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His Young Heart EP
Nordic Daughter Dec 09, 2018
If you have not had the chance to listen, this is on the new YouTube music app! Please comment with your favorite song after you have listened to the full album! There is something for everyone. Ahrue Luster Jason Lycan Melissa Lycan @johnnyreggieromero Mia Asano D'Marco Martínez
Nordic Daughter Dec 08, 2018
Hoping to get my music on major cable networks with Music of the Sea! #ReverbNationOpportunities. Check them out here:
Nordic Daughter Dec 08, 2018
Last year we were lucky enough to get a review on the first EP maybe we can get some love on the second album! Jamsphere Read the article if you haven't and get ready for the next one. Jason Lycan Johnny Reggie Romero Mia Asano
Nordic Daughter Dec 07, 2018
You fear that others might see your self doubt turn your love into anger your mind inside out! We live in love not fear, build your bridges wisely! #nordicdaughter #denvermusicscene #denvergram #thebestlife #violinist #vikings @xposure_photography_danielle
Nordic Daughter Dec 07, 2018
Made it onto a new playlist today go listen to C-Sauce Playlisting
Nordic Daughter Dec 06, 2018
Thank you JJ Kane for the great review of our music! Listen to her radio podcast on Apple and now our music has spun on 3600 syndicated fm and internet stations!
Nordic Daughter Dec 05, 2018
This phenomenal young lady @amaralusterr helped us wreck the @bluebirdtheater on the 23rd and I want to give her a huge shout out! She is 13 and playing Vivaldi but she learned one of our songs for the show! Thank you for following the beat of your heart. ❤️❤️❤️🎻 #violinist #violinrock #nordicdaughter #thebestlife #vikings #denvermusicscene
Nordic Daughter Dec 04, 2018
We are one! We are human, we are part of this world! Rocking out @bluebirdtheater with the the band. I absolutely love the shots you got Danielle! @xposure_photography_danielle #nordicdaughter #vikings #viking #denvercolorado #denvermusicscene
Nordic Daughter Dec 03, 2018
Thanks Again @freejoshlee for standing in at the CD release you were fantastic! This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.... #violinist #violinrock #fiddle #nordicdaughter #denvermusicscene #denvercolorado #denvermusic
Nordic Daughter Dec 02, 2018
Don't forget to Follow Us on Bandsintown so we know where to route our tours next year! @Nordicdaughter #tourlife #music
Nordic Daughter Dec 02, 2018
Thank you @dm.arco for all the hard work on the album. We are so proud of this album, thank you! #nordicdaughter
Nordic Daughter Dec 01, 2018
@johnnyreggieromero is the best person we could have ever asked to be part of this family! He tore it up last week. Thank you brother. #drummer #nordicdaughter
Nordic Daughter Nov 30, 2018
Such a great show! More photos and videos Vikings and Valkyries. Thank you @xposure_photography_danielle
Nordic Daughter Nov 26, 2018
Enjoy a little music for your Manic Monday!
Nordic Daughter Nov 25, 2018
BBC Scotland
Nordic Daughter Nov 24, 2018
Great album release more photos to come. We are so happy to have created such an incredible album! Please keep supporting music that speaks! @johnnyreggieromero @freejoshlee @miaasanomusic @dm.arco @lycanjason @ahrue
Nordic Daughter Nov 23, 2018
If you haven’t heard the full album today is the day! Jason Lycan Mia Asano D'Marco Martínez Ahrue Luster Youth on Record
Nordic Daughter Nov 23, 2018
On the drum head! Gotta love paint! @johnnyreggieromero #drummersrock #nordicdaughter #vikings #denvermusicscene
Nordic Daughter Nov 22, 2018
Vikings and Valkyries may the blessings of the All father bring gratitude and acceptance to your soul! May the hopes of today become fuel for tomorrow. May the light shed truth on the darkest recess. May this life be your best life! Skol! #thebestlife #thanksgiving #nordicdaughter
Nordic Daughter Nov 19, 2018
Pre Order Now until Thursday Night and save some dollars!
Nordic Daughter Nov 18, 2018
We are One by Nordic Daughter
Nordic Daughter Nov 16, 2018
Don’t miss the CD release at the Bluebird Theater Nov 23rd they are hot off the press Vikings and Valkyries! We will be playing with some amazing bands @sharoneandthewind @spiralcellmusic @lycanjason @miaasanomusic @dm.arco @johnnyreggieromero @freejoshlee
Nordic Daughter Nov 11, 2018
The Lycan’s are painting the town tonight! #nordicdaughter #vikings #viking #denvermusicscene @lycanjason
Nordic Daughter Nov 09, 2018
When your fans come dressed as Vikings you gotta love em. Many people are pleasantly surprised that the music isn’t Viking Metal instead it resembles Viking or Celtic Folk with Alt rock undertones. Check out the @nordicdaughter hype Nov 23rd at the @bluebirdtheater with @sharoneandthewind @spiralcellmusic and MonkeyFire #nordicdaughter #vikings #violinrock #denvermusicscene #westworddenver #villagevoice #guitar #denversbest
Nordic Daughter Nov 04, 2018
Get your tickets from us before the show we have some advance tickets left.