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Darlingside Jun 20, 2019
new(t) shirt day! —> quick facts: all newts are salamanders but not all salamanders are newts, all herpetologists are zoologists but not all zoologists are herpetologists.
Darlingside Jun 18, 2019
HP and DM were playing very valuable old instruments from the Songbirds Guitar Museum that would be really bad to drop so that's why they are strangely perched on stools here
Darlingside Jun 16, 2019
awhhh, song friendship w/ Henry Jamison
Darlingside Jun 10, 2019
a huge congrazzles to Anais Mitchell and her Hadestown team on the so very muchly deserved recognitions last night at the Tonys🏆🏆🏆
Darlingside Jun 09, 2019
Ohio! today we free in Nelsonville!
Darlingside Jun 04, 2019
Due to anticipated thunderstorms in the area, our free show in Haddon Heights, NJ scheduled for Wednesday, June 5th has been postponed to Thursday, June 6th. Sorry for the last-minute change, but come be dry and hang out with us a day later!
Darlingside Jun 03, 2019
During our time at Moon River Music Festival last year, we recorded "Hold Your Head up High" with Songbirds Foundation, which is now featured exclusively on "The Moon River Sessions," Magnolia Record Club's June Record of the Month. This record is pressed on a limited edition blue and yellow splatter vinyl and only available through the club. Join by 06/30 and use the code ­­­­­DARLINGSIDE to get $10 off your first 3 month subscription.
Darlingside May 29, 2019
EDMONTON!! love us a good alphabetical lineup and love us so many of the names on this particular one Edmonton Folk Music Festival, August 10-11!
Darlingside May 24, 2019
our whole Mountain Stage Radio Show set is now up fer streams at NPR Music!
Darlingside May 20, 2019
📷: Ambre Photography
Darlingside May 19, 2019
thanks for a great tiiiime, New Hampshire—and off we go to Cumberland, RI tonight!
Darlingside May 18, 2019
tune the dial round to your local NPR station this weekend and you may well find us on the new episode of Mountain Stage!
Darlingside May 17, 2019
Provincetown tonight is all sold out, but a few tickets remain for this weekend's shows! Sat || Exeter, NH || Sun || Cumberland, RI || Note: Sunday's show is at 6pm to accommodate the potential for a Darlingside / Dragons double-header! 📷: Ambre Photography
Darlingside May 16, 2019
so excite to be setting out TODAY for this tour of the places in New England you are unlikely to have heard of unless you live near them! 5/16 • Bath, ME • 5/17 • Provincetown, MA • SOLD OUT 5/18 • Exeter, NH • 5/19 • Cumberland, RI • 📷: Ambre Photography
Darlingside May 15, 2019
LONDON! the rumors of our return have been...completely accurate! 22 November is the when, OMEARA is the where, Tom Joshua is the extra who, and Friday is the on sale!
Darlingside May 14, 2019
ohio-bound in june for Nelsonville Music Festival's 15th birthday party! tix --->
Darlingside May 12, 2019
but lookee who's rounding out the top three alongside those Game of Thrones songs!
Darlingside May 11, 2019
a low-key weekend is something a band almost never gets...may all of you have weekends in the exact key of your choosing! and thank you for this, Spotify.
Darlingside May 08, 2019
maybe not technically a new song but we'll TAKE it thanks for having us along, NPR Music!
Darlingside May 06, 2019
just 4 shows this month while we're back home resting n writing; tickets while they last! 5/16 • Bath, ME • 5/17 • Provincetown, MA • SOLD OUT 5/18 • Exeter, NH • 5/19 • Cumberland, RI • 📷: Ambre Photography
Darlingside May 03, 2019
Hamden, CT! tix are onsale for our sept 21 show with band besto Henry Jamison at Space Ballroom go grab em --->
Darlingside May 01, 2019
woohooo on July 18th we's headed to the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn Festival for a show in Prospect Park with the fab I'm With Her!!
Darlingside Apr 29, 2019
two more shows in September just announced! onsale friday... 9.21 || Hamden, CT || Space Ballroom w/ Henry Jamison 9.25 || York, PA || Appell Center for the Performing Arts photo by Riptide Photography HC
Darlingside Apr 26, 2019
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival this afternoon! Santana and us will play simultaneously, which basically makes us #ROBTHOMAS
Darlingside Apr 25, 2019
🙏, Louisville! comin atcha tonight, Chattanooga 🚂