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Debmaster Jun 15, 2019
having fun #secretalphaplusrapwork #hakunakulala #raprecordingsoon
Debmaster Jun 15, 2019
Today (14H CET)
Debmaster Jun 12, 2019
Next sat, a bleepy live set broadcasted on Rinse France 📻🤘
Debmaster Jun 10, 2019
Thanks Paris, Gqomunion & Hasard Ludique for welcoming my octapolar music, i felt free to do what I wanted (dark-slow-heavy-to-highspeed-bleeps breakcorish). Hakuna Kulala therapy is a fucking good one. I will gif the videos to be able to gif the next video of the show playing the gifs of the previous gif shows to the infinite.
Debmaster Jun 06, 2019
Debmaster Jun 04, 2019
PARIS, VENDREDI Hakuna Kulala Takeover | Le Hasard Ludique
Debmaster May 31, 2019
💋 Interview about myself, Hakuna Kulala and future projects as Mc Yallah next release + new MIX for The Playground
Debmaster May 28, 2019
Hey yo, right now you can listen a mix with lot of my friends for The Playground, it will be followed by an interview next Friday link :
Debmaster May 23, 2019
Gens de Paris, j'arrive pour jouer le 7 Juin. ici :
Debmaster May 16, 2019
a mix for Poland friends tomorrow evening 22h at
Debmaster May 12, 2019
Thanks Eomac ❤️ , very good mix on Dublin Digital Radio - ddr. with some Hakuna Kulala family.
Debmaster Apr 29, 2019
cool cool, a prod i did for MC Yallah next release (+ shows together i speak about this soon). It is on this Kampire - DJ mix (cool girl too, MTN NYEGE NYEGE member before the big bang). It is for Dekmantel fest podcast (the song start at 👉 52min45)
Debmaster Apr 27, 2019
I'm playing in Loophole Berlin tonight, will play some Hakuna Kulala stuffs i'm working on :) :)
Debmaster Apr 25, 2019
Oh yeah, new Debmaster song on a super cool free compilation on Comic Sans Records , HERE
Debmaster Apr 19, 2019
my last prod is out on Hakuna Kulala, more stuffs + shows coming this year, i can't wait 🤪
Debmaster Apr 13, 2019
oh ah #mcyallah
Debmaster Apr 09, 2019
2 unreleased tracks played in this cool show on Rinse France One song for a compilation on Comic Sans Records My prod for the next ep of Will'stone on Hakuna Kulala (release April 12th) Preorder : 1. Nights - Peace Walker [Nights] 2. XL.IKS - Baeallaseutig [Comic Sans Records] 3. Roy Bar - Screamer [CNCP Collective] 4. Chad Dubz - Marijuana [CNCP Collective] 5. TMSV - Funeral Bill [War Series] 6. Zygos - SFG (Nights Remix) [Nights] 7. Scarlxrd - NX PRESSURE [Island Records] 8. Kamixlo - MONTANADELAMUERTE [Kamixlo] 9. A n z - Skeppy's Chorus (Devils Mix) [Classical Trax] 10. Cryosleepkitten - Loading Track 1 [Cryosleepkitten] 11. Debmaster - Carbs Invasion [Comic Sans Records] 12. Will'stone feat Le Bon - Mbv5 [Hakuna Kulala] 13. Christian Coiffure - Biosphere Is Reborn [Worst Records] 14. Aergia - Our Collective Delusion (& Inevitable Wake Up Call) [Aergia] 15. SCRAAATCH - Closer [PraxisHouston] 16. Tenor Fly - Rude Boy Talk (TODDLA T & Mele Remix) [NICE UP! records] 17. Kamixlo - RAKATA PARTY [Kamixlo] 18. Slowglide - Vivarium [Comic Sans Records] 19. General P.D.C - Amazon Dub (Beesmunt Soundsystem Version) [Notte Brigante] 20. Abssys - Chambiao [SPA] 21. Bob Traxx - Special Some1 (xxxtra special dubxxx) [PraxisHouston] 22. Xl Mad - Bad Mi Bad (ft Gappy Ranks) [NICE UP! Records]
Debmaster Apr 08, 2019
A little boost for my ego. Last Saturday, Aphex Twin started his first show in Mexico by playing one of my songs 🎉 and mixing it with his own music (it is like a collaboration :D). the song is 1av2, available here on the best label ever Hakuna Kulala
Debmaster Apr 05, 2019
Oh i also produced the next Hakuna Kulala release April 12th, this time is Will'stone feat Le Bon. *** BOOMKAT PRODUCT REVIEW**** Hailing from the Eastern Congo city of Goma, Will’Stone’s barking, stentorian style has come to define the sound of his city’s war torn youth. On ‘Mbv5’ he’s joined by Kampala-based Congolese MC, Le Bon to spray fire over a crushingly heavy groove built from drop forge drums and sweltering, even panicked patina of field recordings, and in a way that wouldn’t sound outta place on JPEGMAFIA’s ‘Veteran’. Cutthroat, hardcore business.
Debmaster Apr 01, 2019
So now, i will add some BLEEPS in my liveset because i'm playing for the 7 th year in a row at the lovely A MAZE. / Berlin 2019 - 8th Games and Playful Media Festival Just look at this prog, will be fun AGAIN. 😍 My favorite fest in Berlin, playing weird and creative video games and going to dance in the next room with your friends is how i see life. 🛸🏎🛰📟🕹🎊 the night events are here : A MAZE. / Berlin 2019 Nights - Music and Exhibition
Debmaster Mar 26, 2019
next shooww , next Friday in POLANNNND !!! (Wroclaw)
Debmaster Mar 17, 2019
I had some fun yesterday :) at Pataphores de Pédales
Debmaster Feb 26, 2019
still good
Debmaster Feb 15, 2019
Just added a playlist named "OLD STUFFS" , i forgot how good I'am 🤣💅
Debmaster Jan 25, 2019
Some real Project Blow - CVE soon soon soon #canweeat #riddlore #theodoreknight