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David Gray Aug 20, 2019
Out in gig land last night. Caught sets by Buck Meek, and one of my favourite bands from the last couple of years, Big Thief at Bush Hall W12. Some stirring stuff, although at times it felt like the room was a bit too small to hold their sound. A real thrill to hear some of Buck’s super characterful guitar playing up close.
David Gray Aug 19, 2019
Propping up the bar. Hanging out with an old friend of mine at Whelan’s, Dublin.
David Gray Aug 15, 2019
Flashback to Amoeba Records 2: a peek behind the scenes. Photos by Jen Rosenstein Photography.
David Gray Aug 13, 2019
Flashback to LA in the rain, at Amoeba Records. Pleasure on my face at seeing Gold In A Brass Age take its rightful place in the wonderful world of vinyl. Photo by Jen Rosenstein Photography.
David Gray Aug 09, 2019
Greetings from Sunny Solva. Back home in West Wales and visiting some of my old haunts. If there’s a more beautiful place on planet Earth, I’m yet to find it.
David Gray Aug 08, 2019
Memories of a great night in Cork City. Shine: approaching its 30th birthday and still finding its way on to the setlist. 💪🏻
David Gray Aug 06, 2019
Anderson Shepherd suit, Moscot shades, Prada penny loafers, (controversial?) cream socks. Photos by Derrick Santini.
David Gray Aug 05, 2019
There I am ‘mugging off’ my family for watching the Love Island final on Monday night and what happens - Jasmine Thompson starts singing This Year's Love! Now I’m a total convert and thinking of putting myself up for next year's middle aged spin off show - Love Handles. Watch this space for news of how I got on at the auditions…
David Gray Aug 02, 2019
A summer update, post-tour and pre-everything else...
David Gray Jul 31, 2019
The first of seven 7" vinyls in the Gold In A Brass Age deluxe edition box set. Only 100 copies left, available only through
David Gray Jul 25, 2019
If you haven't heard the 'Gold In A Brass Age - Ground Control Acoustic Sessions' EP, listen here:
David Gray Jul 21, 2019
With the tour now complete, a little reminder about the beautiful Gold In A Brass Age Deluxe package. It is still without doubt the most stunning combination of packaging and artwork that I’ve ever had the privilege of putting my name to. 7 pieces of 7” vinyl including 3 unreleased tracks. With Christmas just around the corner it’s the perfect gift for the serious DG fan!
David Gray Jul 19, 2019
Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry....
David Gray Jul 16, 2019
White and gold 🎹 'Gold In A Brass Age' Acoustic
David Gray Jul 15, 2019
If 8 were 9 - some snippets from the London show at the Royal Festival Hall
David Gray Jul 14, 2019
A very early a very honest 'Gold In A Brass Age'
David Gray Jul 12, 2019
Ground Control Acoustic Sessions
David Gray Jul 09, 2019
Tomorrow brings the release of the 'Gold In A Brass Age' acoustic EP. 6 familiar tracks stripped back.
David Gray Jul 11, 2019
"I could have sworn this guitar was bigger when I bought it."
David Gray Jul 09, 2019
Have you managed to get your hands on one of the 500 Gold In A Brass Age Deluxe Editions? To be in with a chance of winning a copy, like, comment and share this post. The competition winner will be contacted on Monday 15th July. If you simply can't wait there are still some available on the DG store here:
David Gray Jul 09, 2019
DG Tour Diary 66 - Thank you Cork for being the exclamation mark on the end of this tour and thank you to the fans all around the world who've been amazing on this trip.
David Gray Jul 08, 2019
Cork Airport. Sunglasses on, after a big night. We had it large! Wonderful show in the big Marquee to cap off a great tour. The Cork crowd singing like I haven’t heard in many a long year. Truly magical stuff, thank you.
David Gray Jul 05, 2019
DG Tour Diary 65: Firing up the moth traps and fired up for Cork,
David Gray Jul 05, 2019
With memories of places visited still rushing through my mind, thoughts turn to Cork, and the end of tour celebration that awaits there. Looks set to be a special night.
David Gray Jul 02, 2019
Thank you once again North America for all the passionate support and positive energy. It's been a blast.