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A Long and Happy Life EP
After It All
Carry the Fire
Melissa Etheridge Cruise III Melissa Etheridge Cruise III 2019
Venue: Norwegian Pearl (Tampa, FL, US) Find tickets
Tortuga Music Festival Tortuga Music Festival 2019
Venue: Fort Lauderdale Beach Park (Fort Lauderdale, FL, US) Find tickets
Delta Rae with Noah Guthrie at The Broadberry (May 2, 2019)
Venue: The Broadberry (Richmond, VA, US) Find tickets
Delta Rae with Noah Guthrie at World Café Live (May 3, 2019)
Venue: World Café Live (Philadelphia, PA, US) Find tickets
Delta Rae at 9:30 Club (May 4, 2019)
Venue: 9:30 Club (Washington, DC, US) Find tickets
Delta Rae at The Newton Theatre (May 5, 2019)
Venue: The Newton Theatre (Newton, NJ, US) Find tickets
Delta Rae at Sony Hall (May 7, 2019)
Venue: Sony Hall (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Delta Rae at The Sinclair (May 9, 2019)
Venue: The Sinclair (Cambridge, MA, US) Find tickets
Delta Rae and Noah Guthrie at Port City Music Hall (May 10, 2019)
Venue: Port City Music Hall (Portland, ME, US) Find tickets
Delta Rae at The Warehouse at FTC (May 11, 2019)
Venue: The Warehouse at FTC (Fairfield, CT, US) Find tickets
Delta Rae at Daryl's House (May 12, 2019)
Venue: Daryl's House (Pawling, NY, US) Find tickets
Delta Rae with Noah Guthrie at Grey Eagle (May 16, 2019)
Venue: Grey Eagle (Asheville, NC, US) Find tickets
Delta Rae Feb 20, 2019
If you’re in need of joy or inspiration today, watch this breathtaking interpretation of “Run” choreographed by rising star, Marc Kimelman and performed at DanceBreak NYC. We are honored to see this song come to life through dance, and the story the movement tells is AMAZING. Thank you so much to Marc and the dancers ♥️
Delta Rae Feb 19, 2019
Sunshine State, we can‘t wait! We‘ll be at Tortuga Music Festival April 12th - 14th! We hit the stage on Sunday! Tickets available at:
Delta Rae Feb 14, 2019
I've heard it said That people come into our lives for a reason Bringing something we must learn And we are led To those who help us most to grow If we let them And we help them in return Well, I don't know if I believe that's true But I know I'm who I am today Because I knew you... ❤️
Delta Rae Feb 13, 2019
We love it when we’re cruisin’ together! Cabins are going fast for The Melissa Etheridge Cruise on·March 31 – April 7, 2019 from Tampa to Harvest Caye, Costa Maya, & Grand Cayman! Tickets available at: · #MelissaEtheridgeCruise
Delta Rae Feb 12, 2019
Have you heard? Vocal powerhouse, Noah Guthrie, will be joining us for the first leg of the Take Me There Tour! And we are just getting started....Please stay tuned for more exciting announcements to come! Tickets available at:
Delta Rae Feb 11, 2019
We are completely SOLD OUT of all VIP packages in Philly, DC, NYC, Boston & Charlotte! Thanks so MUCH for the support and we can't wait to see all of you on the road! For those of you who didn't see packages available in your market, please stay tuned for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks! #Takemetheretour2019 Tickets for the Take Me There Tour are available at:
Delta Rae Feb 08, 2019
We’re so thrilled to announce that we will be joined by the one and only Noah Guthrie as a very special guest for the first leg of the Take Me There Tour! Can’t wait to see you all out there! Tickets available at:
Delta Rae Feb 08, 2019
Can’t wait for the Take Me There Tour! Tour starts 3/31 on the East Coast, but cross country dates are coming soon. Tickets on sale now at This is more than just a tour, exciting announcements are on the way.... Photo by: Virginia Rose Photography
Delta Rae Feb 04, 2019
We want to take you there. Are you coming? ⠀ The Take Me There Tour starts 3/31. VIP Packages are all SOLD OUT! We’re blown away. Thank you. Tickets on sale now at, get them before they’re gone ✨
Delta Rae Feb 01, 2019
VIP Packages for the 2019 TAKE ME THERE TOUR are officially on sale at! $29.99 Packages are available in select markets and include: Meet & Greet (Pre-Show before doors open) 2 Song Acoustic Performance (Pre-Show) Early entry to Venue**Where applicable Early Access to Merch Stand Exclusive Tour Lanyard/Laminate Picture with Band Autographed Photo Discount code for 10% off our Online Store Very limited quantities available to grab yours today!
