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10 Songs That Happened When You Left Me With My Stupid Heart
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Darwin Deez
darwin deez Jul 30, 2019
darwin deez Oct 15, 2018
US tour! tickets and dates at
darwin deez Oct 15, 2018
US tour kicks off on Wednesday. Soren Bryce's full band is opening for us. Participate! 💓
darwin deez Oct 05, 2018
europe tour continues in high style and so say all of us "give it a good bash!"
darwin deez Sep 26, 2018
I directed this one with my cousin Chris <3 go peep
darwin deez Sep 18, 2018
tickets for a few of the UK & Germany shows are scant at best, so get 'em while the gettin's...*rubs under chin* ...good. (at
darwin deez Aug 31, 2018
My new album is streaming on Spotify/Apple, on iTunes and available on CD and vinyl at This is not the cover :)
darwin deez Aug 30, 2018
watch dis
darwin deez Aug 27, 2018
tux k baybay
darwin deez Aug 24, 2018
brough to you by @sounditoutfilms
darwin deez Aug 22, 2018
Come listen to Getaway, it’s a rocker and one of my favorites from the new album ’10 Songs…’ which is out in 10 Days now! iTunes: Spotify:
darwin deez Aug 07, 2018
pre-order this puppy:
darwin deez Aug 03, 2018
Here's one for the Zucc iTunes: Spotify: Pre-order my album:
darwin deez Aug 02, 2018
ohhhhh yeah baby dis a good one. bang bang. put it on. get your nails done. get your hair did.
darwin deez Jul 25, 2018
Excited to announce Joy Again (Atalanta through to Boston), Dylan Cartlidge (UK) and Pom Poko unofficial (London and Germany) will be opening on the shows listed below. Now get off facebook and have a blessed mf day 🙏
darwin deez Jun 26, 2018
how are you? - mastering pleasantries - so my parents taught me not to say “fine…” in answering this question, as a child. we were taught to say “good” instead. so that was my default for many years. never say fine, alw . . .
darwin deez Jun 19, 2018
darwin deez May 23, 2018
I'm just a man (or boy, depending on who you ask) standing in front of a computer (sitting), asking you to come show up at one of my concerts this fall, if that's something you'd like to do, because it will be meaningful and fun. But I want what you want. Because I love you. Whether you come or not. 💕 tix:
darwin deez May 23, 2018
i'm asking you to pre-order my album because i love it, but trust me when i say that if you don't want to, i'm adult enough to hear that 'no' and respect it, because i can see that it's none of my business what you buy and what you don't. 💞
darwin deez May 22, 2018
new song 2mrw
darwin deez May 21, 2018
darwin deez's cover photo
darwin deez May 21, 2018
darwin deez
darwin deez Apr 04, 2018
I will play your house (solo) May 1st - 31st 2018. It’ll be chill. Unrelated: my BAND will play your house June 21 - July 3 2018. It’ll be a party. Are you down? Talk to me here:
darwin deez Mar 21, 2018
a computer can never suffer - so i’ll just say it: i think AIs will have personalities, but they will never have feelings. because a persona can be fake and still real at the same time. the simulation of a . . .
darwin deez Feb 26, 2018
texting with andrew about Synechdoche, New York - jQuery(function($) { $(document).ready(function() { function replaceFirstWord(index) if ($("#postBody > p").length > 5) . . .