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Eat Defeat Dec 12, 2018
L E E D S! This is our last show of the year and it's approaching fast. It's with our amazing pals in The Human Project and headlined by the legendary Consumed. There will be another amazing band playing. Let's end the year on a massive high, get yourselves down.
Eat Defeat Dec 06, 2018
2018 vs 2017 Yikes, thank you. If we pop up in your year end thing, let us know! Apparently there are 19 people who have listened to us more than anyone else, and there are four members of this band so that leaves 15 of you out there.
Eat Defeat Dec 06, 2018
Hello friends, as you all know it 'tis the season' and for us that means tidying the house, apparently. Whilst doing so, we've stumbled across a load of old stuff from back in the days when people actually used printers to print things off rather than just use futuristic holograms and ai to know which songs to play and what to sing. I've no idea if anyone is actually interested in this sort of thing as it relates to us, but basically anyone who orders any merch from us in the next few days you'll get some sort of old lyrics sheet, setlist, guitar tab or something weird in addition to a nice new sticker and maybe a guitar pick as well. I'll sign it if you want but my signature is entirely fluid so don't come crying to me in 10 years when people say your signed lyric sheet is fake because their Summers signature is different, I just have very little control over the way my hands work. You can grab some swag from our store over at -
Eat Defeat Dec 04, 2018
Our acceptance speeches will be long and full of personal attacks. We thank you for your consideration.
Eat Defeat Nov 29, 2018
Ok real talk, we've done some amazing things this year and been to some amazing places, but we've got a wide open schedule in 2019, so who wants us, where, and who with? It's like cluedo but all the characters are white guys in their 30s and the weapons are banging pop punk songs. 📷: New Path Photography ❤
Eat Defeat Nov 26, 2018
Maaan where do we even start about this past weekend? All the love in the world to REHASHER for having us on board for their first ever UK tour, we had the most fun with the best dudes. To anyone who grabbed some merch, sang along, said anything nice to us or just politely watched us wishing we'd hurry up so Rehasher could play, you rule. I (Summers) am hanging on for the rest of the EU Rehasher dates, so come say hi to me at the merch table yo ✌ Live 📷: @dizzymonkey83
Eat Defeat Nov 24, 2018
I can literally count on one hand the amount of gigs that have made me feel the way I felt playing tonight. Every time I say the New Cross scene is something truly special, god damn do I mean it. Thanks for making us feel special, we probably don't deserve it but dang we'll take it. 📷: Peeky
Eat Defeat Nov 24, 2018
Brighton we couldn't have asked for a better welcome for our first ever show inside of your warm embrace, thank you all so much ❤ Fastfade were the icing on the cake. New cross, we comin baybeeeeee!
Eat Defeat Nov 23, 2018
Night 1 of our tour with Rehasher was wild, thank you so much Manchester!!! We've been so lucky to get to play some incredible shows in your city this year and we couldn't have asked for a better way to cap it off. We're on our way to Brighton to play there for the first time ever, too excited!!!
Eat Defeat Nov 22, 2018
DAY 1!!! Let us give thanks to REHASHER and maybe a bit to us too and certainly for Clayface.
Eat Defeat Nov 20, 2018
Last tour of the year and it's only with the one and only REHASHER! Too excited for this one, don't sleep on these shows!!!
Eat Defeat Nov 18, 2018
Yo where do we even begin to sum up this weekend? Real life affirming hours right here with some of the best people in the world. Huge obvious thanks to our tourmates The Human Project and to our new pals in Drunktank for two of the most fun shows we've ever played. To everyone at Anti-Shit and El Topo Bookings for being amazing, to Bearded Punk Records for being the best, to our pals in For I Am and The JB Conspiracy for reminding us how great you both are. We're going to try and be back sooner rather than later. Next up in the UK though, we're joining Rehasher for four days, let's keep this craziness going! 📷: @hollandgirlie
Eat Defeat Nov 17, 2018
Belgium you'll always have our hearts and our sweat and our awkward stage dive attempts. Thank you El Topo ❤❤❤ 📷: @hollandgirlie
Eat Defeat Nov 17, 2018
Eat Defeat Nov 16, 2018
Oh DANG it feels good to be back on the mainland. 📷: Ian Schram
Eat Defeat Nov 16, 2018
We've reached new levels of arrogance. We're in Den Bosch, we're gonna play a rock show tonight with The Human Project and Drunktank no matter who we have to fight to do it. Dutch friends, let's have ittttt ❤❤❤
Eat Defeat Nov 15, 2018
Hey friends. To anyone who came down to 'the home of live music' tonight hoping to catch four of the best UK punk bands (if we do say so ourselves) we're really, genuinely gutted about what happened. Some selfish waste of oxygen decided to literally pull the plug on the pa, assault the sound guy and throw himself at everyone and anything in front of him. The venue owner decided that they'd rather placate their aggressive unreasonable regulars than allow the bands to play, so we unfortunately had to pack up our gear and leave. They offered no apology and also underpaid us. I'd strongly recommend never visiting or playing at The Windmill Inn in Ashford, not that you'll really get chance to play anyway. James, the promoter for the evening, was great and we really don't have a bad word to say about him, he did his best given the circumstances. Just really, really upset that this can happen really. People suck. Bring on Holland and Belgium.
