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Eat Defeat Feb 14, 2019
happy madladentines
Eat Defeat Feb 13, 2019
Hey I've been on tour with Free Throw so all my spare time and effort has gone into designing posters as you can see I've had a lot of spare time and effort Anyway I'm back in the UK soon and we're playing some amazing shows with PKEW PKEW PKEW and also sneaking in some shows beforehand with Call Me Malcolm Coast to Coast UK and Light Years so fuck yeah.
Eat Defeat Feb 09, 2019
You dorks know this is happening by now right 05/03 - The Key Club, Leeds 06/03 - Head of Steam, Newcastle 07/03 - JT Soar, Nottingham 08/03 - New Cross Inn, London
Eat Defeat Feb 05, 2019
Get pumped, because we're super excited to be hitting this short notice belter of a tour with the absolute legends in PKEW PKEW PKEW! 05/03 - The Key Club, Leeds 06/03 - Head of Steam Newcastle 07/03 - JT Soar, Nottingham 08/03 - New Cross Inn, London
Eat Defeat Feb 04, 2019
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT!!! We'll be joining the latest greatest Canadian exports PKEW PKEW PKEW for a short UK run next month! It's super short notice so we're going to need you to get super excited and help us spread the word. More details on individual shows as we get em, and if you want this tour in your town or city on the 7th March then drop us a message!
Eat Defeat Feb 02, 2019
Remember when we were young, skinny and had full rich beards?
Eat Defeat Feb 01, 2019
Hey you know what, let's go. Us, PKEW PKEW PKEW and some UK shows next month. If anyone is interested in helping us out with a show on the 7th, hit us up!
Eat Defeat Feb 01, 2019
Eat Defeat Jan 21, 2019
Time and tide won't wait for you, and I don't think that I will either.
Eat Defeat Jan 18, 2019
We sold out of these, Umlaut Records sold out of these, but there's one left in All Ages Records yo.
Eat Defeat Jan 12, 2019
2011 / 2018 I'm not very good at keeping people around, apparently.
Eat Defeat Jan 11, 2019
We're somehow on the Fantasy Premier League Spotify playlist despite all doing really really rubbish in our own fantasy premier league. Check it out here -
Eat Defeat Jan 11, 2019
You guys checked out the new The Bennies video? Featuring an Eat Defeat t-shirt cameo, should we copy strike the video y/n/420 69?
Eat Defeat Jan 08, 2019
Hey 2019, let's kick things off with some bangers. We'll be joining Light Years at two of our favourite venues in the UK, The Parish in Huddersfield and Redrum in Stafford! Then a few weeks later we'll be joining friends in Popes of Chillitown, The Murderburgers, The Hostiles and moooore at The 1in12 Club in Bradford for Moist Tiger's 4th Anniversary All-Dayer 30/03/19. Maybe inbetween we'll write some new songs, I don't know, I'm not a mindreader.
Eat Defeat Jan 07, 2019
Today is Summers’ Birthday! Give him some love... or abuse! 👀 Hey ... Salut!
Eat Defeat Jan 04, 2019
Less memes, more music.
Eat Defeat Jan 03, 2019
It's 2019 and our album still sounds good. We wanted to release this as a 'single' but it's pretty much the only song I decided to swear in. Shit.
Eat Defeat Dec 31, 2018
Eat Defeat
Eat Defeat Dec 29, 2018
Top 1 things of 2018: Country: Canada Blog that said the most nice things about us: Colin's Punk Rock World Label that somehow put out our album and didn't seem to immediately regret it: Bearded Punk Records Band that we toured with that put up with us the best: REHASHER Coffee syrup: French Vanilla Member of Eat Defeat: Me Breakfast I'm having right now: Pancakes Oh, thanks for a quarter of a million streams in half a year. That's wild. I think that was the point of this post.
Eat Defeat Dec 24, 2018
Merry whatever, idiots ❤
Eat Defeat Dec 20, 2018
LEEDS, KEY CLUB, TOMORROW NIGHT. LET'S GET THE LAST BREAD OF THE YEAR. Consumed, The Human Project, Eat Defeat, Flea Market - Key Club - Doors 7pm, let's have all the fun.
Eat Defeat Dec 12, 2018
L E E D S! This is our last show of the year and it's approaching fast. It's with our amazing pals in The Human Project and headlined by the legendary Consumed. There will be another amazing band playing. Let's end the year on a massive high, get yourselves down.
Eat Defeat Dec 06, 2018
2018 vs 2017 Yikes, thank you. If we pop up in your year end thing, let us know! Apparently there are 19 people who have listened to us more than anyone else, and there are four members of this band so that leaves 15 of you out there.
Eat Defeat Dec 06, 2018
Hello friends, as you all know it 'tis the season' and for us that means tidying the house, apparently. Whilst doing so, we've stumbled across a load of old stuff from back in the days when people actually used printers to print things off rather than just use futuristic holograms and ai to know which songs to play and what to sing. I've no idea if anyone is actually interested in this sort of thing as it relates to us, but basically anyone who orders any merch from us in the next few days you'll get some sort of old lyrics sheet, setlist, guitar tab or something weird in addition to a nice new sticker and maybe a guitar pick as well. I'll sign it if you want but my signature is entirely fluid so don't come crying to me in 10 years when people say your signed lyric sheet is fake because their Summers signature is different, I just have very little control over the way my hands work. You can grab some swag from our store over at -
Eat Defeat Dec 04, 2018
Our acceptance speeches will be long and full of personal attacks. We thank you for your consideration.