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Eat Defeat Apr 16, 2019
It's seriously cool to play a show in Leeds to a room full of faces we've never played in front of before. Thanks so much to Joyce Manor for having us and thanks to everyone for showing up early to catch us, hopefully we'll see you again! #joycemanor #leeds #thekeyclub #slamdunk #theearthisflat
Eat Defeat Apr 16, 2019
Playing with Joyce Manor and The Murderburgers tonight at The Key Club in Leeds, stopped to feed some cows on the way. We play at 7.30pm, get down early please.
Eat Defeat Apr 15, 2019
This is tomorrow my dudes!!! Get down early, we'll be on not long after 7.30pm 👌
Eat Defeat Apr 10, 2019
Hey look at this nutso lineup for the Joyce Manor show at The Key Club in Leeds next week!!! Is that us opening? And The Murderburgers as tour support?! Oh boy.
Eat Defeat Apr 02, 2019
UHHHH We're playing THE FEST. Yeah. THE Fest. In America. THAT America. Let's preface this by saying we are absolutely looking to play some shows around Fest, so if you think you or anyone you know could help us out please drop us a message. We would absolutely love to try and hit some East Coast locations the week prior to and following Fest. We'd especially love to try and hook up with a US based band, so if you'd be up for some touring let's talk! With that out the way, let's get emotional because this is real bucket list stuff here. We saw this lineup for the first time about 8 hours ago so we're still reeling from how ridiculous it is that we get to be a part of it. Not only are we playing Fest, we're on the same poster as Less Than Jake. As in, half of this bands favourite band since we were teenagers. I could sit here and tag about 15 other bands that I can't believe we get to share this poster with (Tsunami Bomb?!?!) but let's try and maintain a modicum of composure. And the best part? This is just the first announcement!!! So, you're going to want to buy your tickets right now, mainly because this year there's a tiered wristband system where the first 500 get it for cheaper, and so on. You can grab them here - See you there ✌️
Eat Defeat Mar 30, 2019
Bradford you're almost as good as my new phone camera. Big, huge, massive news coming Tuesday, get excited.
Eat Defeat Mar 30, 2019
Bradford friends, this is tonight/today/time is a construct at the 1in12 Club - Bradford!!! Doors at 1.30pm, come hang out and let's talk about what shape the earth is.
Eat Defeat Mar 20, 2019
made a quick stop to grab some more copies of the Japanese edition of Time and Tide, now added to the webstore. buy more merch please so I can carry on, we're SO CLOSE. there's only so much tonkatsu i can eat and pokémon cards i can buy, i'm upending their economy.
Eat Defeat Mar 19, 2019
Imagine asking people to fund your trips abroad. ps buy our merch so we can sail to the literal end of the earth. #flatearth
Eat Defeat Mar 18, 2019
please don't try telling the RSPCA, who do you think provided funding for the boat. buy our merch - #flatearth
Eat Defeat Mar 15, 2019
We're getting closer to the ice wall, but along the way we found an important message in a bottle. Is it that we're playing with Red City Radio and Jake & The Jellyfish at Temple Of Boom Leeds on the 19th June? I don't know, probably. Event - Red City Radio + Jake & The Jellyfish, Eat Defeat Leeds Tickets -
Eat Defeat Mar 14, 2019
Due to your generous merch purchases (merchases?) we managed to commandeer a small vessel and are currently well on our way to proving once and for all that the earth is flat. But oh no!!! The fuel gauge is running low, and only your continued merchases will keep us afloat and finally get us to the edge! ! Buy things! Everything! Anything! Or the globeheads win!!!
Eat Defeat Mar 12, 2019
THE EARTH IS FLAT!!!!!!! That's right, flat out of reasons against buying official Eat Defeat merchandise!!! We have a whole load of t-shirts, hoodies, pins, CDs and Vinyl, plus every order will come with whatever stickers and posters we can find. !!! Grab yourself a treat today, not only will you look wonderful but you'll also be helping fund our upcoming release. (Also maybe whatever flat earth research we decide to conduct, we'd like to buy a boat and sail to the ice wall.)
Eat Defeat Mar 09, 2019
First shows of the year, great success. Thanks to everyone involved, to all the wonderful bands we got to share stages with and to the amazing promoters and venues who made this run what it was. We'll be taking it easy for a bit as we work on some new music, but we'll have something kinda huge to announce within the next month. This year's gonna be a big one! 📷: @trouble93xx_photography
Eat Defeat Mar 07, 2019
Amazing night last night in Newcastle with PKEW PKEW PKEW and Aerial Salad., thanks so much everyone for coming out on a rainy Wednesday and a huge thanks to Little Rocket Records for everything. We're playing JT Soar in Nottingham tonight with Buenos Treehouse but it's sold out so you can't come, gutted. 📷: Iain Murray
Eat Defeat Mar 06, 2019
Newcastle tonight, it's been too long!
Eat Defeat Mar 05, 2019
LEEDS THIS IS TONIGHT!!! PKEW PKEW PKEW, us, Aerial Salad. & Elastic Waste!
Eat Defeat Mar 04, 2019
Me and my homie Dialga would like to once again make sure you know we head out for a few days with PKEW PKEW PKEW starting tomorrow!!! Leeds, Newcastle, Nottingham and London. Are you coming? Hello? Let us know. 05/03 - The Key Club, Leeds 06/03 - Head of Steam, Newcastle 07/03 - JT Soar, Nottingham 08/03 - New Cross Inn, London
Eat Defeat Feb 28, 2019
Hey NEWCASTLE, it's been a minute. Very excited to be hitting up Head of Steam Newcastle with PKEW PKEW PKEW and Aerial Salad. (again?!) NEXT WEEK!!! Thanks to Little Rocket Records, grab your tickets now please.
Eat Defeat Feb 26, 2019
LEEDS!!! Those absolute mad lads at Slam Dunk Leeds have put together this complete rager of a line-up and it's NEXT TUESDAY!!! PKEW PKEW PKEW and us, now with added Aerial Salad. and Elastic Waste!!! Grab your tickets now!!!
Eat Defeat Feb 22, 2019
Our friends in Coral Springs released their debut album today, go check it out!!!
Eat Defeat Feb 14, 2019
happy madladentines
Eat Defeat Feb 13, 2019
Hey I've been on tour with Free Throw so all my spare time and effort has gone into designing posters as you can see I've had a lot of spare time and effort Anyway I'm back in the UK soon and we're playing some amazing shows with PKEW PKEW PKEW and also sneaking in some shows beforehand with Call Me Malcolm Coast to Coast UK and Light Years so fuck yeah.
Eat Defeat Feb 09, 2019
You dorks know this is happening by now right 05/03 - The Key Club, Leeds 06/03 - Head of Steam, Newcastle 07/03 - JT Soar, Nottingham 08/03 - New Cross Inn, London
Eat Defeat Feb 05, 2019
Get pumped, because we're super excited to be hitting this short notice belter of a tour with the absolute legends in PKEW PKEW PKEW! 05/03 - The Key Club, Leeds 06/03 - Head of Steam Newcastle 07/03 - JT Soar, Nottingham 08/03 - New Cross Inn, London