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A Matter of Trust
Minus Exitus
Insurrection (Re-Release)
Dark Age
The Silent Republic
The Fall
He Dark Age Jun 07, 2019
You will not die and come back as a sweet potato!! You're not coming back!!
He Dark Age May 27, 2019
Our 11th album out now on Bandcamp. The album is free of Newsome's caterwaul, so this one might be of more interest than usual ... Only one vinyl version of the album is available for purchase, although if anyone is really keen we can arrange further copies to be pressed (they're not cheap though being lathe cut) ... this assumes someone will actually buy the vinyl in the first place of course.
He Dark Age Apr 19, 2019
Obscurity is its own reward
He Dark Age Mar 15, 2019
Replace the word 'week' with 'century' and you have a far more accurate statement
He Dark Age Mar 06, 2019
He Dark Age Mar 06, 2019
8 out of 10 cats hate he dark age!
He Dark Age Mar 04, 2019
The Arse Inspector, Grade 4, Class 2
He Dark Age Feb 13, 2019
HDA ... The price you have to pay for a spot of air con on a stinking hot day
He Dark Age Feb 09, 2019
Everyone's a critic ...
He Dark Age Feb 09, 2019
He Kitten Age
He Dark Age Feb 06, 2019
God HDA are dull
He Dark Age Feb 02, 2019
Vinyl version of 'Ecce Homo' being worked on currently- should we press 3 or go crazy and press 5 ??
He Dark Age Dec 21, 2018
I hope I was plastered when I recorded this tambo ...
He Dark Age Dec 14, 2018
The vinyl version of 'He Dark Age Play The Sump In The Lounge Room' sold out within minutes !! One is no longer the loneliest number ...
He Dark Age Dec 14, 2018
What the new old shit on 'He Dark Age Play The Sump In The Lounge Room' sounds like ... not much to the recordings - guitar, voice, bass, drum machine all recorded in one take ...
He Dark Age Dec 14, 2018
He Dark Age Dec 13, 2018
More fan mail !
He Dark Age Dec 05, 2018
The leaning tower of PBR
He Dark Age Nov 30, 2018
Hard at it on the tools ...
He Dark Age Oct 23, 2018
a track off the new album
He Dark Age Oct 23, 2018
A fairly accurate review of The Dog's Breakfast (Brekfast?) ...applicable really to nearly all our releases, including the new one: (Of course, there would be many who would argue our music does actually suck)
He Dark Age Oct 19, 2018
Oh, contact us if you're in Brisbane and you can get the record cheaper than on BC ... on the off chance you're interested of course
He Dark Age Oct 19, 2018
What a triumph of a performance !! You can buy the record on Bandcamp (it's expensive because they're lathe cut and there's only 12 available)