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Runnin' (Remix) feat. Jim Jones [Single]
David Dallas Jun 18, 2019
Don't ever make the mistake of thinking that because someone's got a catchy song on the radio, they can't black-out with the bars if they so choose. If you haven't been payin attention to the Church & AP releases, AP's been responsible for some of my fave one liners of the last year. Church made us all aware with his 64 last year, now AP's come thru to show us these lads won't be goin away any time soon.
David Dallas Jun 11, 2019
As much as I try to keep my ears open for new talent, there's always gonna be people who fly under my radar for whatever reason. Fortunately the bro Sven Illy (StayHighMusic) had a vocal support team from Onehunga who clued me up to his talents. An original voice & delivery is rare these days and this bro has it in spades. Mangere up.
David Dallas Jun 04, 2019
There's nothing better than putting a spotlight on someone who's just been quietly goin about their biz, working on their craft - and seeing them show up and OWN it completely. Witty lines, social commentary, personal insight - Mo Muse pretty much covered everything I wanna hear from a rap verse. It's always better when someone has something to say.
David Dallas May 26, 2019
Never thought I'd see the day I'd be kickin some raps at the Sydney Opera House but it's goin down on Thursday. Headin cross the ditch courtesy of the bro Briggs House Party. Historic occasion. Come thru
David Dallas Nov 21, 2018
Still in the hood like clothing bins
David Dallas Nov 21, 2018
Up til now we haven't had much chance to showcase artists outside of AK, nor have we had anyone through to represent our local grime scene. STANZA BLADE is flyin the flag - he flew up from Christchurch no questions asked off 1 DM, and bodied this first go. It was impressive in person, and even more impressive watchin it back now as I find myself catching bars I missed first time round. Dude is gonna turn heads.
David Dallas Nov 13, 2018
I first tried to get Jane Deezy on 64 Bars almost 2 years ago, so safe to say I was pretty stoked when we locked this in. I think she's a special talent, and there's not many who have the skillset she does - lyricism, songwriting chops, singing... she can do it all. And most importantly she actually has something to say. U gotta feel this.
David Dallas Jun 22, 2018
Story time: About a year ago we got word that Red Bull wanted to do what we’ve done with 64 Bars in Auckland at their other studios around the world - first stop Tokyo. In July 2017, the lads and I were fortunate enough to get an invite to see things go down, and use the studio while we were in town. Upon arrival I also got given a beat from local producer STUTS and had 24 hrs to come up with a 64 that would be recorded next day. TBH I didn't think I could actually get it done, but I felt a real obligation to not be luggage or let our team down, as it was a massive privilege to have been invited and looked after the way we were. Suffice to say it got handled, and we were able to hit the club in Shibuya til 6am afterwards. What an experience - happy to see this one finally out there.
David Dallas May 01, 2018
The bro IMAG€ has a style that we don't see much of locally. Slang, delivery, beat selection - he's on his own buzz. Sticks to what he likes as opposed to what's trending, I rate that. I've always thought he'd carve in this format, so was just a matter of time before we had him through.
David Dallas Apr 24, 2018
Outside of his fanbase I felt like a lot of the 'scene' weren't clicking onto the fact that Swade Wallace just straight up has skills. As soon as he stepped foot in the studio it was obvious how much pride he takes in the craft. He bodied this verse - and ultimately that's what this series is all about.
David Dallas Apr 22, 2018
On this weekend a year ago, this dropped. Shout out to the whole H.C.C
David Dallas Apr 17, 2018
This marks the first time since we started 64 Bars, where I've had to ask an artist if they're able to wag school to come for the shoot - but when you listen to Church Leon rap, it's pretty evident that academically he's doing just fine. A unique talent, with insight beyond his years - buckle up cause this dude's gonna be around for a while.
David Dallas Apr 07, 2018
Touched down in Welli for Homegrown. Closing things out on the Lab stage at 10. C u
David Dallas Mar 27, 2018
3 years with this one today. Unreal.
David Dallas Mar 15, 2018
Ended up getting way deeper than I anticipated on this interview. What a serious guy. Cheers Coup De Main
David Dallas Mar 07, 2018
If I liked every verse as much as I like this one, I'd be a happy man. Full vid here:
David Dallas Mar 06, 2018
Been a long time comin, but I'm here now. Here's the visual for 'Probably'. p.s I do all my own stunts
David Dallas Mar 05, 2018
“Telefoni fou, o ai lea?” a.k.a When mum tries to ring when you’re in the Forbidden City.
David Dallas Mar 04, 2018
Yeah, got some unfinished business to take care of mate.
David Dallas Feb 06, 2018
David Dallas Dec 30, 2017
Headin back to NZ's most iconic New Years Festival to rep the Hood Country Club 2moro nite. Rhythm and Vines, c u 9:30
David Dallas Nov 28, 2017
I thought I had an idea of what Diggy Dupe was capable of, and when I hit him up I could tell he was hungry for the opportunity - but I was still pretty floored by his efforts on the day. This one is a real eye-opener for anyone who didn't already know. Shot to the bro for closin out 2017 in the most solid way possible.
David Dallas Nov 26, 2017
Attention NZ filmmakers! I’m making a skate video with the lads from Def Mfg Co. and we're looking for someone to help us put it all together. If that sounds like your buzz, show us some of your work and you could win the chance thanks to #ASBYourDreamGig, enter at: T&Cs and eligibility criteria apply.
David Dallas Nov 21, 2017
I first heard a dharmarat song about 2 years ago, and was impressed. Since then I've tried to keep tabs on his work, and it felt like every new tune I'd hear was different to the last thing i heard from him.To me he kind of epitomises what an indie hip hop artist is in this generation - prolific, experimental and constantly evolving. For those unfamiliar, time to school up.
David Dallas Nov 16, 2017
NZ Music Awards are tonight. I'm nominated for Album of the year, Single of the year, and best Hip Hop. Not really sure why I haven't shared that fact earlier, but I always feel awkward posting about this type of stuff. Maybe it's just some deep seated artistic insecurity. What I would like to share is - I'm stoked to be a finalist, and it's an honour that my work is still being considered for awards like this, more than a decade after I won my first. Whatever it is you do, if you love it - keep going.