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Dead Poetic Mar 08, 2016
Brandon Rike (lead singer of Dead Poetic) has a podcast now, called The Graphic Sound. The show is about music and design, and gives great insight into what he's doing now, and what keeps him motivated. In the newest episode 008, Brandon talks to Ryan Clark, singer of Demon Hunter and 1/2 of design studio Invisible Creature. Take a listen: Or on iTunes at
Dead Poetic Oct 02, 2015
Some backstock Dead Poetic tees are currently on sale for $7.99... great if you need an adult XL or a youth medium or youth large!
Dead Poetic Jul 09, 2015
Mark Salomon of the band Stavesacre sat down with Brandon, singer of Dead Poetic, to discuss life, design, and the deep history of Dead Poetic. Hear the whole story on the latest episode of The Never Was Podcast:
Dead Poetic Aug 14, 2014 Hey this is Zach from Dead Poetic. My friend Cody here is a solid guy and could use your support for his ministries. Anything helps. Please donate if you have a few spare bucks. This guy has served his country and truley wants to serve others. Thanks.
Dead Poetic Jan 20, 2014
Dead Poetic drummer, Jesse Sprinkle, runs a studio in Avon, NY called Blue Brick Recordings. Recently, his gear blew up. Do what you can to help get the studio back up and running.
Dead Poetic Jan 14, 2014
Dead Poetic singer Brandon Rike now designs band tees for a living. Enroll in his Skillshare class, and learn how to do what he does: Please share!
Dead Poetic Jul 15, 2013
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Dead Poetic Jun 26, 2013
As many of you know, Brandon (singer of Dead Poetic) designs merch for the world's biggest bands. Him, and many other artists like him remain unknown. Thread Council is a chance to back a project supporting the artists creating your favorite band tees. Check it out, and back Thread Council on Kickstarter. Please Share!!
Dead Poetic Mar 15, 2013
Brandon's side project- At Night We Strike has released the first song, "Your Own Skin." Listen Now at
Dead Poetic Mar 14, 2013
Brandon sings on new side project, At Night We Strike. A song will be released tomorrow. Stay tuned.
Dead Poetic Jan 10, 2013
Brandon (singer of Dead Poetic) may be up to something new...
Dead Poetic Jul 18, 2012
Dead Poetic's Singer, Brandon, launched one of his clothing lines yesterday. Check it out!
Dead Poetic Jul 12, 2012
Follow Dead Poetic's singer on twitter @brandonrike
Dead Poetic Jun 28, 2012
Circa 2005
Dead Poetic Jun 13, 2012
Dead Poetic Mar 01, 2012
Dead Poetic's cover photo
Dead Poetic Jul 07, 2011
Hello everyone. It's Brandon, singer of Dead Poetic, and I'm finally tweeting regularly on Twitter. It's almost all graphic design-related nonsense. But I thought I'd let you all know that I am still alive and well.
Dead Poetic Jun 29, 2011
Dead Poetic Webstore — Home
Dead Poetic Dec 15, 2010
Dead Poetic Webstore — Silver Foil Tee
Dead Poetic Dec 15, 2010
Dead Poetic Webstore — Dead Poetic Society Tee
Dead Poetic Dec 14, 2010
Dead Poetic Shirts are on sale for $8.49 for Christmas!
Dead Poetic Dec 14, 2010
Dead Poetic Webstore — Snakes Tee
Dead Poetic Dec 13, 2010
Dead Poetic Webstore — Skeletons Dancing