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The Other Side of Darkness
End of Grey
Decyfer Down Dec 11, 2018
Come hang Thursday. Got some new song I wanna share. 😎 ~TJ
Decyfer Down Dec 09, 2018
Decyfer Down Dec 08, 2018
Booking for January carrying full production. Message us for more info! Please SHARE!
Decyfer Down Dec 06, 2018
Thank you to everyone who streamed DD on spotify this year! We’ll play’em for ya live a lot more In 2019🤘🏻😎🤘🏻🚌
Decyfer Down Dec 02, 2018
Still a few more dates open in January for the DD/Relentless Flood Tour. Message for more details! SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! 📷Mary Nikkel🤘🏻
Decyfer Down Dec 01, 2018
30% off EVERYTHING until 10 PM!
Decyfer Down Nov 26, 2018
SHARE SHARE SHARE! Sale ends Friday night at 10. Link in comments.
Decyfer Down Nov 23, 2018
Decyfer Down Nov 22, 2018
Looking for DD merch? Follow the link in the comments or at the bottom of the pic! 30% NOW!! As always, please SHARE!
Decyfer Down Nov 16, 2018
Scarecrow and Crash LIVE from OKC! Booking for January NC to TX NOW! SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!
Decyfer Down Nov 16, 2018
Decyfer Down
Decyfer Down Nov 11, 2018
JANUARY! Rockin from NC to TX carrying full production! Email [email protected] for more details!
Decyfer Down Nov 10, 2018
Link in the comments to the whole video! Dead Skin and Nothing More LIVE from OKC! 10/19/18. SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!
Decyfer Down Nov 08, 2018
tbt to when the Mannequin Challenge he was a thing.
Decyfer Down Oct 24, 2018
Disciple and Decyfer Down always have a good time on tour! Being with good friends, playing music, and seeing lives changed.🤘🏻 📷Tyler Byars
Decyfer Down Oct 22, 2018
TJ Harris Music
Decyfer Down Oct 19, 2018
Streaming LIVE tonight in OKC! Go to no sooner than 6:30 to begin streaming!
Decyfer Down Oct 18, 2018
This week!
Decyfer Down Oct 16, 2018
Played a cold one outdoors this weekend in Deta, PA! Thanks to everyone who came out! 📷 @laurenhaller_
Decyfer Down Oct 11, 2018
This week! Can’t wait to rock with you! 📷 Sharayah Franklin
Decyfer Down Oct 10, 2018
Decyfer Down Oct 10, 2018
Friday, Oct. 12th! See ya there!
Decyfer Down Oct 08, 2018
Thanks to everyone who came out to the Disciple/DD shows this weekend in Indiana and Michigan! Can’t wait to see you again!
Decyfer Down Oct 06, 2018
Check out this song DD’s very own Brandon Mills produced🤘🏻