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Debmaster Aug 20, 2019
Let's paint promote this one 🥳 Unsound Kraków 2019: Solidarity
Debmaster Aug 12, 2019
yup yup 📡
Debmaster Aug 08, 2019
For sure i forgot some stuffs...
Debmaster Aug 03, 2019
last rem i x - - - - - limited pressing 7"
Debmaster Jul 30, 2019
October will be fun at Unsound Kraków 2019: Solidarity, we almost finished a mini album and it will be in our NYEGE NYEGE/Hakuna Kulala family 🔥
Debmaster Jul 27, 2019
Berlin will have fun this evening , starting at 21h30 at Concentration / Debmaster / Schwund vs. West Germany
Debmaster Jul 23, 2019
Ouh yeah, I'm happy-glad to be on this ! Debmaster ZAVOLOKA, Jimi Tenor official and Center of the Universe for Ya Tosiba !
Debmaster Jul 21, 2019
soon on RaiPlay radio 🙌😲 DISCO VUMBI, Didi at Night, da “Boutiq Electroniq” - Nyege Nyege Tapes, NNT001 DISCO VUMBI, Ukuti (Adungu), da “Boutiq Electroniq” - Nyege Nyege Tapes, NNT001 NIHILOXICA, Nilo Chug, da “Nihiloxica” - Nyege Nyege Tapes, NNT006 OTIM ALPHA, Gang Ber Ki Dako, da “Gulu City Anthems” - Nyege Nyege Tapes, NNT003 JAKO MARON, Maloya Valsé Chok 1, da “Les Experiences Electro Maloya de Jako Maron” - Nyege Nyege Tapes, NNT013 DEBMASTER, Space Tribe, da “Crocodiles Homieees” – Hakuna Kulala HK005 SLIKBACK, Karum, da “Tomo” - Hakuna Kulala HK008 EKUKA, Pwan En Obalo Gum Waa, da “Ekuka” - Nyege Nyege Tapes NNT007 NIHILOXICA, Dubugwanjuba, da “Biiri” - Nyege Nyege Tapes, NNT014 MC YALLAH, Ndi Mukazi, da “Ndi Mukazi” - Hakuna Kulala HK004 JAKO MARON, Maloya B5160-8, da “Les Experiences Electro Maloya de Jako Maron” - Nyege Nyege Tapes, NNT013 RIDDLORE, Afroed, da “Afro Mutations” - ‎ Nyege Nyege Tapes NNT002 RIDDLORE, Afro Sample, da “Afro Mutations” - ‎ Nyege Nyege Tapes NNT002 RIDDLORE, Soul Clap SA, da “Afro Mutations” - ‎ Nyege Nyege Tapes NNT002 DON ZILLA, From the Cave, da “The Cave To The World” - Hakuna Kulala HK009 DISCO VUMBI, Jo-ducuroma roma, da “Wilobo Man” - Hakuna Kulala HK003 WILL’STONE feat LE BON, MBv5, da “MBv5” - Hakuna Kulala HK010 REY SAPIENZ , Hakuna Ku Lala, da “Hakuna Kulala” - Hakuna Kulala HK002 SLIKBACK, Just I, da “Lasakaneku” - Hakuna Kulala HK001 BWAX feat S. KIDE, Baba Animata Natafuta Kiki, da “Sounds of Sisso” - Nyege Nyege Tapes NNT005 ECKO BAZZ, BIGA YUT, Tuli Banyo, da “Tuli Banyo”, Hakuna Kulala HK007 NIHILOXICA, Endongo, da “Nihiloxica” - Nyege Nyege Tapes, NNT006
Debmaster Jul 17, 2019
thanks gaming computer who is ok to capture gifs on ableton m4l without having blue screen
Debmaster Jul 13, 2019
Berlin-Tonight-Starting my set at 22h30, 3th floor (outside 1 & 2) xz04 b 5 7 at Kulturhaus Kili Trash -o- Lade presents 1st congress for eternal space holidays
Debmaster Jul 09, 2019
Debmaster Jun 15, 2019
having fun #secretalphaplusrapwork #hakunakulala #raprecordingsoon
Debmaster Jun 15, 2019
Today (14H CET)
Debmaster Jun 12, 2019
Next sat, a bleepy live set broadcasted on Rinse France 📻🤘
Debmaster Jun 10, 2019
Thanks Paris, Gqomunion & Hasard Ludique for welcoming my octapolar music, i felt free to do what I wanted (dark-slow-heavy-to-highspeed-bleeps breakcorish). Hakuna Kulala therapy is a fucking good one. I will gif the videos to be able to gif the next video of the show playing the gifs of the previous gif shows to the infinite.
Debmaster Jun 06, 2019
Debmaster Jun 04, 2019
PARIS, VENDREDI Hakuna Kulala Takeover | Le Hasard Ludique
Debmaster May 31, 2019
💋 Interview about myself, Hakuna Kulala and future projects as Mc Yallah next release + new MIX for The Playground
Debmaster May 28, 2019
Hey yo, right now you can listen a mix with lot of my friends for The Playground, it will be followed by an interview next Friday link :
Debmaster May 23, 2019
Gens de Paris, j'arrive pour jouer le 7 Juin. ici :
Debmaster May 16, 2019
a mix for Poland friends tomorrow evening 22h at
Debmaster May 12, 2019
Thanks Eomac ❤️ , very good mix on Dublin Digital Radio - ddr. with some Hakuna Kulala family.
Debmaster Apr 29, 2019
cool cool, a prod i did for MC Yallah next release (+ shows together i speak about this soon). It is on this Kampire - DJ mix (cool girl too, MTN NYEGE NYEGE member before the big bang). It is for Dekmantel fest podcast (the song start at 👉 52min45)
Debmaster Apr 27, 2019
I'm playing in Loophole Berlin tonight, will play some Hakuna Kulala stuffs i'm working on :) :)