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Ecstatic Music Festival Ecstatic Music Festival 2019
Venue: Merkin Concert Hall (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Deerhoof with The Veldt (US) and Cloudgayzer at Grey Eagle (February 20, 2019)
Venue: Grey Eagle (Asheville, NC, US) Find tickets
Deerhoof with Jacquie Cotillard at Saturn (February 21, 2019)
Venue: Saturn (Birmingham, AL, US) Find tickets
Deerhoof at Little Harpeth Brewing (February 22, 2019)
Venue: Little Harpeth Brewing (Nashville, TN, US) Find tickets
Deerhoof with The Ophelias at Zanzabar (February 23, 2019)
Venue: Zanzabar (Louisville, KY, US) Find tickets
Ty Segall & White Fence with Black Lips, Kikagaku Moyo, Deerhoof, and 4 more… at Bluestone (February 24, 2019)
Venue: Bluestone (Columbus, OH, US) Find tickets
Deerhoof with Before I Sleep at 123 Pleasant Street (February 26, 2019)
Venue: 123 Pleasant Street (Morgantown, WV, US) Find tickets
Deerhoof with Speedy Ortiz and Soul Cannon at Ottobar (February 27, 2019)
Venue: Ottobar (Baltimore, MD, US) Find tickets
Deerhoof Feb 15, 2019
Tigue and Deerhoof are playing tomorrow at Merkin Hall, NY! See you there🐶👨🏻‍🦰👀🥇🎹‼️
Deerhoof Feb 11, 2019
Mark Neeley has out of the kindness of his heart understood and passed on important knowledge about Deerhoof's upcoming tour. Please consult should you be interested in seeing if your town is among our februarian destinations
Deerhoof Feb 09, 2019
Happy Birthday, Satomi! Here's to many more decades of rocking . . .
Deerhoof Feb 09, 2019
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SATOMI! We feel so lucky to have you in our lives! We hope you have a fun day! We love you! (Oogie said to make sure you know he loves you, too.)❤️
Deerhoof Feb 04, 2019
we got the columbus february 24 lineup and set times e-melted to us and just take a look it's going to be amazing
Deerhoof Jan 25, 2019
Indie Rocks! (Magazine)
Deerhoof Jan 22, 2019
Click here to help out our friend and 2011 bandmate Mopero! I'll put a couple favorite videos in the comments...
Deerhoof Dec 24, 2018
Our friend Nathan's dog Yoshi is very motivated by the lyrics to Exit Only.
Deerhoof Oct 31, 2018
I took this video last year in Albuquerque's south valley as part of the annual Kookooee Festival which usually happens right before halloween. I took several videos, but this one was special. 57 points to the person who can name what the mysterious shadow-figure in this video is doing. I myself have no idea, and therefore cannot be the person who judges. However, if we bring in a ghost expert, perhaps they can help. Having said that, those people are probably super expensive so you may have to donate the lion's share of points to the ghost expert as an appreciative gesture. You should be able to keep some. If they're more expensive than 57 points, then I don't think we should hire them. -- John
Deerhoof Sep 26, 2018
Deerhoof Plays Music Of The Shining Deerhoof Plays Music Of The Shining Deerhoof Plays Music Of The Shining Deerhoof Plays Music Of The Shining
Deerhoof Sep 25, 2018
Deerhoof Complete Show Video Week Day Two: "TUESDAY" a whole bunch of songs from The Runners Four in concert from 2005 in soccer uniforms
Deerhoof Sep 24, 2018
how bout i post deerhoof complete show videos one a day this week
Deerhoof Sep 14, 2018
Happy Birthday, Ed! May you never escape from the circle of moving light globules that surround your screaming head.
Deerhoof Sep 14, 2018
Happy Birthday Our Prince Edwardriguez!! Keep dunking! >> 3rd photo --Satomi
Deerhoof Sep 03, 2018
I'm going to be playing a few shows in the Southwest at the beginning of September (i.e. this week) and in a month or so -- events in the comments. If you're in the neighborhood, please come say hello! Hopefully it goes better than this text thread with Ed went. -- John Wednesday, Sept. 5: Zephyr, Santa Fe, NM -- 8pm — duo with Tashi Dorji — with William Fowler Collins solo Thursday, Sept. 6: Kickstand Kafe, Flagstaff, AZ (as part of the Interference Series) -- 7pm — duo with Tashi Dorji — with Parker Davis Saturday, Sept. 8: Trunk Space (Sanctuary), Phoenix, AZ — duo with Tashi Dorji — with James Fella and Warm Climate (attaching flyer because it’s green and excellent) Sunday, Sept. 9: Carriage House, Phoenix, AZ — some combination of Michael Krassner, Max Knause and me, and possibly others? — with Slow Moses Monday, October 8: The Tannex, Albuquerque, NM — John Dieterich (solo) — with Sing Down the Moon, Donald Beaman and Argyle
Deerhoof Aug 16, 2018
People of Los Angeles, come out to Human Resources this Saturday or Sunday to say hi to Carlin Wing and I as we present some of the work we've been doing together. There will be refreshments, beautiful green balls, a presentation on Pelota Mixteca by Leopoldo Peña on Saturday, and a performance by Corey Fogel on Sunday. Hope to see you! -- John
Deerhoof Aug 16, 2018
BROOKLYN! We'll be there soon, August 25th! We're playing the 30th Anniversary Party for The Baffler Magazine with the always amazing Palberta and more! 16+ It'll be our last NY trip of the year and some tickets are still available. See you there!! tickets ➡️ RSVP ➡️
Deerhoof Aug 12, 2018
The 2018 Summer Europe tour is over. Thank you everyone!
Deerhoof Aug 07, 2018
We are touring with Kliph Scurlock’s band, Quodega in UK. Brudenell social club in Leeds tomorrow!
Deerhoof Aug 04, 2018
+81 played in +371 country
Deerhoof Aug 04, 2018
4:07 am in Ventspils
Deerhoof Aug 02, 2018
Tonight in Cyprus with Hawk and Hacksaw:)
Deerhoof Jul 09, 2018
Deerhoof Jul 09, 2018
Deerhoof new no sleeve shirt test by Satomi