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Östersund Rockfest Östersund Rockfest 2019
Venue: Osd Petterson-berger Hallen (Östersund, Sweden) Find tickets
Dead by April Apr 21, 2019
Thank you Helsinki for a very hot🥵 and intimate show! We loved every second of it🤘🏻 @mwdba @dba_jimmie @maggat @pontus_hjelm 📷 @e.g.sound
Dead by April Apr 20, 2019
Thank you Tampere for an awsome show last night!🤘🏻 Tonight we rock Helsinki! 📷 @e.g.sound @pontus_hjelm @dba_jimmie @maggat @mwdba
Dead by April Apr 19, 2019
Backstage/dressing room chill before tonight show in Finland Tampere! Tomorrow Helsinki🤘🏻 @mwdba @dba_jimmie
Dead by April Apr 18, 2019
Happy to announce we're going to play at the Festival feat. Dead By April | Rock City (Valencia) on May the 3rd! See you in Valencia, at Sala Rock City! Tickets and info:
Dead by April Apr 11, 2019
Don't miss out! On May 1st we will perform "For Every Step" live for the first time ever with Tommy Körberg himself! Tickets:
Dead by April Mar 24, 2019
#deadbyapril #aprilarmy
Dead by April Mar 23, 2019
Sign up as Rank 1 at to access full version. See you there! Have a nice weekend ya'll 🤘🏻🙌🏻 #deadbyapril #aprilarmy
Dead by April Mar 20, 2019
Mixing-Livestream in 3 hours at , see you there☺️👋🏻 #deadbyapril #new #music
Dead by April Mar 18, 2019
Recording vocals! Coming this wednesday on #beautifulnightmare #aprilarmy #exclusive
Dead by April Mar 05, 2019
Join us at our live-streamed mixing event at the 20th of march! ☺️👌🏻 #deadbyapril #livestream #mixing #audio #metal
Dead by April Feb 25, 2019
We're doing a hometown show at Metal City, Trädgårn Göteborg, May 1st. Get your 'Early Bird Tickets' before it's too late! The first 'Fan Tickets' sold out within 24h! See you there!
Dead by April Feb 19, 2019
Happy to announce May 1'st we'll be playing a hometown at Trädgårn, Göteborg! It's been a few years since we did a hometown show, happy to do this at the very first edition of Metalcity! Today we dropped a limited number of 150 fan-tickets with a very special price! We are quite sure this will sell out pretty fast.... Go get your's before it's too late!
Dead by April Feb 15, 2019
Dead by April Feb 14, 2019
This weekend is looking good🤘🏻
Dead by April Feb 13, 2019
Verifierat 🎧🎤🎛Livestream today - join the final mix down of Hold On at Starting at 15.00 (Swedish time) We will be there 😎 #deadbyapril #aprilarmy #holdon @accessrock @lindaflorin
Dead by April Feb 10, 2019
Thank you Borlänge and Stockholm for this weekend!we hade a blast together with our homies in @lillasysterofficiell @smashintopiecesofficial and @corroded_sweden 🤘🏻 next weekend we do it all over again in Gävle and Örnsköldsvik! @mwdba @pontus_hjelm @dba_jimmie @maggat pic stolen from our sound guy @e.g.sound
Dead by April Feb 08, 2019
On our way to Borlänge! And the coolest kids always sits in the back of the bus🤘🏻 @mwdba @dba_jimmie @pontus_hjelm @maggat
Dead by April Feb 07, 2019
Borlänge coming up tomorrow together with our friends in @smashintopiecesofficial and @normandieofficial!🤘🏻
Dead by April Feb 04, 2019
Hold On re-recorded, coming February 13th. Rank 3 members can join the live-stream of the final mix! Sign up at 🤘🏼
Dead by April Feb 04, 2019
Thank you for this weekend Helsingborg! It was a real pleasure to start the 2019 season with you guys! Check out for exclusive content. #deadbyapril #live #swedish #metal
Dead by April Jan 31, 2019
See us live next Saturday in Stockholm, playing at The Capital Rockfest along with other great bands!
Dead by April Jan 27, 2019
Another 30 items have been sent out to our April Army members🙌 Sign up as a Rank 3 at and get your free merchandise and loads of other content! See you in the forum section🤘🏻#aprilarmy #becomeamember #deadbyapril #asabutterfly #holdon #beautifulnightmare
Dead by April Jan 22, 2019
Coming to in February! And As A Butterfly is available now! 🙌🏻😎 #aprilarmy #deadbyapril #becomeamember #asabutterfly #holdon
Dead by April Jan 19, 2019
Growl-play-through-videos and much more content coming in February! As A Butterfly re-recorded available NOW! Only at 🤘🏻🎧🎤😎 #deadbyapril #asabutterfly #aprilarmy
Dead by April Jan 16, 2019
Dead by April