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Department of Eagles Nov 14, 2016
Some West Coast dates for Freddy's solo pros. LA Tonite!
Department of Eagles Oct 13, 2016
Heyo Dan did a cover of a Freddy solo song, peep via Stereogum...
Department of Eagles Oct 04, 2016
Freddy's solo pros Golden Suits is going on tour this week and next. Check out tha dates!
Department of Eagles Aug 01, 2016
Heyo, Freddy's solo proj, Golden Suits, has a new song out today off a forthcoming new album. #new. Check it out, thanks!
Department of Eagles Apr 21, 2016
Department of Eagles's cover photo
Department of Eagles Apr 21, 2016
Department of Eagles
Department of Eagles Mar 06, 2014
The first ever, dorm room exclusive Department of Eagles release
Department of Eagles Dec 17, 2013
Okay second thing, Fred's Golden Suits project has a show in January with the awesome Inlets. Check that out as well, and follow him on twitter as well @goldensuits. Cheers!
Department of Eagles Dec 17, 2013
Hey Gang! Two announcements that will be separate things. One is that Dan is doing a solo tour in March and April. Word is he'll be playing some DOE songs. Check him out when he's in yr area code! Also follow him on twitter @danielrossen
Department of Eagles Sep 16, 2013
Come see Freddy out on tour with his solo project, Golden Suits. An ancient DOE jam may be unearthed in live form. Anything is possible. Love, life, beauty, freedom and the crisp autumn air. Dreams.
Department of Eagles Aug 20, 2013
Aaaand my solo record, Golden Suits, is officially out on iTunes, vinyl, CD, etc. Thanks guys, I'll go easy on this page from here on out. Hope you're well! - Fred
Department of Eagles Aug 15, 2013
Hello all, my (Fred) solo album under the name "Golden Suits" is streaming on Spotify now, that's fun right? Dan makes an appearance on the last track, and CB and CT from GB played parts here and there throughout. Hope you guys enjoy!
Department of Eagles Jul 03, 2013
Heyo, new song/lyric video for Golden Suits:
Department of Eagles May 31, 2013
The titular rug
Department of Eagles May 17, 2013
Oh also, I'll (Fred) be doing facebook stuff for Golden Suits over here: Take care and happy friday y'alls! Stay up.
Department of Eagles May 14, 2013
Hello all! Thanks for sticking around the DOE f-book page. I (Fred) recently recorded a solo album under the name "Golden Suits." It features 10 songs, some Grizzly cameos here and there, and some emotions. It'll be coming out in August but if you want to check it out beforehand, here's a track on
Department of Eagles Aug 21, 2012
Hey y'alls, hope all is well with everyone's summer! A cool thing: our good friend Aja has created an amazing journal called The Unified Field. It has pieces by Gloria Steinem, Damien Echols, photos by Autumn de Wilde, and tons more. Also, it comes with a vinyl 10" with some great stuff on it, including songs by Robin Pecknold, Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Amen Dunes. I (Fred) contributed my demo for the song "Teenagers" off of In Ear Park. So yeah, check it out!
Department of Eagles Apr 23, 2012
My brother, Mark Cuban, a Department of Eagles T-Shirt, and fun.
Department of Eagles Mar 20, 2012
Department of Eagles Jan 21, 2012
This is tender
Department of Eagles Jan 19, 2012
Hey gang, Daniel has a solo EP coming out in March! It's lovely, and here you are with a nice preview cut...dig it:
Department of Eagles Nov 10, 2011
Hey gang our record is on sale at the iTunes store this week isn't that fun!
Department of Eagles Sep 20, 2011
J Hobart B, This seems like as good a place as any to start. ...
Department of Eagles Sep 13, 2011
For reasons small and large, Chris Taylor is a man near and dear to our hearts. Today he comes out with his first solo album under the name CANT. It is highly recommended as an object of listening and purchasing. Do the right thing:
Department of Eagles Feb 16, 2011
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