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David Gilmour
David Gilmour Jun 18, 2019
Many thanks to Crisis's millinery class for crafting these beautiful hats for Polly and me. They saved us from the June showers today. (📸 Gavin Elder)
David Gilmour Jun 14, 2019
David Gilmour Jun 14, 2019
The final part of David's podcast series is out now, in which he chats about the famous 0001 serial number Fender Stratocaster and how he's feeling about the #GilmourGuitars auction, which takes place at Christie's in NYC on June 20. Listen now at
David Gilmour Jun 12, 2019
Our thanks to everyone who sent in questions on social media for David about the upcoming #GilmourGuitars charity auction with Christie's on June 20. You can read David's answers below. What is the least expensive guitar you've played on stage with Pink Floyd? @LinBrehmer At a guess, I would say that it was one of the two Jedson lap steel guitars that I bought for live use in the early 70s. We did modify them a bit with Fender pickups though. Dear David, is there a guitar that you decided to keep for some special reason and, if there is, would you be kind enough to tell us...? Thank you. @kalimerus1 Don’t fret too much. I still have a few lovely guitars that I couldn’t let go. A 1945 Martin D18, my Fender Esquire nicknamed The Workmate and a Black Gretsch Duo-Jet to name but three. Ignoring the player, what aspect of great electric guitar tone do you find singly most important: 1. the guitar (assuming quality wood, strings, pickups, action, intonation, etc.), 2. the amplifier, 3. the pedals, 4. the studio or mixing board engineer? @LAbladerunner I couldn’t ignore the fingers. That’s where it is. Aren't you concerned that these guitars will never be played again and [will just be] resting in some collector’s safe? @stagge971 No. Which guitar do you play most at home? @SpaceOddity1701 It changes. At the moment it is a very nice Cordoba classical guitar. How much do you think your career at Pink Floyd would have changed if you had picked a Gibson Les Paul as your main guitar instead of the Fender Stratocaster? @deltalbert I wouldn’t have… How did you learn to play the lap steel guitar? Is it similar to playing the guitar? @edward_brackley First you have to find one or more tunings that suit you. I use an open G6 tuning for chord versatility. You have a minor chord with the top three strings and a major chord with the lower five strings. I also use an open Em chord for the solos on One of these Days and High Hopes etc, because of its similarity to a regular guitar tuning. After that it’s just practice. Getting your intonation perfect can be a depressingly slow thing, but believe me, one day it will suddenly be there. Did you help in the process of setting estimates [for the auction]? @jezebelly No What is it about your Workmate Esquire that led to you keeping it over 0001 and the Black Strat? I know it has to be very special if you’re letting the other two go but holding onto that one? FWIW, I’m going to build my own Workmate based on yours :) @paultguitarist I’m just too fond of the Workmate. Absolutely loving reading about all of these great guitars! What a great souvenir this is for any DG fan! My question is if you do record another album, will you go with “new” guitar with vintage pickups or would you return to a setup with EMG’s? @jeffsoble I’ll use, among other guitars, one of the fine replica Black Strats, I should imagine – unless I decide to change colour after all these years. David. Have you ever made / built your own guitar from scratch? If so, do you still have it? @LPoeppelmeier No Have you banned @PollySamson from bidding for any of the #GilmourGuitars @Ken_F55 No. Advised but not banned. How did you get the Hendrix strap ? @cdoarm It was a present from my gorgeous wife, Polly. Is this because David think to retire completely? thanks ;) ✌️ @LluisGarcia3D No, no. It does not mean retirement. Dear David, how did your loyal guitar technician Phil Taylor react when you told him you were selling all the guitars he had looked after for decades, including the iconic Black Strat he wrote a book about? @petergnz I don’t think that he was too pleased. You’d have to ask him. David, what made you move away from Steinberger guitars in the mid ‘80s @marcthemusician The Steinberger moment was fun. All the guitar parts on Sorrow were done on the Steinberger, but something steered me back to my Fenders. Many great British guitarists in your generation, one can put a finger on their inspiration (that's coming from Freddie King, that's Chuck Berry, that's Elmore Jamesetc) - all except you. Who inspired you and how did you manage to grow out of their shadow to sound so original? @VijaySJodha So many players inspired me. I learned from Pete Seeger, Hank Marvin, Lead Belly, Joni Mitchell, John Fahey, Roy Buchanon, Jeff and Eric and dozens more. I copied – don’t be afraid to copy – and eventually something that I suppose that I would call my own appeared. Does this mean that you have stopped performing live? @makin_david I don’t think so Why was the sitar (lot 4) removed from the sale? @jezebelly Some of the parts on that Sitar are made of ivory and one is no longer allowed to import ivory into the United States so it had to be pulled from the sale. Have you retained sufficient guitars to make another album, and play more live shows? Do you have any such plans? @ianswest Yes and yes. It’s an amazing gesture for you to give away your guitars like this. A lot of us (including myself) regard these guitars as iconic and historically important musical instruments. Do you view them as that, or - to put it rather crudely, do you see them as just tools of your trade? David Calvert David. They are the tools of my trade. Of course it’s sad but I still have some lovely instruments. Hi David. You are my true hero. Could i please have the Black Strat? Marcus L Adamson Of course you can Marcus! Just pop to Christie’s in New York on the 20th June. Hello, Mr. Gilmour. I didn't notice a Mosrite guitar in the auction listing. Perhaps I missed it. But if not, then what happened to the one used on DSotM, which you are seen playing in the Pompeii movie? Curiously, Jon Williamson Maybe my memory is failing me, but I don’t remember ever having a Mosrite guitar. Did I really use one on DSOM or at Pompeii? David Gilmour. Was it a spontaneous decision to sell your guitars or have you been thinking about it for a long time and you've prepared this moment? Sebastien Demarthe It has been a long time coming. I have started the process at least twice before and chickened out.
David Gilmour Jun 10, 2019
"It's just a really, really lovely guitar" David tells us about his custom blue 1957 Fender Stratocaster, which is Lot 50 in the upcoming #GilmourGuitars charity auction with Christie’s on June 20.
David Gilmour Jun 07, 2019
David Gilmour Jun 07, 2019
Episode two of David's new podcast is out today, in which he talks about - and plays! - the twelve and six string Martin acoustic guitars that he wrote / recorded ‘Wish You Were Here’ on. Listen now at
David Gilmour May 31, 2019
The first episode of David's new podcast is out today! Head to to listen now to David chatting with Matt Everitt about his Black Strat ahead of the #GilmourGuitars charity auction with Christie's in NYC on June 20.
David Gilmour May 28, 2019
‘The Black Strat’ — a rock icon | Christie's
David Gilmour May 27, 2019
Ahead of the #GilmourGuitars charity auction with Christie's in NYC on June 20, David is releasing three podcasts featuring conversations with Matt Everitt about the guitars. Subscribe to the podcast now at
David Gilmour May 23, 2019
It's exactly four weeks until the #GilmourGuitars sale at Christie's in New York, and David has agreed to answer some of your questions about the auction and the guitars being sold. If there's anything you'd like to ask him, then please post your question in the comments below. We'll pick some of our favourites and share David's answers to them here.
David Gilmour May 21, 2019
This June, more than 120 of David's guitars will be auctioned by Christies in New York, in aid of charitable causes. A tour of the collection will launch in London on 27 March. Find out more at now. #GilmourGuitars
David Gilmour May 16, 2019
"It's very hard to know how much I will miss it." David talks about his iconic Black Strat, ahead of its sale through Christies next month in the #GilmourGuitars charity auction.
David Gilmour May 10, 2019
David's acclaimed Live At Pompeii concert film - which was recorded in July 2016 on the Rattle That Lock Tour - is now available to view in full on YouTube! Watch at the link below.
David Gilmour May 08, 2019
This June, more than 120 of David's guitars will be auctioned by Christies in New York, in aid of charitable causes. A tour of the collection will launch in London on 27 March. Find out more at now. #GilmourGuitars
David Gilmour May 07, 2019
David Gilmour Apr 30, 2019
David Gilmour Apr 25, 2019
Unplugged — David Gilmour and his acoustic guitars | Christie's
David Gilmour Apr 16, 2019
"I've no idea how these instrument experts work out which woods to use." Watch David talking about the magic of guitar makers, ahead of June's #GilmourGuitars auction with Christie's. (🎥 Gavin Elder)
David Gilmour Apr 12, 2019
David's Live In Gdańsk DVD - which was recorded in Poland at the final show of the On An Island Tour in August 2006 - is available in full on YouTube from today. Watch now at the link below.
David Gilmour Apr 05, 2019
David Gilmour: My life in guitars | Christie's
David Gilmour Mar 31, 2019
‪Careful with that axe...‬ ‪⁣ ⁣ Today is the final day of the free #GilmourGuitars exhibition at Christie’s in London⁣ ⁣ (📷 Christie's)
David Gilmour Mar 30, 2019
There are just two days left to enjoy the free #GilmourGuitars exhibition at Christie's in London. Very limited tickets still available at (📷 Christie's)
David Gilmour Mar 27, 2019
David Gilmour Mar 25, 2019
This June, more than 120 of David's guitars will be auctioned by Christies in New York, in aid of charitable causes. A tour of the collection will launch in London on 27 March. Find out more at now. #GilmourGuitars