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Set the World On Fire
Dangerous New Machine Aug 13, 2019
New music available now
Dangerous New Machine Jul 23, 2019
Great show in Knoxville...
Dangerous New Machine May 06, 2019
Check it out..
Dangerous New Machine Sep 17, 2018
Available for Download now..
Dangerous New Machine Sep 04, 2018
Dangerous New Machine Jul 27, 2018
New single from Erik and My Therapy... available now everywhere digital music is sold. Check it out and SHARE
Dangerous New Machine Apr 01, 2018
It is with deep sorrow that we send our condolences to the Family and Friends of Angela Eason. She was a dear friend to DNM and she will be missed. Fly high Angel!
Dangerous New Machine Dec 17, 2017
Check it out
Dangerous New Machine Oct 22, 2017
Rootdown Studios
Dangerous New Machine Sep 19, 2017
Interview and NEW SONG/VIDEO
Dangerous New Machine Aug 27, 2017
New track from my new project MY THERAPY. Please SHARE. Thank you Erik
Dangerous New Machine May 14, 2017
Happy Mother's Day!!
Dangerous New Machine Mar 18, 2017
Just a little update.. if you haven't already done so.. check out Erik's new project My Therapy also swing by and check out Billy's new project Cyberstar
Dangerous New Machine Dec 15, 2016
Had a great time catching up with my friend Joshua Toomey on his show TalkToomey Podcast..
Dangerous New Machine Dec 26, 2015
DNM FAMILY... we lost a very dear friend and fan this morning. Patrick Landreth was killed in a car accident this morning. We ask that you keep his family in your prayers. Thank you!
Dangerous New Machine May 29, 2015
Timeline Photos
Dangerous New Machine May 20, 2015
A lil hump day humor!
Dangerous New Machine Mar 16, 2015
Timeline Photos
Dangerous New Machine Feb 17, 2015
Dangerous New Machine's cover photo
Dangerous New Machine Feb 14, 2015
Hope Everyone has a very Happy Valentine's Day
Dangerous New Machine Aug 28, 2014
DNM family.. It has been a while. I hope this finds each and every one of you doing well! I just wanted to take a min and update all of you on the things we've been up to.. Randy n Cindi are loving their new home on the beautiful island of Kawai.. and every day they Thank God for their beautiful daughter Reily. Billy has been tearing things up, all over the globe with his band Fozzy.. and if you see they have a show near you Do Not miss the opportunity to get out and see him do what he does best! Me... Well I have started my own Valet Company in Atl., but after a Long break from music I decided it was time to write some new tracks ... I have been working with long time friend Jay Wright (drums) and Dave Anderson (Guitar & Bass) on a song called "Fight Back" that has now become the intro song for Kevin Shane Brooks at his upcoming MMA heavyweight fight, for Fight Time 20 presented by Fight Time Promotions. "Fight Back" will debut Fri. Aug 29, as the new intro song for Kevin Shane Brooks. He is set to fight Jeff Monson in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Let the beat down begin!
Dangerous New Machine Nov 10, 2013
Riley Lynn Reider born at 1:21am 7.7lbs 21 inches.. Happy and healthy!.. Mom, Baby and Dad are doing great!!
Dangerous New Machine Nov 10, 2013
Cindi's contractions have started and I am sure Randy is pacing the floor in anticipation of the birth of their daughter Riley. Prayers for him and his family! DNM family let's send um there way!
Dangerous New Machine Sep 26, 2013
Wanted to update you guys .. be on the look out for Billy as he and Fozzy tour North America Randy and Cindi have made it safely to Hawaii. Randy is selling his bass rig that he used when DNM toured so if there's any bass players looking for a great deal on a new rig message him. As always we love you guys and always appreciated your friendship and support.
Dangerous New Machine Aug 07, 2013
Unfortunately this has been a long time coming and We want to Thank each and everyone of you for all the support you have shown Dangerous New Machine these last several years. As I am sure most of you guys already know Billy Grey took on the opportunity to play full time with Chris Jericho and the band Fozzy. Randy and I are so proud of him and the success he is having. Randy and his wife, Cindi, are expecting their first child this fall and are about to embark on a journey to their new home in Hawaii. Hawaii is where they got married and they have always dreamed about one day living there full time. Billy and I will miss our friends dearly, but we look forward to our new vacation On a personal note, Billy and Randy are two of the most amazing musicians that I have ever had the pleasure to write, record, and perform with, and it does make me sad for DNM to come to an end.. but you never know... we might try and hit the stage together again or in new projects. We love you guys and through music we have connected, and through that same music we will ALWAYS BE CONNECTED. E