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Deathstars at Im Wizemann (May 13, 2020)
Venue: Im Wizemann (Stuttgart, Germany) Find tickets
Deathstars Aug 03, 2019
Signing session at Wacken has been moved to 21.45. See you there!
Deathstars Jul 22, 2019
From Gefle Metal Festival last weekend
Deathstars Jun 17, 2019
DEATHSTARS ANNOUNCES DRUMMER FOR FESTIVAL SEASON Deathstars has recently announced that they are reuniting with former guitarist Cat Casino and will do the first show in four years at Graspop (BE) on June 21:st. The band can now also confirm that the drummer for the summer festivals is Marcus Johansson from the Swedish band REACH, a well known name in the Swedish rock scene. You can experience Deathstars with Marcus on drums at the following festivals 2019: Graspop Metal Meeting (BE) Masters of Rock (CZ) Castle Party (PL) Gefle Metal Festival (SE) Wacken Open Air (DE) M’era Luna (DE)
Deathstars May 27, 2019
DEATHSTARS REUNITES WITH GUITARIST CAT CASINO AND ARE CURRENTLY IN THE STUDIO DEATHSTARS – who chose to take a break in 2015, – are currently in the studio recording their 5th studio album which is scheduled to be released in early 2020. The band has also reunited with guitarist Cat Casino, a key character in the history of the band. Cat, who lately has been writing, producing and playing lead guitar for Hank von Helvete (Ex-Turbonegro), originally joined Deathstars for the Termination Bliss tours in 2006, but left after the excessive touring in 2011 and 2012 because of personal reasons. " - It feels great to finaly make it official. We've been talking about it for well over two years so releasing the news really feels great. Especially since so many of you have been asking us about it every day. Now you know! We're back, I’m back, we're hungry and we have so much going on and we look forward to show you the things coming up. Even though I’ve been active writing and playing for other artists this feels like coming home. And to be totally honest I’ve missed every part of being a piece of it. The love, fights, darkness, insane hours, parties and everything else that we all hate to love. Most of all I’ve missed the completely MENTAL fans around the world. Im stoked to see you all again somewhere in the world, and the new album is gonna kick some serious ass! /Cat" DEATHSTARS will be performing on the following Summer festivals in 2019. Graspop Metal Meeting (BE) Masters of Rock (CZ) Castle Party (PL) Gefle Metal Festival (SE) Wacken Open Air (DE) M’era Luna (DE)
Deathstars Mar 06, 2019
We are honored to be playing at this years sold out Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany, August 1-3, 2019. If you already have a ticket... we’ll see you there! \m/ #deathstars #deathstarsband #wacken #wackenopenair
Deathstars Jan 31, 2019
We’re happy to announce that we are coming to M’era Luna Festival 2019, Hildesheim, Germany on August 10-11th! #mera19 #deathstars Visit for tickets and further info!
Deathstars Dec 24, 2018
Our first Swedish show in 5 years will be at Gefle Metal Festival 2019. Don’t miss this party! ⚡️💥
Deathstars Dec 03, 2018
We’re happy to announce that we are playing Masters of Rock, Vizovice, Czech Republic on July 11th. See you there! #mastersofrock #deathstars
Deathstars Oct 25, 2018
We are happy to announce that we’re playing at Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium in June 2019. Don’t miss it!
Deathstars Sep 08, 2018
Hey guys! We’re happy to announce that we are playing the Castle Party in Bolków, Poland on July 12th, 2019!
Deathstars Aug 12, 2018
Deathstars's cover photo
Deathstars Aug 12, 2018
Deathstars Feb 12, 2018
HEY GUYS! What song would you like us to cover? Comment below!
Deathstars Jan 31, 2018
Swordmaster, the band that eventually became Deathstars. Featuring Whiplasher Bernadotte and Nightmare Industries and early guitarplayer Beast X Electric.
Deathstars Aug 21, 2017
Tror jag hittade disco knappen.
Deathstars Jul 03, 2017
Mexico shows 2017 - Postponed For reasons beyond our control we’ve been forced to postpone the planned shows in Mexico in July 2017. We’re eagerly looking to re-schedule these shows, and find a place where it fits our schedule. Of course we’re extremely dissapointed that it came to this as we were very much looking forward to the shows in Mexico, and above all to meet all you guys out there again. We’ll take this time to continue to focus on writing new material; our aim is to record a new album as soon as we can. For ticket refunds please contact our friends in Legion Productions or the store where you bought them. Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause. We´ll get back to work and we’ll see you all in Mexico very soon! / DEATHSTARS
Deathstars Jun 14, 2017
Next month in Mexico, the last shows with Oscar "Vice" Leander! Get ready!!!
Deathstars Jun 10, 2017
The boys are back in town!
Deathstars May 27, 2017
Deathstars and drummer Oscar ”Vice” Leander have decided to split ways Oscar” Vice” Leander, who started in Deathstars as session drummer almost ten years ago became a full member in 2011, will do his last shows with the band in Mexico i July 2017. - After almost a decade of blood, sweat and darkness with Deathstars, our journey has now come to an end. My aspiration to explore and to use my instrument in new areas has driven me to this decision. Oscar has now joined Tribulation (SWE) and will start doing live shows with them in June. - We are still the best of friends, and we are pleased to see that Oscar joins our very good friends in Tribulation, says Andreas ”Whiplasher”, vocalist in Deathstars. We will continue to hang out on a daily basis so on a personal level there isn’t much of a change. Oscar continues: - I wanna take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to Andreas, Emil, Skinny and Eric for everything, and last but not least an even bigger salute to our crew and all our devoted fans around the planet. You all made this to a ride I will never forget. Deathstars would like to emphasize that Oscar has been a very important part of the band during a long time and that the band has all the respect for his decision. - We wish him the best, and we’ll continue our journey. Right now we’re focused on writing new material and start up a new chapter in the book of Deathstars, says Skinny Disco and Emil ”Nightmare Industries”. For further information about shows with Vice in Deathstars and Tribulation check the bands webpages.
Deathstars May 12, 2017
Beware Mexico! Changed routing and venues announced today! ¿Dónde es la fiesta?!!!
Deathstars Apr 06, 2017
Skinny Disco was just announced lead guitarist for The Heard. He will remain in Deathstars so no need for alarming conspiracy theories. Spread the news!
Deathstars Aug 21, 2016
Deathstars Aug 21, 2016
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Deathstars Feb 26, 2016
Deathstars tour tips!
Deathstars Dec 03, 2015
Deathstars' dream tour revealed, courtesy of Digital Tour Bus!