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Arctic Thunder
Transilvanian Hunger (20th Anniversary Edition)
The Underground Resistance
Circle The Wagons
Frostland Tapes
Dark Thrones & Black Flags
Peaceville Presents... Darkthrone
The Cult Is Alive
Sardonic Wrath
Sardonic Wrath
Hate Them
Soulside Journey
Hate Them
A Blaze In the Northern Sky
Preparing for War
Ravishing Grimness
Total Death
Total Death
Transilvanian Hunger
Under A Funeral Moon
Preparing for War
Introducing Darkthrone
Sempiternal Past
Darkthrone Apr 19, 2019
"If it's cold enough and if it's dark enough and if it's real enough, Black Metal feeling is supposed to soothe through material. So we did Transilvanian Hunger - so f***ing cold" The final scene from the Peaceville interview - Chapter 4. PV
Darkthrone Apr 16, 2019
Darkthrone Apr 16, 2019
Coming soon.... PV
Darkthrone Apr 04, 2019
Darkthrone were the first to react. The trio had begun 1991 by releasing their highly creditable, if distinctly Swedish-sounding, 'Soulside Journey' debut, but within months they were publicly repudiating death metal, amplifying those mid-80s influences cited by Euronymous and recording the genre-defining classic 'A Blaze In The Northern Sky' in August. PV
Darkthrone Mar 22, 2019
Greetings. I am working on a metal Spotify list for you
Darkthrone Mar 20, 2019
Okay people, soon comes a new serving of Darkthrone! So get ready for the arrival of the Old Star. It’s like the 80s never left! Pre-order here We are back with the RIFFS and more metal than EVER!!! Mixed by Sanford Parker & mastered again by our good friend Jack at Enormous Door. The stellar cover artistry comes courtesy of Chadwick St John, titled “The Shepherd of the Deep”
Darkthrone Mar 06, 2019
"All I can remember is really the best black metal magic ever... the rehearsals and the recording of Under a Funeral Moon still lies in the bottom of what we're doing today" Chapter 3. PV
Darkthrone Feb 14, 2019
"We don't wanna do this 14 part / 16 beat stuff any more. We are going more for the jugular, and playing primitive stuff inspired by Hellhammer, old Bathory" Part 2 of the interview with Peaceville. PV
Darkthrone Feb 08, 2019
I need to help my friend's festival in Gothenburg – The Abyss. I know for a fact that she's been working hard for this and personally I dig all the bands so make sure you get tickets. I know people from usa that are flying in for this festival!!
Darkthrone Jan 30, 2019
"Riff upon riff upon riff. Sort of a riff-o-rama." Chapter 1 of Darkthrone's interview with Peaceville is on Soulside Journey. PV
Darkthrone Jan 21, 2019
Spotify have added Darkthrone to their Black & Dark Metal playlist. PV
Darkthrone Jan 03, 2019
Panzerfaust limited picture disc LP is available from Darkthrone's classic fifth album of Celtic Frost fuelled Black Metal. It also includes a couple of fast songs in the Bathory style, a follow-on to the faster tempo of the tracks featured on Transilvanian Hunger. PV
Darkthrone Dec 12, 2018
THE FOUR BIG ONES... ....of thrash metal has always vexed me. This is how it should be: 1: metallica ride the lightning/master of puppets 2: exodus: bonded by blood 3: dark angel darkness descends .......and then some
Darkthrone Nov 24, 2018
13:10 today the new DARKTHRONE album was finished recorded. The first album I put on when I got home was epicus doomicus metallicus by CANDLEMASS. It set so many standards. Also for us. Been true to that piece of music since 1986. - f e n r i z
Darkthrone Oct 20, 2018
Oh yeah, remember if you like the realness of this page...don't share it. cuz we had like 280 000 followers in the year of 1934 BEFORE christ (!). And now it's only 281 000. Go figure. - f e n r i z
Darkthrone Oct 20, 2018
For our new album, I'd only like to do ONE interview. With Malcolm Dome. However, if he has never heard or understood the significance of the debut of DREAM DEATH journey into mystery - I'd rather do NO interview for the new album at all. - f e n r i z
Darkthrone Oct 20, 2018
Well, I don't like to repeat myself (even thought I might often do) and I don't follow facebook much but....after all this time that has passed... I still feel very sad about Malcolm Young passing. On the positive side, though, old ac dc totally RULES. - f e n r i z
Darkthrone Oct 17, 2018
Soooo close to first recording for the new album... meanwhile I've listened to a demo that I ordered back in early 1987. Listened to it 5 times today already. The band is called CRIONIC (perhaps after one of the best slayer songs ever) and the demo is called THE LAND WHICH ONCE WERE. Been digging it for 31.5 years now. - f e n r i z
Darkthrone Oct 11, 2018 HI EVERYBODY! (that persona from the simpsons): XXXMAS IS COMING UP AND I NEVER KNOW WHAT TO BUY but if you can think of NOTHING - atleast here is a link to all that official DARKTHRONE MERCH! - f e n r i z
Darkthrone Sep 04, 2018
DARKTHRONE forthcoming album: It seems we continue with our brand of OLD PRIMITIVE METAL and 3 songs are in the making so far. With an album title so BASTANT it would be impossible to reveal. On the other hand - here is a shit "less is more - less is paul"-copy guitar that I bought in 1995 in Oslo and I still make my riffs on it. I SERIOUSLY still haven't changed strings on it since then AND I haven't used a guitar amp since 1995 either to make a riff. Meanwhile if you dig some trad doom stuff try that FORSAKEN album called pentateuch while you wait. - f e n r i z
Darkthrone Aug 07, 2018
Got material for all lyrics to be completed for our forthcoming album. We work slowly but surely towards finishing it but we are not rushing ANYTHING. ON ANOTHER NOTE, it seems that Hammy's book is doing well and now there is a new edition (?!) hardback copy of it which I am holding in my hands right here on the photo. Maybe check it out at
Darkthrone Jun 26, 2018
Sharing is caring, haha! "GOD KNOWS HE WANTS TO GO HOME" (which song?!)
Darkthrone Jun 20, 2018
I know. It's not suitable. BUT STILL - it's the World Soccer Cup. SO - for me, it's actually a whole month when basically nothing else gets done. I mean, I even do that whole PANINI album thing! Let's just hope for some REAL heavy metal riffs from me on our next album (me, hoping it will be something like EGYPT - (the chains are on) style or something). Just like I hoped in early 1990 but never happened (true story). - f e n r i z
Darkthrone Jun 20, 2018