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Davy Knowles at Gypsy Sally's (August 10, 2019)
Venue: Gypsy Sally's (Washington, DC, US) Find tickets
Davy Knowles at Rams Head On Stage (August 13, 2019)
Venue: Rams Head On Stage (Annapolis, MD, US) Find tickets
Davy Knowles at The Cutting Room (August 14, 2019)
Venue: The Cutting Room (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Davy Knowles and Waiting for Henry at 90.5 The Night's Songwriters on the Beach (August 15, 2019)
Venue: 90.5 The Night's Songwriters on the Beach (Belmar, NJ, US) Find tickets
Davy Knowles at Ardmore Music Hall (August 16, 2019)
Venue: Ardmore Music Hall (Ardmore, PA, US) Find tickets
Davy Knowles at Daryl's House (September 4, 2019)
Venue: Daryl's House (Pawling, NY, US) Find tickets
Davy Knowles at Skyloft (September 5, 2019)
Venue: Skyloft (Albany, NY, US) Find tickets
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 20, 2019
Dear Facebook friends, I have cancelled our two shows in Athens NY and Beverly MA this weekend, due to a death in the family. I hope you all understand that while I don’t want to let anyone down out there, Family must, and will always, come first. We will get replacement dates booked in when we can. With much love, Davy
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 16, 2019
Thanks to this amazing, happy little sausage for making me a Dad. Who knew you could love so much? It’s the biggest honour and privilege of my life. I’ll always be there for you little spud. Yes. That’s an accidental streak of diaper rash cream on my forehead. #dadding
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 15, 2019
G’night Arkansas... thank you for a beautiful night 👍
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 15, 2019
A record store down the street from the venue? A Father’s Day discount? Rick King photobombing in the window? Pfft. It’d be rude not to...
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 14, 2019
We're excited to play tonight in Bentonville, Arkansas at the fantastic Meteor Guitar Gallery! 📷: Nicole Bissey
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 13, 2019
I’ll be away for Father’s Day, so Emmy gave me mine early. Look closely. VERY closely, and remember. Style knows NO boundaries...
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 11, 2019
I’m excited to play you all a whole bunch of new songs... 📷: @kirstinewalton
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 10, 2019
#gibsunday with the MIGHTY @todmichaelbowers and his trusty 1976 @gibsonguitar Ripper bass! Every note goes boom boom boom!
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 08, 2019
Please join ME in wishing ME good luck with THIS endeavor... #missioncontrol #lightsandbuttons #pedalboard
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 07, 2019
DEAL ALERT! Father's Day is coming up, and if you're looking for gifts, check out both Island Bound and The Outsider - on sale together in the store! I would pick em up, but I already got's em 😉
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 06, 2019
In my eyes, there are few things better than a packed, sweaty pub gig. What a great time at Beer Geeks last night. Excuse my plumber’s arse showing, but I was jamming out... 📷: @amber__knowles 👍
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 03, 2019
What a fantastic tour through CO and TX over the last 10 days. Big thanks to my fantastic band, who really brought it on every show. Cheers to Tod Bowers on Bass and Jeremy Cunningham on drums - honour to share the stage with you both! 📷: @guddecophoto and Jim Drake
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 01, 2019
Last show of the Texas run tonight in Ft Worth! Details at 👍
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 01, 2019
McKinney TX! Last night at The Guitar Sanctuary was such huge fun! Thanks to all of you for coming out, clapping your hands, getting up on your feet and stomping them! Thanks to Robert Cole for taking this video of our encore(s)!
DAVY KNOWLES Jun 01, 2019
Love this shot from last night in Austin! Thanks @thehippiehousepresents !
DAVY KNOWLES May 31, 2019
About last night at @antonesnightclub ... love this shot by my friend @guddecophoto . @todmichaelbowers @jeremyalanc
DAVY KNOWLES May 31, 2019
Only TWO shows left on our run in Texas! McKinney tonight (Fri) and Ft Worth tomorrow! 📷: @caitlinmoorephotography
DAVY KNOWLES May 31, 2019
What a magical night at @antonesnightclub in Austin with the incredible Carolyn Wonderland!
DAVY KNOWLES May 30, 2019
New tour dates added in NY, MA, AR, IN, OK, IA, MI, VA, DC, MD, PA and NJ ! Them's a lot of tour dates! Check em out: 📷: Jim Drake
DAVY KNOWLES May 30, 2019
Great night tonight in the Woodlands, TX! Thanks to all who came to the Dosey Doe tonight! Were you there? Feel free to post photos and videos in the comments section below! Tomorrow night we play Antone's in Austin with the amazing Carolyn Wonderland!
DAVY KNOWLES May 29, 2019
We had such a great time in CO! We’re looking forward to Texas this week! Come on out! 📷: Jim Drake. #telecaster #bluesguitar #ontour #livemusic #rocknroll
DAVY KNOWLES May 29, 2019
Friday night in McKinney TX at The Guitar Sanctuary!
DAVY KNOWLES May 29, 2019
Throwin' some shapes! Love this GIF from Jim Drake 👍
DAVY KNOWLES May 29, 2019
I can’t wait for this next album... We’ve been road-testing a whole bunch of new songs on this tour. Here’s one I am really proud of - ‘Devil & The Deep’ Filmed by Natasha 👍
DAVY KNOWLES May 29, 2019
HOUSTON! Tomorrow (Wednesday!) May 29th Details: