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Dead but Not Forgotten
Dead But Not Forgotten
We Don't Belong
Life, Love, Loss
Rocknacht Tennwil Rocknacht Tennwil 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Meisterschwanden, Switzerland) Find tickets
Rock The Boat Rock The Boat 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Oslo, Norway) Find tickets
degreed Aug 10, 2019
Tonight we’re playing @kopparbergsfestivalen in Kopparberg where it all once started. We’re on at 20:45. Don’t be late for this epic gig. #degreedmusic #music #kopparbergsfestival #festival
degreed Aug 02, 2019
Friyayyy!!! Crank this and chug your favorite beer. Have a great weekend. What do you think of our latest song “Blue Virgin Isles”?
degreed Aug 02, 2019
degreed's cover photo
degreed Jul 28, 2019
Happy sunday people! We had the honor of doing an interview with Janne Innanfors at Rockklassiker last friday. We talked about our release of TED GÄRDESTADS "Himlen är oskyldigt blå", but also some other stuff. You can listen to the interview below... BTW, have you had the chance to listen to the song yet? If not, go ahead here:
degreed Jul 27, 2019
Our next gig is 10:th of August at Kopparbergsfestivalen! It’s a mixed line-up with something for everyone. Get your tickets here -
degreed Jul 26, 2019
ITS ALIVEEEE!! “Blue Virgin Isles” is released today!!! We’re excited and hope you’re excited as well. Do you like the song? Here’s what our fifth member, great manager and one of our times best frontmen of our time Erik Grönwall has to say about our version of the song. Listen to the song, save it to your playlist, share it with your friends -
degreed Jul 25, 2019
Tomorrow we’re releasing our cover of the amazing song “Blue Virgin Isles” by Ted Gärdestad. It’s a massive song with some great orchestration by Mikael. Here a snippet from Robin. At ca. 16:20 (CET) today, there'll be a little preview of the single along with an interview with Robin in P4 Örebro Sveriges Radio. So tune in if you're somewhere near, otherwise we'll post a link to it once it's live on the internet! Pre-save and pre-order the song here -
degreed Jul 23, 2019
As you may know we're releasing some new material this month. To be precise it's on FRIDAY July 26:th! So keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground for this massive song that is a cover of the classic "Blue Virgin Isles" by the Swedish legend Ted Gärdestad. Here's what Mats has to say about the song.. or a little bit of everything.
degreed Jul 23, 2019
We're playing at Kopparbergsfestivalen 9-10 August in Kopparberg. It's our first festivalshow in Sweden for a long time so it'll be extra fun. Tickets -
degreed Jul 12, 2019
Blue Virgin Isles will come out later this month. Here's a few thoughts from Daniel about the song. What do you think of it from the snippets you've heard so far?
degreed Jul 11, 2019
For all of you that are already craving new music, we're realesing a new song later this month. It's a cover of the song "Blue Virgin Isles" by Ted Gärdestad. Ted and his brother Kenneth has touched us and a whole lot more people with their music so this is our little tribute to them. Listen what Mike has to say about the song..
degreed Jul 08, 2019
degreed's cover photo
degreed Jul 04, 2019
Have you heard our latest single yet? What do you think of it? If you haven't heard of it yet, listen to it NOW -
degreed Jun 28, 2019
"You All Know My Name" is finally out!! ”Since we’ve released a couple of mid-tempo songs lately, we thought it was time for a punch in the face! This one is aggressive but yet melodic. But I’m happy I got to scream a bit in this one. I got to show some balls. It contains great lyrics with a little bit of irony in it, and a flaming and shredding guitar solo by Daniel. I would say that this is a DEGREED song in every way. Buckle up baby, cause this is some heavy shit!” Listen to the song now -
degreed Jun 27, 2019
Countdown to the release - less than three hours until "You All Know My Name" drops! Pre-save and pre-order the single to get it the second it's released - Erik Martensson from the lovely Eclipse (Sweden) was kind enough to say a few words about the single. Listen to a fellow rocker and get the pre-save/pre-order the song NOW!
degreed Jun 27, 2019
As you may know we're releasing new music on Friday! The song is called "You All Know My Name" and you can pre-order and pre-save the song NOW - If you're not convinced just on the snippet - here's Ted Poley (Danger Danger, Tokyo Motor Fist, etc, etc) saying a few kind words about the song.
degreed Jun 26, 2019
On Friday we're releasing the song "You All Know My Name" from our upcoming album. This is a killer! If you don't wanna take our word for it, maybe you'll listen to what Mats Levén (Krux, Yngwie Malmsteen, Treat, Candlemass, Gus G etc etc - the list is long) has to say about the song. So go ahead and pre-save the song to your Spotify playlists and pre-order it over on iTunes TODAY -
degreed Jun 12, 2019
degreed Jun 07, 2019
We're releasing new music for ya in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, here's the song Ruins that we released a few months back. What do you think of the song?
degreed May 31, 2019
We're coming back to Norway again this year!! We loved it so much the last time we visited your lovely country so we're coming back in October to inspect one of your cruises. We'll also play a few songs for you at the Rock The Boat 25-26 Oktober 2019! Some of the other bands include our brothers Dare, the Norwegian voice of God Jorn Lande, the mighty Hardline and the great Mike Tramp Official.... among others. Get your tickets today. It'll be one hell of a cruise.
degreed May 29, 2019
#28thofjune #june2019
degreed May 22, 2019
degreed May 17, 2019
"You All Know My Name"
degreed May 15, 2019
degreed May 10, 2019
Sorry for the lack of updating the page since the tour! Here's a little video from our days on the road. We can't wait to come back. Where you on any of the shows? If you went to several, which one was the best? Anyways.. NEW MUSIC IS COMING YOUR WAY. More info on that soon. Have a great weekend everyone.