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A Certain Idea of Love
Numeri e figure
A Dead Summer (Special Edition)
A Dead Summer
DER NOIR Mar 04, 2018
Subsound Records
DER NOIR Mar 04, 2018
Igloo Magazine
DER NOIR Oct 30, 2017
JANUARY - We Could Spend the Night Observing the Earth (2017) // [GRCCN0035017] // January is a drone/shoegaze/experimental duo formed by: Manuel ColdWaver Mazzenga (DER NOIR, Nocturnal Degrade, Scent of Silence, Zoloft Evra) and Stefano Samà (Painful Silence, Space Vampires): blending of guitars and synthesizers processed through effect pedals and filters that leads you thru lo-fi, dreaming, melancholic and introspective drones. Free download here: ""
DER NOIR Aug 22, 2017
Der Noir - L'INGANNO
DER NOIR Jul 07, 2017
Manuele Frau debuts on Multiple with his new album album "Iter Subterraneum". Six tracks inspired by the myth of the Hollow Earth, a subterranean journey in the bowels of the Earth. Available in limited edition C90 tape including the amazing artwork by @Giandomenico Carpentieri (YARD PRESS). buy link:
DER NOIR May 01, 2017
Luciano Lamanna + Simona Ferrucci = Inverno Noir -NO BORDERS NO NATION NO FLAGS-
DER NOIR Mar 31, 2017
Minimum System Requirements
DER NOIR Mar 31, 2017
She Lost Kontrol
DER NOIR Mar 27, 2017
I feel my heart still dying alone...
DER NOIR Mar 05, 2017
DoctorSlow on 99.1FM Downtown Radio
DER NOIR Feb 21, 2017
DER NOIR Feb 12, 2017
Have a good day!
DER NOIR Jan 11, 2017
Cold Kiss, by DER NOIR
DER NOIR Jan 05, 2017
And when the flood will call our soul shall turn to the storm
DER NOIR Dec 20, 2016
The Forms
DER NOIR Nov 22, 2016
Der Noir
DER NOIR Nov 15, 2016
Der Noir - Albatross
DER NOIR Nov 12, 2016
Der Noir- - "Il Mare D'Inverno"
DER NOIR Nov 11, 2016
Der Noir - L'Inganno
DER NOIR Nov 06, 2016
Der Noir "Another Day" 2012 Video Ufficiale
DER NOIR Oct 26, 2016
DER NOIR Oct 02, 2016
DER NOIR Sep 30, 2016
DER NOIR Aug 26, 2016
DER NOIR Aug 02, 2016
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