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Nordic Daughter Apr 21, 2019
Thank you Hakan Liljeberg for the article. I would love to learn the language and have heard that if you are interested you should first read the sagas. More info anyone? Share below.
Nordic Daughter Apr 17, 2019
Swearwolf - The Band
Nordic Daughter Apr 15, 2019
Interesting candid from the shoot. #musicvideo #nordicdaughter #folk #vikings #valkyrie
Nordic Daughter Apr 15, 2019
Who’s ready! #gameofthrones
Nordic Daughter Apr 14, 2019
Family First
Nordic Daughter Apr 14, 2019
Nordic Daughter Apr 13, 2019
Pagan Families
Nordic Daughter Apr 09, 2019
I love Norway!
Nordic Daughter Apr 06, 2019
Having a painting party today to mural the ceiling of our 1969 Avion Bullet Trailer! #avion #nordicdaughter #folk #painting the Concept is galaxy to sunrise from the rear to the living space at the front. #tourlife #music #denvercolorado #denvermusicscene
Nordic Daughter Apr 05, 2019
Vote for Nordic Daughter to perform RedRocks with Face Vocal Band on July 10th!
Nordic Daughter Apr 04, 2019
The Viking World
Nordic Daughter Apr 03, 2019
Nordic Daughter Mar 29, 2019
Images from the video shoot thanks for the help @ravenlegion #nordicdaughter
Nordic Daughter Mar 28, 2019
Love this! Thinking of doing one traditional song on the next album. What do you think?
Nordic Daughter Mar 27, 2019
WBOI's Folktales
Nordic Daughter Mar 27, 2019
We just made the tour announcement. If you want us to come your way hit us up so we can learn about the best venues and people to interact with while we visit! #tourlife #valkyrie #violinrock #folk #nordicdaughter #celticwarrior #thepath
Nordic Daughter Mar 26, 2019
We are excited to announce our first public Ft Collins show June 7th. For all my friends in NoCo this is the chance to check out the hype! #nocomusic #ftcollins #valkyrie @hodishalfnote
Nordic Daughter Mar 26, 2019
To all those who struggle, Stay Strong!❤️You are Loved
Nordic Daughter Mar 24, 2019
Valhalla's Chosen
Nordic Daughter Mar 23, 2019
Check out the new Blog Post! Greed for the 99%. Stay tuned!
Nordic Daughter Mar 20, 2019
Thank you Best 303 Sounds for all of your love and support! Check our these amazing artists they promote!
Nordic Daughter Mar 19, 2019
Big Show announcement tomorrow HUGE!
Nordic Daughter Mar 19, 2019
Tonight our old bass player completed his senior recital preparing himself for his future in music. Remember it is those that can block the noise of the crowd yet connect with the universe, that thrive in that world. Congrats D!! We know not where life will take you but wish you the best. @johnnyreggieromero @nomadicpathways @lycanjason @dm.arco @miaasanomusic
Nordic Daughter Mar 16, 2019
Please enjoy our next video on YouTube. We will be shooting our own footage again in March for all of you vikings and valkyries that want to join us again.
Nordic Daughter Mar 11, 2019
Beads found in 3,400-year-old Nordic graves were made by King Tut's glassmaker