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Hyperactive Jerk
Ease Up Jerk
DJdotDash Apr 29, 2018
Watch Prince get sick with it near the end.
DJdotDash Apr 21, 2018
Upper Deck Bar & Grill
DJdotDash Apr 01, 2018
DJdotDash Mar 24, 2018
DJdotDash Mar 21, 2018
Slow night here at the Deck. But the music is good, the people are great and the food is amazing!
DJdotDash Mar 07, 2018
Rock 'n Requests tonight @ The Upper Deck! Plenty of Euchre going on too!
DJdotDash Feb 28, 2018
The best rock and your requests, every Tuesday night at the Upper Deck Bar & Grill. Wings, meatball subs & cheap drafts. It's a great night for it!
DJdotDash Feb 25, 2018
See you at 10pm tonight, after live music from The Cover Band Akron!
DJdotDash Feb 20, 2018
Time to bust out the warm-weather songs! Taking requests from 7:30pm to late. Come out and enjoy the weather!!! It's a great day for the Deck!
DJdotDash Feb 10, 2018
The party keeps going tonight at 9! See you at the Upper Deck Bar & Grill right after Cool Breeze Band.
DJdotDash Feb 03, 2018
See you tonight @10 after Angry Young Men!
DJdotDash Jan 27, 2018
I'll be starting tonight at 10 PM, right after Apogee. See you at the Upper Deck Bar & Grill!
DJdotDash Jan 21, 2018
More sounds from Saturday night! The dance floor was literally generating heat. Thanks for the great night!
DJdotDash Jan 17, 2018
Saturday Promo
DJdotDash Jan 15, 2018
New set list is up! Thanks for making it a great night, everyone!
DJdotDash Jan 15, 2018
DJdotDash's cover photo
DJdotDash Jan 14, 2018
Black Light mural by Seth Rock. The Upper Deck Dance Floor!
DJdotDash Jan 14, 2018
Brand new pop from Dua Lipa! "IDGAF". Watch and listen on YouTube:
DJdotDash Jan 08, 2018
Great night in spite of the cold! Here's the setlist:
DJdotDash Oct 01, 2017
45 Requests. OSU blowout! Fun night on the lakes! Here's the setlist:
DJdotDash Sep 12, 2017
New music, old school and plenty of requests! Here's last Saturday's set list:
DJdotDash Sep 03, 2017
I've been sharing all of my Saturday sets on Twitter. Here is the latest! In order: 80's - bit of country - pop - dance - hip-hop - fire 35 requests!!!!
DJdotDash Aug 21, 2016
That's that "get you through the day" music.
DJdotDash Aug 19, 2016