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Death From Above 1979 Nov 11, 2018
Heads Up on Clear/White Splat Vinyl Available now from !!!
Death From Above 1979 Nov 07, 2018
Tomorrow's show with Death From Above is moving to Valley Bar! Come see them play their debut EP "Heads Up" and more plus CRX.
Death From Above 1979 Oct 22, 2018
Come dance with us on tour!
Death From Above 1979 Sep 13, 2018
DALLAS – we’ll be live at Gas Monkey Bar N Grill on Sunday 11/11 with our friends Le Butcherettes. Tickets are on sale now, get yours and we’ll see you there.
Death From Above 1979 Aug 31, 2018
X92.9 Calgary's Alternative presents One Weekend Only! Wanna spend a weekend in Banff with two nights of private shows featuring Death From Above, Tokyo Police Club, Dear Rouge, The Beaches and Modern Space? Well you gotta win to get in! Details at
Death From Above 1979 Aug 24, 2018
Tickets on sale now ->
Death From Above 1979 Aug 20, 2018
We’re going on tour to celebrate the re-pressing of our ruff ‘n’ tumble 2002 debut EP “Heads Up”. Join us!
Death From Above 1979 Jul 20, 2018
Watch! “Holy Books (Live In Toronto)” here:
Death From Above 1979 Jun 01, 2018
Death From Above 1979 May 23, 2018
thanks to Universal Audio and HHB Canada for the support
Death From Above 1979 May 11, 2018
Jesse and his new custom Rickenbacker 4030 models 🙌
Death From Above 1979 Mar 28, 2018
Death From Above 1979 Feb 27, 2018
Death From Above 1979 Feb 22, 2018
Secret Solstice Festival announce take two
Death From Above 1979 Feb 14, 2018
We’re pleased as punch to announce our brand new video for “Caught Up” directed by Eva Michon! Watch it on NME
Death From Above 1979 Feb 13, 2018
I come around when I hear that sound.
Death From Above 1979 Feb 12, 2018
I’m caught up on you.
Death From Above 1979 Feb 12, 2018
Pass The Lucy On The Left.
Death From Above 1979 Feb 12, 2018
Take all our fears and dream them out.
Death From Above 1979 Feb 09, 2018
Tell me one thing you've lied about.
Death From Above 1979 Feb 07, 2018
Come to Iceland… get your tickets at
Death From Above 1979 Feb 01, 2018
DFA x #HouseOfStrombo x Apple Music session is now live. Watch here: Photos c/o Vanessa Heins Photography cc The Strombo Show / House of Strombo
Death From Above 1979 Jan 31, 2018
Tonight! House Of Strombo!
Death From Above 1979 Dec 12, 2017
Freeze Me has served up 10million Spotify streams in 2017. Thx! Find it:
Death From Above 1979 Oct 27, 2017
It’s difficult to know where to begin with this letter, so I’ll start here: I recently learned that last year I was the subject of an article written by the very controversial and provocative media figure, Gavin McInnes. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, it may be for the best. Unfortunately the bells it rings play a sour tune in the key of “Alt-Right.” In his article, Gavin claimed that I was part of his group, the “Proud Boys.” This is completely false. I would never join that group. My connection to Gavin however is real, but begs to be clarified. I first met Gavin in 2003 or 2004 as a founding member of Vice Magazine. Vice had started a record label and my band released records with them in the U.S. Through that connection, we became loosely acquainted. Our first interaction was back around 2004 when he called me up to do an interview with our band for his magazine. He offered to either do an interview or “just make some stuff up.” The latter seemed more fun/interesting to me at the time and so that’s what he did. Back then he was mostly known as the writer of Vice magazines famed, and often not so politically correct fashion section, “Dos and Don’ts”. In short, he was a comedian. Through the years we remained friendly and as our lives diverged, we spoke only on occasion, mostly about Dad stuff as we both have kids. After leaving Vice, Gavin had been doing stand-up comedy, making movies and writing books, all seemingly a continuation of the wreckless comedy style he had implemented in the magazine. Over time, I watched many people distance themselves from Gavin both professionally and personally. I always perceived that as people just thinking he was “a little much." In short, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. When he started a video podcast and invited me on as a guest, I obliged. When he invited me to his talk-show and a party on election night last year, regrettably, I attended. Never without a morbid curiosity. Anyone who knows me, or has met me for longer than 5 minutes knows how curious I am. I never thought that my curiosity would lead to this moment, where now it feels like I’m walking through a lake of mud. Soon after the election, I began noticing that Gavin was promoting violence and a form of radical politics that I absolutely do not agree with. I have always been anti-war and anti-violence. That is my baseline position. As far as immigration and nationalism: I am the child of an Indian mother and a Canadian father. I was raised in Canada by my immigrant-Indian family who struggled to make it in a new country. I watched my highly educated Indian grandfather deliver the newspaper his whole life, instead of working in his proper field. My skin tone may not tell this story, but it’s a fact. Growing up I didn’t identify as either race, as choosing one group seemed to somehow betray the other. I’m sure this is the plight of many mixed-race people. So here I am, again caught between two things. Reality and fiction. The reality is that I am not "Alt-Right,” nor a White Supremacist. The facts are I am a mixed race father of two and a musician. I am so sorry for putting my family, friends and fans in this position. I never wanted to talk about politics, I just wanted to make music and leave that stuff alone. Unfortunately, my actions have brought me here, and I am deeply heartbroken about it. To a fault it seems that I give people the benefit of the doubt, and I hope that you will give me the same in return. Jesse F. Keeler