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Nordic Daughter Aug 17, 2019
Thank you @frontrowconcertphotos #nordicdaughter #vikings #viking #valhalla #musicismydrug #witchcraft
Nordic Daughter Aug 16, 2019
Our Song We Are One debuts as the theme for the podcast Witchcast. Great for all of you pagans looking for a little inspiration. Tune in and Follow Lucy Cavendish
Nordic Daughter Aug 13, 2019
Just submitted through @ReverbNation for a chance to get airplay on LA's 95.5 KLOS @HeidiAndFrank show! Listen here:
Nordic Daughter Aug 13, 2019
When you just need your war paint! #nordicdaughter #vikings #denvermusicscene #musicloversonly #warpaint
Nordic Daughter Aug 06, 2019
Morning Glory! One of the many plants that create a connection to the divine inside of you. Don’t forget your power today Vikings and Valkyries! #nordicdaughter #morningglory
Nordic Daughter Aug 03, 2019
Vikings landscapes
Nordic Daughter Aug 01, 2019
Our music has been selected for the theme song for renowned author @LucyCavendish new podcast! We are thrilled the We Are One has done so well! May your Day be full of joy today as we celebrate Lammas in the North and Imbolc in the South.
Nordic Daughter Aug 01, 2019
Happy Lammas my Northern Hemies/ Imbolic to our southern brothers and sisters! We hope your harvest is looking prosperous. #nordicdaughter #lovenlyrics #lightafire #youarethefire #borntobeavalkyrie
Nordic Daughter Jul 27, 2019
Please Vote For Nordic Daughter for this weeks Top 30!
Nordic Daughter Jul 22, 2019
Hey Vikings and Valkyries let’s get our song “Born to be a Valkyrie” into the new marvel films and series! How many shares can we get? Enter to win a Born to be a Valkyrie T-shirt package by liking the post, commenting with a marvel tag or sharing the post and tagging Marvel! Marvel MarvelStudios
Nordic Daughter Jul 19, 2019
Join us in the celebration! You can buy tickets to the show at this link ONLY to get a complimentary Autographed poster from Nordic Daughter.
Nordic Daughter Jul 07, 2019
Nordic Daughter's cover photo
Nordic Daughter Jul 03, 2019
Check it out! Thanks Max it was a great interview! Mia Asano Melissa Lycan Jason Lycan Evan Degrasse
Nordic Daughter Jun 29, 2019
Oh were it not for you my heart would not sing. For in my darkness you showed me how to harness the pain so that I may heal myself of the atrocities thrust upon me. You have loved me unconditionally in silence while my mind fought its battle with fear and insecurity. My lover, my muse, my partner, my best friend, My co-writer you deserve the world! @lycanjason @ilibphoto #nordicdaughter #authenticity #folkmusic #alternative #denvercolorado #music #diymusic #guitarist
Nordic Daughter Jun 26, 2019
From the stage we see nothing and everything at the same time. The energy fills us as we breathe in the essence of the ether, we connect with it, already connected to everything. A direct conduit of energy filling the hearts of the audience. How you have been brushed aside by gender roles and illusions for too long. Thank you for giving us the strength to believe in ourselves and your messages we carry. We hope that we can honor the people and the planet with the melodies and vibrations. Great Spirit, ether, the singular vibration, Thank you for the gifts you have bestowed upon us! @ilibphoto #nordicdaughter #authenticity #folkmusic #denvermusicscene #authenticself #vikings #vikingspirit
Nordic Daughter Jun 25, 2019
Nordic Daughter Jun 24, 2019
This young Lady Amara Luster, played another set with us last Friday and she keeps adding more and more to her repertoire. She is learning Mia’s Violin arrangements note for note so she can be one of our violin players along with @haise_inda @miaasanomusic and Michael Young. I’m excited to work with all of these incredible talents as they grow along with us and release their own music. So Blessed #nordicdaughter #authenticity #denvermusicscene #folkmusic #vikings #viking #authenticself
Nordic Daughter Jun 21, 2019
Taste of what we were doing in Oregon! Enjoy a little morsel! We had little to no service out there. #denvermusicscene #nordicdaughter #denvercolorado #folkmusic #authenticity
Nordic Daughter Jun 20, 2019
Sometimes we find ourselves in the darkness but there is always light at the end of the tunnel! #tourlife #lavacaves #nordicdaughter #authenticity
Nordic Daughter Jun 14, 2019
Looks great! @Haise_Inda is tearing it up!
Nordic Daughter Jun 12, 2019
Paddle boarding at Lake Tahoe! #laketahoe #folkmusic #nordicdaughter #tourlife @ Kings Beach, California
Nordic Daughter Jun 12, 2019
Happy Birthday to the craziest most dynamic Drummer I have ever had the pleasure of performing with. We missed you so much in Salt Lake City! You would have loved partying with Folk Hogan.
Nordic Daughter Jun 11, 2019
I want to give a shout out to our bass player. Last night he filled in on Drums for Johnny in Salt Lake and kicked ass. Holy shit Evan We had no idea how incredibly versatile you were as a musician. You are an invaluable part of the team! thanks @folkhogan and Mantis Jackson for holding it down. #folkmusic #authenticity #nordicdaughter #valkyrie #vikings #drummer #bassguitar #folkmusic
Nordic Daughter Jun 10, 2019
You are the power to change the world. Let‘s do it together. Valiant Valkyries it is time to rise! A rising tide lifts all ships! Come join us tonight @saltlakecity_utah . #nordicdaughter #folkmusic #saltlakecity #metromusichall #vikings
Nordic Daughter Jun 08, 2019
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