Delta Rae Feb 01, 2019
TAKE ME THERE TOUR 2019 is officially on sale! Grab your tickets TODAY at!
Delta Rae Jan 31, 2019
Feels like we’re back in Iceland in this Arctic freeze. Be safe, dear Diehards. Stay inside, watch mystical music videos, dream of spring and the new magic it will bring 🌬
Delta Rae Jan 30, 2019
Excited to announce that we'll be offering VIP packages for the Take Me There Tour in select markets! Packages on sale Friday at!
Delta Rae Jan 29, 2019
TAKE ME THERE TOUR starts 3/31/19! On Sale Friday at 10am CST. Cross country dates and more good news coming soon... Tickets available at:
Delta Rae Jan 22, 2019
Album 3 is coming...
Delta Rae Jan 20, 2019
HANDS DIRTY shirt available online! Sizes • onesies --> 5XL
Delta Rae Jan 18, 2019
What songs do you hope will be on Album 3? There’s always room for one more...
Delta Rae Jan 17, 2019
2008 ——> 2018 Our first show of 2019 will be headlining The Women’s March TN Rally this Saturday in Nashville’s Public Square Park ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿✊🏻✊🏽
Delta Rae Jan 09, 2019
Equality is sexy. Get outfitted for the Women's March with a Hands Dirty t-shirt from our online store. Link in comments.
Delta Rae Jan 02, 2019
Physical CD's now in our online store, including a limited number of SIGNED A Long And Happy Life EP's! Tank Tops & Journals have also been added to our store. ❤️ International Shipping is available! Shop here:
Delta Rae Jan 02, 2019
Delta Rae circa 2019. The best is yet to come. Happy New Year!
Delta Rae Jan 01, 2019
Delta Rae circa 2016 / 2017 / 2018 Slide 1: Photoshoot with David McClister. Slide 2: In search of a new place to expand our roots as a Southern band, we signed to Big Machine and started making frequent trips to Nashville. Slide 3: We released our EP “A Long and Happy Life,” as an uplifting summer soundtrack... except for “No Peace In Quiet” which is one of the most heart aching songs we’ve written. 💔 Slide 4: The New Moon Rising Tour, Winter Acoustic Tour, Long and Happy Life Tour and No Peace In Quiet Tour took us all over the world. We also went on two radio tours to bookend 2017. It felt never-ending and in some ways it was, but we loved the experiences so much and had some incredible moments with you all. Slide 5: We met our insanely talented seventh member, Gideon Klein, and recorded “The Blackbird Sessions EP” with him as well as a series of bite-sized country covers in a campaign called Top Ten Tuesdays. He’s helped us put on some of the best shows of our career. Slide 6: We welcomed the first Delta Bae! Leo Holljes was born in October 2017 and has been the smiliest and cutest addition to the family. We love him so. Slide 7: We were incredibly honored and moved to be invited to play the Grand Ole Opry 10 times in 2018. They’re some of the most kind and talented people. It’s humbling every time we get to step in this circle. Slide 8: Eric and Britt travelled to Iceland with Law Chen to make a mystical music video for our song Do You Ever Dream? Slide 9: After years of the Me Too movement gaining prominence and effecting change, and on the brink of the 2018 midterm elections in which a record number of women of color and lgbtq+ candidates were running for office, we released our song for femme power, Hands Dirty. Slide 10: The Delta Rae Revival was our foray into a hybrid of immersion theater and live concert and drew in fans from all over the world. We are so grateful to our hardcore fans who have followed us for years, and the new folks we’ve met who aren’t afraid to dream with us. We couldn’t have done anything, truly any of this over the last 9 years, without you all. Thank you.