Eat Defeat Nov 15, 2018
On our way down to The Windmill in Ashford for the first night of our wonderful weekend trip with The Human Project and Jonny Smith's muscular arms have claimed their first victim. See you soon Spoilers and CAPTAIN TRIPS!
Eat Defeat Nov 12, 2018
HEY YOU DO KNOW THAT REHASHER ARE DOING A EUROPEAN TOUR AND WE'RE JOINING THEM ON THE UK SHOWS RIGHT?!? Here's Roger Lima to tell you about it himself. This is a crazy big deal, don't miss out!!! TICKET LINKS! Manchester - Brighton - London - Stafford -
Eat Defeat Nov 09, 2018
Here's the video for 'Running In Place.' We have to thank everyone who contributed for helping us combat Summers' TikTok obsession. The song is taken from our album 'I Think We'll Be Ok' which was released on Bearded Punk Records August 3rd, 2018. You can stream/download it on all major online music services and pick up a physical copy/merchandise at Catch us on tour during November with The Human Project and REHASHER! 15/11 - The Windmill, Ashford (w/The Human Project, Spoilers and CAPTAIN TRIPS 16/11 - World Skate Centre, Den Bosch (NL) (w/ The Human Project, Drunktank 17/11 - El Topo Goes Loco, Mol (BE) (w/ Junior Battles, The Toasters, The JB Conspiracy + more!) 22/11 - The Hive, Manchester (w/ Rehasher) 23/11 - Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton (w/ Rehasher) 24/11 - New Cross Inn, London (w/ Rehasher) 25/11 - Redrum, Stafford (w/Rehasher)
Eat Defeat Nov 07, 2018
Hiiii friends, Summers here. I've made a super fun and cute video for our song Running In Place which you can watch Friday. I don't want to spoil the premise but here's a fun video for you.
Eat Defeat Nov 05, 2018
Hi everyone. This is a statement from Steve, Jimmy and Rich on behalf of Eat Defeat. We've hidden this post so Summers can't see it. Recently, we've become a bit concerned about how Summers has been spending his free time. A week ago we didn't know what TikTok was, but it seems like Summers has devoted a lot of time and effort to various meme videos and it's really not doing a lot for our image. It transpires that he has used these memes and this app as a basis for a new video for our forthcoming single 'Running In Place.' We've seen the video, and we cannot let this thing see the light of day as he's created it. We love him, the kid can write a song, but this is honestly super embarassing and it'll destroy the perception of us as a serious punk band. He's left us no choice but to intercept the video with the help of some shady dark web characters. As you can see from the attached video, the sabotage of his online video presence has already begun. We hope to have the newly edited video online Friday. Watch this space, and whatever you do please don't encourage him.
Eat Defeat Oct 31, 2018
Check out this amazing poster by Max K Design for the Brighton date of the REHASHER tour! So excited for our first time in Brighton ❤ Grab your tickets here -
Eat Defeat Oct 29, 2018
Hi friends. I have an idea for a music video, and I'd like your help. You just need something to video yourself with and to be able to make fun of me. Ideally you can do some sort of fortnite dance. Email [email protected] if you'd like to be a part of this masterpiece and I'll let you know what I'd like you to do. I promise this isn't a pyramid scheme.
Eat Defeat Oct 28, 2018
Magnets, how do they work?