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Losing All
Cut and Move
Day of Fire
Day Of Fire Oct 02, 2017
Prayers for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting and also for the gunman's family.
Day Of Fire Sep 13, 2017
Hear me when I scream, WHERE IS LOVE?!
Day Of Fire Jun 21, 2017
A little hang time with my buddy Noah tonight. This is right after I whipped him in some Cornhole. #pillar #dayoffire
Day Of Fire Jun 19, 2017
Hope it was a great Father's Day to all of you today!
Day Of Fire Jun 12, 2017
Hey ya'll, it's Monday.
Day Of Fire Jun 02, 2017
New Foo Fighters song "Run" is legit.
Day Of Fire May 31, 2017
Other than Day of Fire, what are you listening to? What music do you go to on a regular basis?
Day Of Fire May 22, 2017
New Spotify Playlist of all our songs in an order, that takes you on a journey of loss, heartache, hope and redemption. #NowPlaying
Day Of Fire May 18, 2017
This unfortunately is the right day to post this song. The working title for this track for a long time, was simply called "Soundgarden". Turn it up LOUD! Soundgarden #soundgarden #RIPChrisCornell
Day Of Fire May 18, 2017
Chris Cornell had a major influence on all of us individually and Day of Fire as a band. Such an immensely, amazing talent. Prayers for his wife and family during this very difficult time.
Day Of Fire May 16, 2017
Name your Top Favorite Song from each Day of Fire record. Use #dof3 in your comment and share. GO!
Day Of Fire May 15, 2017
Here's the original music for our song "Hey You" as originally recorded by Zach. Tell us what you think!
Day Of Fire May 15, 2017
Happy "Day of Mothers" to all the Moms that follow us. You Rock! ❤️
Day Of Fire May 13, 2017
Some neato Losing All facts: The loudspeaker sounding announcer in Lightem Up is Zach acting like he's calling a NASCAR race, because Zach loves racing. In the studio he was called Pit Crew Larry. The guitar, (Chugg chugg) riff after the bridge in Hello Heartache was overdubbed with every amp we could find in the studio. Lately was written at 44,000ft on a flight to Europe. Landslide was written at the Timm's house The sound at the beginning of Never Goodbye was a mistake that was discovered by producer Rogers Masson. It was what Joe's guitar sounded like coming through Zach's bottom floor tom mics. The "bell" sound you can hear throughout Hey You (Loudest in the down chorus after the solo) was drinking glasses filled with different levels of water. The guitar solo at the end of Long Highway was played by Chris and Joe's dad, Marco. The Dark Hills has two seperate drum kit parts going simultaneously. The band grew mustaches for the recording of Losing All.
Day Of Fire May 12, 2017
Day Of Fire
Day Of Fire May 12, 2017
Day Of Fire's cover photo
Day Of Fire May 12, 2017
What's up Facebook Peeps?
Day Of Fire May 12, 2017
Enjoy a little driving music by yours truly. New Spotify playlist up of some classics. #NowPlaying
Day Of Fire Apr 04, 2017
A little throwback rock for your Tuesday afternoon...
Day Of Fire Feb 23, 2017
Haven't seen Zach play drums in a while? Check out Experience Music's cover of Lift Your Head Weary Sinner! Like and Share it!
Day Of Fire Jul 10, 2016
Day Of Fire
Day Of Fire Jul 08, 2016
Make this your profile photo and show your support. This senseless junk has to stop. Once you do, share it and use these hashtags #blacklivesmatter #weare1together
Day Of Fire Jul 08, 2016
This image is simply to support the black community and to make the claim that change starts with us. You should make it your profile image as well.
Day Of Fire Apr 17, 2016
First time we've jammed in 6 years... What do you think?