Delta Rae Dec 31, 2018
Delta Rae circa 2015. Slide 1: Photoshoot time. Unreleased snap by Adam Wamsley. Slide 2: On April 7th we released our second album, After It All. It had three producers over its lifetime and was recorded in L.A., Raleigh, and Bridgeport, CT. Having spent the previous few years on the road, these songs were a reflection of the American stories and landscape we collected. Slide 3: We love this record. It was a journey in its creation and it felt so joyful to hold it in our hands at last. Slide 4: We wrapped our Tarantino style video for our single, Scared, directed by @lawchen, which featured the most wigs of any DR video to date. Slide 5: Singing beside Sydney Harbor across from the Opera House on our way to play Byron Blues Fest on the Gold Coast of Australia. We would LOVE to come back and see the wonderful folks we met there again. Slide 6: We toured A LOT that year: spring, summer, fall, and our first Winter Acoustic Tour. Slide 7: Singing Chasing Twisters on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Slide 8: In the wake of the Charleston massacre at Emanuel AME Church, we released our song All Good People. Ian wrote the song to protest the shootings of unarmed black people in America. Slide 9: We traveled to the UK to play The Great Escape in Brighton, and our first show in Amsterdam as well. Later that year we were Germany for Haldern Pop. So much travel made this year feel like a huge adventure. We love our fans in Europe! Slide 10: These were some of our best days on the road thanks to our amazing fans coming to support our new music. Here’s to you guys and our butts.
Delta Rae Dec 28, 2018
Delta Rae circa 2014. ⠀ Slide 1: Photoshoot, again. Keeping it fresh. There weren’t a lot of fields for us in Burbank 😉 ⠀ Slide 2: Ian married Becca in between tour dates. She joined us on the road as our ridiculously overqualified tour manager. ⠀ Slide 3: The Chasing Twisters Tour ⠀ Slide 4: The only accident we’ve ever had on the road. We slid into a mile marker on our way to Minneapolis. ⠀ Slide 5: The Never Die Tour. In true Delta Rae fashion, this tour started only a week after the Chasing Twisters Tour ended. ⠀ Slide 6: Our fans continued to show up in city after city, fueling the fire we carried. Slide 7: We had the honor of playing Farm Aid, supporting local farmers and raising awareness of the challenges they face, when the show came to Raleigh. Slide 8: A lifelong hero of ours, Melissa Etheridge, invited us to sing with her at a few of her shows that year! (In 2019 we will be on the Melissa Etheridge Cruise for the second time, you should join us!) ⠀ Slide 9: One of the greatest privileges we’ve ever had was traveling to the Middle East with U.S. Navy Entertainment and playing for our military service members overseas. We met some incredible friends we still know and love. ⠀ Slide 10: The day after we returned from Djibouti, Africa, we played @lollapalooza for a wildly fun crowd. ⠀ ⠀ Slide 11: We spent the fall in this 1800s home in CT finishing our second album, After It All, with the brilliant producer Peter Katis.
Delta Rae Dec 27, 2018
Delta Rae circa 2013. Slide 1: Our Chasing Twisters photoshoot at Vasquez Rocks in the California desert. Slide 2: The making of our Chasing Twisters EP, produced by Rob Cavallo. We had two weeks notice to write/finalize new songs and record this EP. It contains some of our favorites. Slide 3: We released Chasing Twisters in November. Tracks included: Chasing Twisters, Run, If I Loved You, Dance in the Graveyard, and I Will Never Die. Slide 4: We played some incredible festivals and got to witness our hero’s in action as headliners, including: Tom Petty, Stevie Wonder, and RHCP. Slide 5: We released the video for our single, “If I Loved You.” The track features Lindsey Buckingham playing the signature melodic riff on a small 12 string guitar call a Griffin! Slide 6: This is our then “sound guy” now indispensable/why everything works fixer/best friend/ brother/“Production Manager” Adam Taylor! We brought on Adam in 2012 and he’s our only permanent crew member. He’s the hardest worker we know. He can still often be found in this exact spot, fast asleep in front of his computer.