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The Other Side of Darkness
End of Grey
Decyfer Down with Safekept at Skully's Music Diner (July 29, 2019)
Venue: Skully's Music Diner (Columbus, OH, US) Find tickets
Decyfer Down Jun 17, 2019
We had a great time in Indiana this weekend! More “Crash” shows coming at the end of July. Hope to see you there! 📸: Jeanette Yoder Photography
Decyfer Down Jun 12, 2019
At a show? Store? Online?
Decyfer Down Jun 10, 2019
Columbus!!! We are very excited to announce we’ll be coming to play the Crash 10th Anniversary set on July 29 at Skully's Music-Diner with SafeKept and 1 other band TBD. Tickets: $10 You don’t wanna miss this one!!! Big thanks to Celebrity Etc presents for helping make this show happen! Check out our event page for details and ticket links! 📸: Concert Fotos
Decyfer Down Jun 08, 2019
Decyfer Down May 30, 2019
Decyfer Down May 28, 2019
We had a blast celebrating “Crash” in PA and NC this weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out! 📸: Amy Ray
Decyfer Down May 22, 2019
Decyfer Down May 20, 2019
PA and NC - We’re coming your way this weekend! 📸: Concert Fotos
Decyfer Down May 18, 2019
Decyfer Down May 15, 2019
Y’all know any good venues in / around St. Louis?
Decyfer Down May 12, 2019
Decyfer Down May 10, 2019
Decyfer Down May 01, 2019
Stoked to be playing The Firmament in Greenville, SC on May 26! See ya there!
Decyfer Down May 01, 2019
Decyfer Down Apr 30, 2019
Decyfer Down Apr 27, 2019
Decyfer Down Apr 23, 2019
Decyfer Down Apr 20, 2019
City & State !
Decyfer Down Apr 20, 2019
Decyfer Down Apr 17, 2019
Next Up: May 24 — Somerset, PA May 25 — Elizabeth City, NC May 26 — Greenville, SC
Decyfer Down Apr 16, 2019
Really stoked about jammin at The Firmament in Greenville, SC May 26! 📸 Concert Fotos Ticket link in comments!
Decyfer Down Apr 16, 2019
Had an awesome time with some great people on the first leg of the Crash 10th Anniv. Tour! Looking forward to May! 📸Breanne Ciccone Photography and Concert Fotos
Decyfer Down Apr 08, 2019
This is a pic of some very blessed individuals. The RV isn’t ours. It belongs to a family in east Texas. Some of the most thoughtful, friendly, and giving people we’ve ever met. Chase, his dad Tommy, and their family have a high performance diesel shop called called 1 Way Diesel Performance in Nacogdoches. They drove down to Beaumont to pick us up and hauled our RV and trailer back to their place and let us borrow there RV while they repair ours in these next few days while we’re around the TX/OK area. We’ve seen God’s provisions time and time again on the road, but this was mind blowing. When it seems like all is lost, God places people right in our path (in this case months before hand) to show us how he truly does number our steps, guide our paths, and provides when we se no way out. Thank God for people like Chase and Tommy Wells and their families. 🤯🙏🏻
Decyfer Down Apr 05, 2019
LOVING playing the entire Crash album every night! San Antonio, here we come!
Decyfer Down Mar 29, 2019
Have you bought your tickets? April is just about here!