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Cage to Rattle
Break the Spell
Leave This Town (Bonus Track Version)
Leave This Town
It's Not Over.... The Hits So Far
Daughtry at Carolina Theatre Durham (December 18, 2018)
Venue: Carolina Theatre Durham (Durham, NC, US) Find tickets
Daughtry Dec 17, 2018
Swoooooooosh! 🏀
Daughtry Dec 14, 2018
Daughtry Dec 13, 2018
‪We can’t wait to see you tonight Denver! What color shirt do you think Brian is going to wear tonight? 🥰‬
Daughtry Dec 12, 2018
Omaha! We’re almost ready to hit the stage. Who’s excited to hear some songs off Cage to Rattle?!? 🤘
Daughtry Dec 10, 2018
What's touring like? Kinda like this...
Daughtry Dec 09, 2018
“OWN MY POWER”... What does that even mean? I heard it many times before and it just blew by me. When that lyric came to me, I was in a terrible funk, very negative headspace... I was speaking to ME but even then I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear myself say it. I just thought it sounded cool. I’ve talked about how difficult the album “Cage To Rattle” was to make in numerous interviews and now that the dust has settled I finally see that it was mostly me getting in my own way. We live in a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Our intellect. Our abilities. Our gifts. Our strengths. Our weaknesses. Our looks. Social media doesn’t help. It only exacerbates the issue for so many. I am guilty of it myself and am fully aware of the part I’ve played in this ridiculous paradigm. All of these things can get into our head, feed off our soul like a parasite and plague us with self doubt, self hatred, and flat out debilitating insecurity. So please listen to me when I say this. There is only ONE of YOU and YOU are fucking AMAZING!!! YOU have a lot to offer. We are SO POWERFUL! YOU are SO POWERFUL! YOU have the ability to not only change your own reality but the power to help and change others in ways that nobody else could. We all have OUR THING, OUR PLACE, OUR PURPOSE and maybe you are not quite sure what that is yet and that’s OK. I encourage you to look DEEP INSIDE your soul to find it no matter how long that takes! Because when you do... let me tell you... YOU WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!! There is someone out there RIGHT NOW that needs YOU! So dig deep my friends, find your passion, find your strength, look in the mirror and see how beautiful and amazing you are and OWN YOUR POWER!!!! The universe needs you! I love you all! Now go shine your beautiful light on this dark world and be the badass that you were made to be! Because THAT is the STUFF OF LEGENDS!!!! ♥️🙏🏻 #love #spirituality #legends #power #purpose #universe #unity #conciousness #stuffoflegends - Chris
Daughtry Dec 09, 2018
The chilly weather ❄️ hasn’t stopped y’all from coming out! Hope you’re loving the shows. See you very soon Indianapolis.
Daughtry Dec 07, 2018
Thank you to everyone who has streamed us the equivalent of 4,167 days on Spotify! ❤️🎼
Daughtry Dec 06, 2018
Was great getting to share the stage with these giants for KING & COUNTRY last night in Milwaukee!!!
Daughtry Dec 05, 2018
Won’t let em get to me, get to me... cuz that’s the Stuff of Legends
Daughtry Dec 04, 2018
Caption this photo using only 6 words 🤔
Daughtry Dec 04, 2018
Walk that walk, feeling like a boss! We’re coming to Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, and Nebraska this week! Where are we seeing you? 😍
Daughtry Nov 30, 2018
Houston was such a good time!!! What was your favorite song of the night? San Antonio, we will see you tomorrow!
Daughtry Nov 22, 2018
Thankful to each and every single one of our amazing fans that have supported us over the years. You all are the reason we do this and we will never be able to thank you all enough! ❤️
Daughtry Nov 21, 2018
Houston, who’s ready for Brandon’s incredible drumming November 28th? 🥁
Daughtry Nov 20, 2018
Virginia Beach! Friday was such an incredible show. Thank you!! Houston, who’s ready for Wednesday 11/28?
Daughtry Nov 15, 2018
Nothing but love ❤️
Daughtry Nov 14, 2018
What city did you see us in this tour so far? Or where are you going to?!? 😊😊☺️
Daughtry Nov 12, 2018
Today we lost a legend. We will never forget this show supporting Veterans with Stan Lee. You will be missed by us and so many more. “With great power comes great responsibilty.”
Daughtry Nov 12, 2018
Florida you have been amazing so far! We will see you shortly Pompano Beach!
Daughtry Nov 08, 2018
When you have the best fans in the entire 🌎🌍!
Daughtry Nov 02, 2018
We’re still geeking out on how amazing you were 🇿🇦! Tour starts back up again 11/7 in Florida.
Daughtry Nov 01, 2018
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Daughtry Nov 01, 2018
‪Happy Halloween! 🎃🎃🎃 There’s a flash sale on our official website! 🧛‍♀️ ‬ ‪‬
Daughtry Oct 31, 2018
‪Steely’s passion is inspiring!! What inspired your costume for Halloween? 🧟‍♂️🧙‍♀️🧛🏻‍♂️ 🎃 ‬