
‪the final, full-band ‘fingers crossed’ show is in less than 2 weeks in nashville (nov 9). ‬ ‪can’t make it to town for the show? we have you covered. watch the show from the comfort of your couch or from any device, streaming live. tickets:
Derek Webb Oct 29, 2018
a little levity/tomfoolery for your monday AM
Derek Webb Oct 29, 2018
‪there’s nothin so sweet‬ ‪as a melody ‬ ‪with an unexpected turn ‬ ‪at the end‬
Derek Webb Oct 28, 2018
a modern retelling
Derek Webb Oct 26, 2018
there are few things i enjoy more than listening to folks trying to retro-fit one person’s experience into the language & categories they're committed to, especially theologically. ultimately, i receive it as an expressions of care, which i appreciate. either way, happy friday.
Derek Webb Oct 23, 2018
NASHVILLE: there are only a few tickets remaining for next month’s FULL BAND fingers crossed show on FRIDAY, NOV 9. grab em before they’re gone:
Derek Webb Oct 21, 2018
it’s high time for a new tattoo