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Demetri Martin at The Lowry (April 16, 2019)
Venue: The Lowry (Salford, UK) Find tickets
Demetri Martin at Alexandra Theatre (April 17, 2019)
Venue: Alexandra Theatre (Birmingham, UK) Find tickets
Demetri Martin at London Palladium (April 18, 2019)
Venue: London Palladium (London, UK) Find tickets
Demetri Martin Feb 14, 2019 #demetrimartin #wanderingmindtour
Demetri Martin Feb 03, 2019 #superbowl #standupcomedy #wanderingmindtour
Demetri Martin Feb 02, 2019
Demetri Martin Feb 01, 2019
Demetri Martin Jan 31, 2019
Q is for apple O is for cantaloupe D is for orange slice P is for half-eaten lollipop
Demetri Martin Jan 29, 2019 #standupcomedy #wanderingmindtour
Demetri Martin Jan 29, 2019
Thank you, Tulsa! It was my first time performing in Tulsa and I had such a great time. Such a warm, welcoming crowd. One of my favorite moments is pictured here - it was when a ghost version of myself waved to me from just behind my guitar. #demetrimartin #standupcomedy #wanderingmindtour
Demetri Martin Jan 24, 2019
I always try to have at least 2 asterisks in my lighting when I perform.
Demetri Martin Jan 18, 2019
Hey, my Wandering Mind Tour starts today! San Antonio, see you in a few hours. Houston tomorrow and then Tulsa. After that... Madison, Iowa City, Lincoln, Des Moines, Pittsburgh, Ridgefield, Durham, Cleveland, Chicago... and many more cities. Tag someone in a city or just randomly or some other option if that suits you. #demetrimartin #standupcomedy #wanderingmindtour Ticket Link in Bio.
Demetri Martin Jan 17, 2019 #demetrimartin #standupcomedy #wanderingmindtour
Demetri Martin Jan 16, 2019 #standupcomedy #wanderingmindtour
Demetri Martin Jan 07, 2019 #demetrimartin #wanderingmindtour
Demetri Martin Jan 05, 2019 #demetrimartin #wanderingmindtour
Demetri Martin Jan 04, 2019 #demetrimartin #wanderingmindtour #standupcomedy
Demetri Martin Jan 03, 2019 #demetrimartin #wanderingmindtour
Demetri Martin Jan 02, 2019
Hey, Los Angeles, I'm doing 2 shows at Largo on Jan. 11. Still some tickets for the late show available here:
Demetri Martin Dec 26, 2018
Wow. I just saw Valentines Day decorations in a pharmacy.
Demetri Martin Dec 23, 2018
Hey! Here is a way to get free tickets to my Wandering Mind Tour. Pass it on...
Demetri Martin Dec 19, 2018
#DemetriMartin #standupcomedy #hashtag
Demetri Martin Dec 14, 2018 #demetrimartin #wanderingmindtour
Demetri Martin Dec 14, 2018
A special thanks to every store I've been in since Halloween for making me sick of Christmas music in record time this year!
Demetri Martin Dec 14, 2018
It is so hard to get a mannequin's attention if you are not standing in the right spot. #demetrimartin #standupcomedy #spot #wanderingmindtour
Demetri Martin Dec 12, 2018
Wow @cubearting that's so very cool. Thanks for making and posting this. #demetrimartin #fanart #artfan #wanderingmindtour
Demetri Martin Dec 11, 2018
Getting ready for my tour with some classic air humping. #demetrimartin #wanderingmindtour #standupcomedy
Demetri Martin Dec 09, 2018
Sometimes I perform without my torso. #demetrimartin #standupcomedy #wanderingmindtour #wanderingmindtorso