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Sit Still, Look Pretty
Daya Dec 05, 2018
SEE U IN THE FOREST Electric Forest ⚡️ #electricforest #forestfamily #EF2019
Daya Dec 03, 2018
disco babY
Daya Dec 03, 2018
rich in joy 😤
Daya Dec 02, 2018
pre show pep talx
Daya Dec 01, 2018
so honored and excited to play this show for the Tree of Life in my hometown 💖 ty 91.3 WYEP and Opus One Productions buy ur tixxxxxx now
Daya Nov 29, 2018
billy ball is a benefit for billy clayton, a young queer musician who needs funding for a life saving cancer treatment. im honored to be part of this event Charli XCX Allie X & Dorian Electra are putting on to support him & encourage all LA ppl to come out if u can on friday (8pm at the globe!!!!) and donate if u can’t — get tix & to read more abt billy’s diagnosis / ways u can help 💘
Daya Nov 28, 2018
ep.2 of my offstage series w/ Verizon up 🤡cliccck the linccck if u wanna hear all the goodies on my past year and what’s soon to come: . #VZup #ad
Daya Nov 28, 2018
hey lol
Daya Nov 20, 2018
pondering which oribe product im gunna drown myself in next
Daya Nov 19, 2018
sticky feelins
Daya Nov 15, 2018
Daya Nov 14, 2018
ty for having me on #THEGOODPARTSPODCAST Andy Grammer 🤠so nice to catch up n talk about the real shit ❤
Daya Nov 14, 2018
Daya Nov 13, 2018
nyc 🖤
Daya Nov 06, 2018
if ur not talking/posting about voting today i dont wanna talk ‼️ this is a random selfie bc i sent in my absentee ballot weeks ago. but send me pics of u looking sexy w the sticker bc voting and being an active citizen and caring for the (literal) lives of people other than you in your country is hot. being indifferent is not an existing option this time around, it’s choosing to side with tr*mp and all of his inhumane policies. u get to choose what side of history u wanna be on! polls are open til are open til 6-9 depending on where u live (@@ for more info) but if they close when u are in line u are STILL ALLOWED TO VOTE so stay in line. love u make good choices our future depends on it xx
Daya Nov 05, 2018
yall are cute thx for making me smile n shit 💘 & thanks to Verizon up for capturing this moment #vzup #ad
Daya Nov 05, 2018
mans jealous of my award
Daya Nov 03, 2018
been a week since. felt so homesick and distant this week. pittsburgh thank you for being the resilient and brave city i’ve always known you to be. thank u for turning the ugliest anti-semitic crime in our country’s history into action and not allowing any leftover hate to infiltrate. over the past week i’ve heard stories through family/friends about the amazing lives the victims lived—one who treated AIDS patients back when they were discriminated against by most doctors, one a Holocaust survivor and several integral parts of their families/communities. i wish we could’ve stopped it. but more importantly, i wish to prevent whatever unspeakable hate crime is coming next. we have a responsibility to not stand idly by while a mentally unstable white supremacist can casually walk into a store, purchase an assault rifle, and enter a place of worship open firing & spewing anti-semitic (or any kind of homophobic/transphobic/xenophobic/sexist/racist/ableist) language. we have the ability to effect change and overturn this sick administration that’s gonna keep taking lives from us like this as long as the cash flow’s still there. being passive is not an option. we need to take all the rage and hurt and desperation and anger to the polls. november 6th is our day. ask questions if u need to and please please please do everything u can to get out there, our future depends on it. pittsburgh, u are my home forever and i’m sending all my love. donation link to bio to help support the tree of life victims’ families #pittsburghstrong #saytheirnames 💛🖤
Daya Oct 30, 2018
a special night w/ Verizon Up✨✨ loved talking about upcoming music and old inspirations w yall #VZup #ad
Daya Oct 28, 2018
she’s bloated again suh Chick-fil-A
Daya Oct 28, 2018
my DJ debut thanks to SEPHORA #sephoria i had so much fucking fun hire me lmao
Daya Oct 27, 2018
it’s called tom cruise w a lip
Daya Oct 24, 2018
Daya Oct 21, 2018
the other week i accidentally said where do the good girls go to hide away on stage and when i held the mic out everyone sang good girls back so the gay agenda is doing very well folks
Daya Oct 18, 2018
heyyyy i did a cool thing w Verizon Up to talk about all the bad and good tings that happen behind the scenes, this is ep 1 & u can watch the rest here 🤠 : #VZup #ad