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Gold in a Brass Age
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Mutineers (Bonus Track Version)
Live at the iTunes Festival
Draw the Line
A Thousand Miles Behind (Live)
Shine - The Best of the Early Years
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David Gray at Fox Theater (June 25, 2019)
Venue: Fox Theater (Oakland, CA, US) Find tickets
David Gray at Golden State Theatre (June 26, 2019)
Venue: Golden State Theatre (Monterey, CA, US) Find tickets
David Gray at Orpheum Theatre (June 28, 2019)
Venue: Orpheum Theatre (Los Angeles, CA, US) Find tickets
David Gray at Mesa Arts Center (June 29, 2019)
Venue: Mesa Arts Center (Mesa, AZ, US) Find tickets
David Gray at Copley Symphony Hall (June 30, 2019)
Venue: Copley Symphony Hall (San Diego, CA, US) Find tickets
David Gray at Live at the Marquee (July 7, 2019)
Venue: Live at the Marquee (Cork, Ireland) Find tickets
David Gray Jun 25, 2019
Thank you Sacramento. Hot and sweaty gig up there last night. Forgot to take a photo of the setlist, but there was plenty to get your teeth into. Vaguely pensive portrait caused by some sonic issues that tripped me up a bit towards the end, causing slight deepening of already pronounced frown lines.
David Gray Jun 23, 2019
DG Tour Diary 56 - Acoustic shenanigans
David Gray Jun 23, 2019
Really great gig in Vancouver on Friday night, all smiles up on stage. Dusted down a few old favourites for the acoustic section too. After less than 20 hours in Canada we’re already back across the border and heading for Seattle. It never stops....!
David Gray Jun 23, 2019
David is teaming up with @melodiccaring today to live-stream his Seattle show @McCawHall to kids in hospitals around the world. If you know a child who's currently in the hospital or in-between medical treatment and would enjoy tuning in, it's FREE and they can take part from anywhere. Sign up at
David Gray Jun 22, 2019
DG Tour Diary 55 - Greetings from Vancouver, Canada yesterday
David Gray Jun 21, 2019
Thank you Portland for a sweet show. Took this crash helmet selfie during a band bike ride along the river yesterday. Live session at today too. Busy busy.
David Gray Jun 20, 2019
The fair city of Portland tonight. City of flowing rivers and distant peaks.
David Gray Jun 19, 2019
DG Tour Diary 54 - Pre Salt Lake City last night. Living in the music.
David Gray Jun 18, 2019
Thank you Denver, for another fabulous night at the Opera House. Sweet, sweet crowd and it sounded really great up there. Some interesting dance moves going down...!
David Gray Jun 18, 2019
DG Tour Diary 53 - Lots of freaky dancing in Denver. Over the mountains and down into Salt Lake City now for tonights show...
David Gray Jun 17, 2019
See you tonight Denver. I’ll be bringing all my moves!...
David Gray Jun 17, 2019
DG Tour Diary 52 - Great gig in Minneapolis. Headed west now for Denver tonight.
David Gray Jun 15, 2019
DG Tour Diary 51 - The Return to Milwaukee. Roll on the show.
David Gray Jun 14, 2019
Thank you Chicago for a rather special birthday gig last night. Memories of previous shows written on the walls... Let the posh bubbles flow darlings, let the posh bubbles flow.🍾🥂🎂
David Gray Jun 14, 2019
DG Tour Diary 50 - Birthday gig done. Thank you Chicago for the 'Happy Birthday to you'
David Gray Jun 12, 2019
DG Tour Diary 49 - Pre Indianapolis show last night.
David Gray Jun 10, 2019
‘Gold In A Brass Age’ - the acoustic version.
David Gray Jun 10, 2019
DG Tour Diary 48 - What a gig that was. Thank you Akron.
David Gray Jun 09, 2019
I just wanted to give a shout out in support of Londonboy and all down at the Rye Lanez tattoo shop. Londonboy did all the amazing artwork for the GIABA album and when I was down at the shop earlier this year, I was struck by the genuine and vibrant sense of community there, and also by the pride that everyone working at the shop had in what they’d accomplished. The railway arches where they work have now been bought out by developers who rather predictably want to sanitize the area and remove any unseemly traces of the counterculture; no doubt to be replaced by a string of coffee chains and organic bakeries. Londonboy and all involved now face an uphill struggle to stall their imminent eviction and keep the shop open. Click here to send support and stem the tide of homogenization - Keep London real!
David Gray Jun 08, 2019
DG Tour Diary 47. Lots of crying and fighting at the shows. It's that good.
David Gray Jun 07, 2019
Sleepy head arrives in Toronto. Man, they’re always digging up this town, it’s got to be one of the noisiest places on earth! Passionate gig at the Count Basie Center for the Arts NJ last night, thanks to all involved. At the strike of midnight it was Keith’s birthday. 🎂
David Gray Jun 06, 2019
DG Tour Diary 46, considering partnerships with UFC & WWF further down the line
David Gray Jun 05, 2019
At long last!....The Gold In A Brass Age deluxe package. The ultimate gift for the super DG fan. A thing of beauty, bespoke in every detail. Each one individually signed and featuring 3 unreleased tracks. A limited edition of 500 here:
David Gray Jun 04, 2019
Strolling around and watching the downtown world go by.
David Gray Jun 03, 2019
Here’s an impromptu version of 'Kathleen' that I did backstage at Bluesfest Byron Bay It was lashing rain at the time.