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Mind Altar EP
Deastro Dec 06, 2018
Detroit Metro Times
Deastro Apr 29, 2018
Hey guys I made this song a while back trying to raise some money for this single mom in Detroit buy it if you like it peace!!!
Deastro Feb 21, 2017
If anyone would like to help a single mother in need in Detroit today please send me a message and I will tell you how you can help!!!
Deastro Mar 29, 2016
Free Download. Some solo jams!
Deastro May 10, 2015
Live Electronics from my set in Detroit this past friday!
Deastro May 07, 2015
Passed the 10 song mark today at band practice! My mates say when we get to 20 songs we are gonna pick the best ones and put out a record then record the b sides and give you those ones just cause we have been slacking a little bit... MUCH LOVE! P.S. Zilwaukee will be in there?
Deastro Apr 10, 2015
I have a friend in need and I am trying to raise some money so I am putting a new track from my side project up for download! You can also check it out here- Much Love!
Deastro Mar 18, 2015
The band is back together!!!
Deastro Mar 18, 2015
Little live DJ mix I did to keep you hanging in there.
Deastro Feb 15, 2015
Gonna be out in New York from the 24th still the following weekend hit me up if you know of any electronic gigs dj or live electronics I can jump on.
Deastro Feb 02, 2015
Hey guys Please Sign this Petition and Share with as many people as POSSIBLE!!!!
Deastro Nov 19, 2014
Deastro Sep 21, 2014
Hey everybody I am going to be going under Sapphire Bracelet for all my electronic jams from now on, cause I am playing with the live band again and some people have told me that it is proper confusing so yeah here is a little re edit action for you expect some more soon!
Deastro Sep 21, 2014
's cover photo
Deastro Sep 09, 2014
Hey guys me and the band are playing the DIY Street fair this Sunday Sept. 14th in Ferndale. We play at 9pm we will be playing some old songs, some new and some unreleased. Come on out!
Deastro Sep 07, 2014
Shut it down!
Deastro Sep 04, 2014
Hey guys anyone who likes this track it is available for download now over at Bandcamp.
Deastro Aug 28, 2014
Hey guys this is my recent poster work and album artwork that I have done. If anyone out there would like some artwork for their record or posters for shows let me know. I am in the game for a nominal fee!
Deastro Aug 26, 2014
Yo Chicago Friends! I will be in town next Wednesday and Thursday! Anyone got a floor I could crash on?
Deastro Aug 11, 2014
Just a demo track I have been working on. Going to start posting some more let me know what you think?
Deastro Jul 27, 2014
A little ambient music for you!
Deastro Jun 08, 2014
I have posted so many new songs on soundcloud! Doing some spring cleaning!! Check em out! A lot of new music is on its way plus maybe a surprise or two!!!