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The Other Side of Darkness
End of Grey
Decyfer Down at The Firmament (May 26, 2019)
Venue: The Firmament (Greenville, SC, US) Find tickets
Decyfer Down Feb 20, 2019
We have an addition to the Crash tour and some new artwork to share with ya! The band Halcyon Wander is going out with us and Relentless Flood in April, May, and June! First set of dates posting soon!
Decyfer Down Feb 11, 2019
Back in the day. Our album Crash was nominated for a Grammy.
Decyfer Down Feb 09, 2019
Where do you wanna see DD this year? Tag a promoter Decyfer Down in the round in Amarillo, TX 2009.
Decyfer Down Feb 06, 2019
The WHOLE Crash album LIVE! What song do you wanna hear the most?
Decyfer Down Feb 05, 2019
Wasting Away from the Crash album: This is gonna be good..🤘🏻
Decyfer Down Feb 04, 2019
Alright y’all! Halfway there! Who’s gonna win?
Decyfer Down Feb 03, 2019
So stoked about this tour! Playing the entire album plus some fav’s with Relentless Flood as direct support! Wanna book the tour? Send us a message and we’ll point ya in the right direction!
Decyfer Down Jan 24, 2019
Bringing an entire album to life in April. Help us celebrate 10 years of Crash!
Decyfer Down Jan 24, 2019
April can’t come soon enough! #tbt 2009
Decyfer Down Jan 10, 2019
April will mark 10 years since our album “Crash” was released. We’re happy to announce a 10th Anniversary tour in honor of the album and all of you who jumped on board with DD and have always believed in and supported our music!
Decyfer Down Jan 04, 2019
TJ Harris Music
Decyfer Down Jan 03, 2019
Tbt to jammin with with our bud, Kevin From Disciple on bass every night in April-May 2009 supporting the Crash album!
Decyfer Down Jan 02, 2019
No matter what 2018 was like, 2019 can be better! WE can be better!
Decyfer Down Jan 01, 2019
ATTENTION! We want to inform everyone that the DD/RF January tour is being postponed until April! We hate to wait that long but booking though the holidays has been a bit more than tough.. With that said, moving the tour to April 2019 may present some awesome opportunities for us AND you! We’ll be laying it out here in the coming weeks! Happy New Year! We love you and we’ll see ya soon!
Decyfer Down Jan 01, 2019
Happy New Year! Tag a friend that needs a 2019 anthem!
Decyfer Down Dec 21, 2018
Wisdom for 2019
Decyfer Down Dec 20, 2018
Tbt to April 2009 touring with Skillet Supporting the Crash album.
Decyfer Down Dec 14, 2018
Pm for details and tag ppl you think might be interested in bringing me to town! TJ
Decyfer Down Dec 11, 2018
Come hang Thursday. Got some new song I wanna share. 😎 ~TJ
Decyfer Down Dec 09, 2018
Decyfer Down Dec 08, 2018
Booking for January carrying full production. Message us for more info! Please SHARE!
Decyfer Down Dec 06, 2018
Thank you to everyone who streamed DD on spotify this year! We’ll play’em for ya live a lot more In 2019🤘🏻😎🤘🏻🚌
Decyfer Down Dec 02, 2018
Still a few more dates open in January for the DD/Relentless Flood Tour. Message for more details! SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! 📷Mary Nikkel🤘🏻
Decyfer Down Dec 01, 2018
30% off EVERYTHING until 10 PM!