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Dead but Not Forgotten
Dead But Not Forgotten
We Don't Belong
Life, Love, Loss
Rocknacht Tennwil Rocknacht Tennwil 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Meisterschwanden, Switzerland) Find tickets
Heat Festival Heat Festival 2019
Venue: Rockfabrik (Ludwigsburg, Germany) Find tickets
degreed Apr 21, 2019
Tonight we’re doing the last show of this tour in Glasgow at the Garage G2 along with Eden's Curse and MOB RULES! We’re on at 6:15, see you there!
degreed Apr 19, 2019
Thanks for coming to the gigs and supporting music, you're the ones making this possible! Special thanks to the lovely guys in Eden's Curse and MOB RULES for bringing us along on this run. Tonight it's Friday and we're rocking Sheffield at the Corporation Sheffield! Doors are at 7 and we're on 7:15 so be on time and blow the roof off the place with us.
degreed Apr 18, 2019
Here’s the stage times for tonight’s show with Edens Curse and Mob Rules in Bilston at the Robin 2! See you there!
degreed Apr 15, 2019
Thank you to everyone who showed up at the show with Eden's Curse and MOB RULES in London. We’re in Newcastle tonight at Trillians Newcastle playing and here are the showtimes. See you tonight everyone!
degreed Apr 14, 2019
U.K. tour start in 30 min at The Underworld Camden in London. See you there.
degreed Apr 13, 2019
Tomorrow we kick off the tour with the awesome lads in Eden's Curse and MOB RULES in London and the wonderful Camden Underworld. We can't wait to get back to the UK to meet our dear friends and play some music. See you guys tomorrow!
degreed Apr 10, 2019
We're back in the UK next week along with Eden's Curse and MOB RULES! We're stoked to get back to the UK and we'll be playing the latest singles for the first time live in your great country. Come out and hang, it'll be fun!
degreed Mar 29, 2019
Blast this one and have yourself a pint! What are you up to this weekend?
degreed Mar 25, 2019
Have you heard our latest single "Born Under a Bad Sign" yet? What do you think of it? If you haven't heard it, go on and listen to it now - Remember to add it to your playlists!;)
degreed Mar 25, 2019
's cover photo
degreed Mar 22, 2019
In 5 minutes we're live at our record labels YouTube page playing an acoustic version of "Born Under a Bad Sign", make sure to tune in! Here's a link -
degreed Mar 22, 2019
Today is the day! Born Under a Bad Sign is finally out!! Here's a little behind the scenes for you and don't forget to add it to your playlists and share it with your friends. Here's a link to the song - Today at 7pm (CET) we'll be performing the song live and acoustic on our lovely record labels YouTube channel so remember to subscribe to that and join us at 7pm. We'll answer all your questions as well. Link to the channel -
degreed Mar 21, 2019
Tomorrow is the day! We release our brand new single "Born Under a Bad Sign"! Follow the link below to pre-order it on the digital platform you prefer: We will perform the song live & acoustic 7 pm tomorrow via our record label's youtube channel, so be sure to check us out there via this link:
degreed Mar 18, 2019
It's with sadness we have to inform you that the tour in Spain/Portugal with Hardline has been cancelled due to the fact that the promotor hasn't fullfilled their part of the agreement. We're looking to book other shows in your beautiful countries though and we hope to be able to get back this year. We'll keep you updated!
degreed Mar 16, 2019
A little bit overdue, but a big thank you to all the people involved on last weeks Scandinavia run alongside the loveley fellas in Dare. A special thank you goes out to to the guys in Dare who're so lovely bringing us on this tour and being great friends, another special thank you goes out to everyone who came out to listen to music, have a few laughs and dance a bit. Without you guys there would be no music scene over here, so keep on going to shows and supporting music! A big thanks to our label Gain Music Entertainment for everything and a huge thank you to Hagenburg AB for making shit happen. See you guys again very soon! Next up is the UK along with Eden's Curse and MOB RULES, it'll be a fun one! Get your tickets at our website - Have a lovely Saturday!
degreed Mar 15, 2019
This is how our single "Born Under a Bad Sign" came to see the light of the day. March 22nd is the date and you can pre-order and pre-save the song already today - Let us know what you think of the preview as well!
degreed Mar 14, 2019
We're releasing our new single "Born Under a Bad Sign" on March 22nd. On the day of the release at 7pm (CET) we'll be performing the song acoustically live on our record label's YouTube channel so make sure to subscribe to it and put the date and time in your calendar. We'll also be answering all the questions you might have. See you then! Fifth Island Music / Hagenburg AB / Eternal Rock
degreed Mar 12, 2019
It’s been a pleasure supporting the great guys in Dare here in Scandinavia. Thank you for bringing us along and thank you to everyone who showed up at the gigs. It’s been a blast!! More pics and videos will be uploaded soon. Now we’re having a little writing break for the next album and then we hit the road with Eden's Curse and MOB RULES in the U.K starting on April 14:th. See you there! Pic by Nigel Clutterbuck .
degreed Mar 12, 2019
's cover photo
degreed Mar 11, 2019
We had a little chat with our lovely friends at @piraterockofficial last week and performed an acoustic version our latest single ”Ruins”!! (The interview is in swedish) #champagneofbands #ruins #vikingpower #fifthislandmusic #gainmusicentertainment #piraterockradio #keyboardsisntgay #degreed @gainmusicofficial @erikgronwall @hagenburgab
degreed Mar 09, 2019
The tour continues with Dare at the Denim And Leather Rock Club in Jönköping. Showtime at 22.
degreed Mar 08, 2019
Have you followed us on Spotify yet? You'll get a notification as soon as we release new music. You don't even have to remember the date - how cool is that?! Click here to follow us -
degreed Mar 08, 2019
Thank you @stickyfingersgbg and @darebandofficial for an amazing evening! See you tonight at @olsenpaabryn in Oslo! #vikingpower #degreed Hagenburg AB Gain #swedishmusicexport #champagneofbands #rockmusic #gainmusicentertainment #sonymusic
degreed Mar 07, 2019
We're stoked to announce that we'll be back in the lovely Switzerland to play the Rocknacht Tennwil 20. und 21. September 2019! Click the event to check out the other bands and secure your tickets! Today we're rocking Gothenburg and Sticky Fingers // Göteborg alongside the mighty Dare. Come out and hang.
degreed Mar 06, 2019
As you might know by now we're releasing our upcoming single "Born Under A Bad Sign" on March 22nd. From today you can pre-save the song to Spotify and Apple Music or if you'd like you can pre-order it on iTunes! Follow this link - This is a little snippet of how the guitarrecordings looked. We had fun.