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Cage to Rattle
Break the Spell
Leave This Town (Bonus Track Version)
Leave This Town
It's Not Over.... The Hits So Far
Daughtry Feb 19, 2019
Who caught Chris balling it up on the court? 🏀
Daughtry Feb 14, 2019
There’s nothing life feeling the love around you! ❤️ What’s on your Valentine’s Day playlist?
Daughtry Feb 12, 2019
Don’t miss Chris in the 2019 All-Star Celebrity Game! Friday, Feb. 15th on ESPN
Daughtry Feb 07, 2019
Sometimes you just have to ask the crowd “Y’all want one more”☝️
Daughtry Feb 04, 2019
This is Major Tom to Ground Control 🌌
Daughtry Feb 02, 2019
Just jumping right into weekend! Who’s throwing on #CageToRattle?
Daughtry Jan 29, 2019
Always look for the light at the end of the tunnel! 💡
Daughtry Jan 28, 2019
Sometimes you just need to stay in the present and appreciate the little things. 🙏
Daughtry Jan 23, 2019
Who would win in a bass off... Josh Paul or Josh Paul? 🤘😆🤘
Daughtry Jan 20, 2019
What cities and countries should we tour in next? 🧐
Daughtry Jan 18, 2019
Daughtry Jan 16, 2019
We need more love and positivity in this 🌎! Drop a ❤️ in the comments if you agree
Daughtry Jan 16, 2019
What was the first song of ours that really connected with you? 🎶
Daughtry Jan 14, 2019
Laughing is food for the soul ☺️
Daughtry Jan 10, 2019
Is it time to tour again yet? We’re missing all our fans 🥰
Daughtry Jan 08, 2019
The door was always open and I didn’t need a key 🔑
Daughtry Jan 07, 2019
Drop a 🎤 in the comments if you’ve already listened to #cagetorattle in 2019!
Daughtry Jan 06, 2019
Hands down the funkiest bass players in the game! 🤘
Daughtry Jan 04, 2019
You all made the last tour such a special time!! 👏 What show did we see you at?
Daughtry Jan 02, 2019
Coming in to 2019 like 😁! Happy New Year everyone.
Daughtry Dec 31, 2018
We’re so grateful for our amazing fans! What are you doing to bring in the New Year? ✨
Daughtry Dec 26, 2018
Happy Birthday to the legend himself Chris Daughtry 😎🎂
Daughtry Dec 25, 2018
Happy Holidays y’all! 🎁
Daughtry Dec 23, 2018
One hand reaching for the sky and one hand holding on for life
Daughtry Dec 21, 2018
Life is all about choices right?!?! 🤔🎸