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Drone Logic
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Daniel Avery at Digital (December 28, 2018)
Venue: Digital (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) Find tickets
Patrick Topping, wAFF, Acid Mondays, Alex Virgo, and 3 more… at fabric (December 31, 2018)
Venue: fabric (London, UK) Find tickets
Canal Mills presents NYD: The Final Chapter Canal Mills presents NYD: The Final Chapter 2019
Venue: Canal Mills (Leeds, UK) Find tickets
Pitch Music & Arts Festival Pitch Music & Arts Festival 2019
Venue: Pitch Music & Arts Festival (Moyston, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
Daniel Avery Dec 04, 2018
Thank you to everyone who was a part of the shows with Nine Inch Nails. These were special. Today is my last NTS Radio show for a while and I’ll be playing a recording of my set recorded live in Irving, Texas last week. Join me at 4pm and I’ll see you on the other side xxx
Daniel Avery Nov 30, 2018
New music. Presenting PSSU, a collaboration with my good pal and studio neighbour Richard Fearless out next week on his label Drone. Resident Advisor currently have the premiere of the track 307309 (link below). Richard and I first met properly in Andrew Weatherall's bunker studio as Fearless was making Trans-Love Energies and I was starting the early stages of my first album. The music of Death In Vegas has been a part of my life for many years and as a DJ he's one of the best around. On Saturday we launch the record at Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) alongside Errorbeauty, Drowned, Legowelt Music, DJ Richard + Andrés Zacco. Come join us.
Daniel Avery Nov 28, 2018
Cheers to DJ Mag for nominating me as Best Producer 2018. Voting closes on Friday. Big love xx (link below)
Daniel Avery Nov 27, 2018
Back to the mothership of fabriclondon on NYE. I’ve been playing the club for twelve years and it’s still always a total rush to walk down that staircase. See you inside with Anastasia Kristensen re:ni Jay Clarke Tickets:
Daniel Avery Nov 26, 2018
London that was incredible. Huge love to you all xx
Daniel Avery Nov 23, 2018
London, see you tomorrow. We start at 5pm. Final tickets:
Daniel Avery Nov 21, 2018
London, see you Saturday. Open to close, start to finish. We begin at 5pm. Just a handful of tickets left.
Daniel Avery Nov 19, 2018
Love to everyone who was at York Hall and Field Day London this year. We are pushing things even further on Saturday at Walthamstow Assembly Hall. Booth on the floor, lights to fill your soul. Nine hours open to close. See you inside. Final few tickets:
Daniel Avery Nov 16, 2018
How do you like your raves? New t-shirt available now at Phantasy. Design by Maziyar Pahlevan Modelled by Jess Barber-Cruz
Daniel Avery Nov 15, 2018
Walthamstow Assembly Hall. 9 hour set. Saturday 24th November. See you inside the light x
Daniel Avery Nov 14, 2018
Walthamstow Assembly Hall. 9 hour set. Saturday 24th November. See you inside the light. X
Daniel Avery Nov 08, 2018
This month’s NTS Radio Dalston Transmissions are now online. Something new from myself and Richard Fearless as PSSU + a load of other stuff that has kept my brain alive on the road recently
Daniel Avery Nov 05, 2018
Merci, Paris Pitchfork Festival. Always a special time here. A pleasure to play alongside these two heroes Peggy + Avalon Photo by Keffer
Daniel Avery Oct 30, 2018
London, I’ll be playing a 9 hour set at Walthamstow Assembly Hall on Saturday 24th November. Tickets on sale now. See you down the front DA x Tickets -
Daniel Avery Oct 24, 2018
London friends, I’ll be playing from open to close at Walthamstow Assembly Hall on 24th November. We start at 5pm and go into the night. The DJ booth will be set up on the floor and the masters Flat-e will be looking after live visuals once again. The room was purpose-built for music and I can tell you that the sound inside is special. Come join us for our biggest trip together yet. Tickets on sale now. DA xx
Daniel Avery Oct 24, 2018
Manchester THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT, you beautiful thing. I’m truly proud to stand alongside everyone who played as part of this lineup. Huge love to all you inside. I’ll remember this one xxx
Daniel Avery Oct 20, 2018
THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT tonight!! See you down the front xxx
Daniel Avery Oct 19, 2018
A couple of years ago a friend of mine gave me a beautiful track called Spring Ballade but that was as much as I knew about its identity. I was playing it most sets and it always shone a light into the room. Around the same time I kept hearing reports of a new DJ from Russia via Copenhagen called Anastasia Kristensen who was destroying every party she played. You’ve already guessed the ending to this story but I can confirm that the rumours were true. I can also confirm that her new tracks are wicked including her remix for my track Glitter which is premiering over at Mixmag. She joins us at THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT tomorrow. See you down the front x
Daniel Avery Oct 18, 2018
// Time Marked Its Irregular Pulse In Her Eyes // Directed by Tom Andrew & Sam Davis // Taken from the Diminuendo EP out now on Phantasy / Mute Records
Daniel Avery Oct 17, 2018
Last night’s Beats In Space is now online. Music + words. Huge respect to Tim Sweeney for piloting this show for so long. One of the very best
Daniel Avery Oct 17, 2018
Kings Theater, Brooklyn. We are back for the second round tonight. Set time: 7pm. See you inside the light xx Nine Inch Nails
Daniel Avery Oct 15, 2018
Radio City Music Hall before Nine Inch Nails + The Jesus And Mary Chain
Daniel Avery Oct 12, 2018
// Diminuendo EP // Includes three new tracks Hyper Detail, Light Of Falling Rain and Time Marked Its Irregular Pulse In Her Eyes // Vinyl and download out now on Phantasy / Mute Records
Daniel Avery Oct 10, 2018
This month's NTS Radio show is a WHP special and is now online for you to put inside your heads. It also includes 2.5 brand new Avery tracks. Love to you all xx
Daniel Avery Oct 08, 2018
// MCR WHP // 20.10.18 Manchester, we are on. It's an honour to curate a night as part of the final THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT season at Store Street. This is a collection of artists and DJs who I fully believe in, each doing something unique in the electronic underground. Tickets are almost sold out, look lively. DA xxx