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Out of Oblivion
Danger Silent
To Cast A Way
Danger Silent Aug 17, 2019
We are back! New album dropping in a month. ;)
Danger Silent Feb 22, 2019
Our #DangerSilent music video cover of “You Should See Me In A Crown” by #billieeilish is up now on YouTube! Also streaming on Spotify and everywhere else, as well as available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and more!
Danger Silent Feb 21, 2019
Here is our new cover of Billie Eilish’s “You Should See Me In A Crown”. Hope you guys dig it!!!
Danger Silent Dec 30, 2018
Here is our new music video everyone! More to come soon!
Danger Silent Dec 30, 2018
New music video by Nick Stecki & Richard Cobourn for #RewriteTheStars from #TheGreatestShowman by #DangerSilent featuring Ashley Townsend out tonight at midnight on YouTube! It will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere else for purchase as well... and Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming services for your listening pleasure! :)
Danger Silent Dec 29, 2018
New #DS music video cover out tomorrow!! #TheGreatestShowman #RewriteTheStars
Danger Silent Dec 29, 2018
Rewrite The Stars
Danger Silent Dec 13, 2018
Thank you for the support everyone! Glad you are digging the new & old music! New album and new covers coming soon. Stay tuned! ☺️ <3
Danger Silent Nov 30, 2018
#dangersilent #rewritethestars #thegreatestshowman #phoenix #arizona #music #video #photo #iphone #iphonex #gold #hughjackman #zacefron #zachherron #zendaya #wolverine #xmen #rayban #chr1saz @chr1saz feat @ashley_townsend_sings
Danger Silent Nov 30, 2018
New song idea... imagine the intro lead notes and ending harmonic notes echoing over the top of the rhythm #guitar fx! :)
Danger Silent Nov 06, 2018
Danger Silent Oct 26, 2018
new #ds riff? ;) maybe on the next album. totally forgot about cool delays lol
Danger Silent Oct 17, 2018
Throwback to last year’s single! If you dig it, stream us on Spotify and Apple Music!
Danger Silent Jul 12, 2018
New song idea?
Danger Silent Jun 10, 2018
Chris in the studio playing #NeverEnough from #TheGreatestShowman movie!
Danger Silent May 31, 2018
Here is another #DS song off the new album #OutOfOblivion - #Illuminate featuring Zeus Ozuna out now!
Danger Silent May 30, 2018
#Acoustic #DS #JamSesh #GuitarCenter
Danger Silent May 27, 2018
If you haven’t gotten a new copy of the #DangerSilent album #OutOfOblivion - you can get it here digitally now at on iTunes! Also available physically on Amazon!
Danger Silent May 25, 2018
Stream the new #DS record #OutOfOblivion on Spotify now!
Danger Silent May 25, 2018
New #DangerSilent album #OutOfOblivion out now on iTunes, Amazon, and more! Stream now on Spotify, Apple Music, & Pandora!
Danger Silent May 23, 2018
Our new #DS album “Out Of Oblivion” is out now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, and more! Here is our self-titled single lyric music video!
Danger Silent May 18, 2018
Here is the new #DS single #Pulsate featuring Ian Woodgate off the new #OutOfOblivion album!
Danger Silent May 18, 2018
New #DangerSilent single #Pulsate off the new album #OutOfOblivion out tomorrow!
Danger Silent Mar 01, 2018
Well here is another Linkin Park cover for you guys! This time it’s just a vocal cover, so I filmed it real quick on my cell phone, but I think it turned out pretty cool! This is for Chester Bennington, who inspired me, and dedicated to my parents Julie Vaughn & Douglas Vaughn, Kiersten Cash and all my close friends... especially the 2 that have been there the longest Richard Cobourn & Nick Stecki. Thanks to all of the people who support Danger Silent as well! ❤
Danger Silent Feb 28, 2018
Just making some guitar tones for the new album with #AxeFx2 in the studio!