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Nothing's Gonna Hold Us Down
Used and Abused
DANGER RADIO Jul 17, 2015
Hello friends in New York City! Andrew is playing a show as Kaptan on August 5th at Rockwood Music Hall! The show is FREE, limited space available. Come hang out and see the first KAPTAN show ever!
DANGER RADIO Jun 24, 2015
My new project KAPTAN has a new single out now called "Anywhere We Go"! Your "hearts" can help me climb to #1 on Hype Machine! Hype Machine: Soundcloud: Love, Andrew
DANGER RADIO Jun 23, 2015
Head over to The Line Of Best Fit to hear the new single by Kaptan!
DANGER RADIO Jun 17, 2015
Hello friends! Andrew de Torres started a new project called Kaptan! Make sure to head over and like his page for updates!
DANGER RADIO Oct 21, 2010
Download our song "Build It Up" for free as part of the new Doghouse/WGM sampler hosted by Substream!
DANGER RADIO Oct 07, 2010
Posted the winner for our CAN YOU FLOW? Contest on Myspace. Check it out.
DANGER RADIO Sep 29, 2010
Hey, if you're looking for some great new music to listen to pick up our newest release, Nothing's Gonna Hold Us Down. Let us know what you think!
DANGER RADIO Aug 17, 2010
New contest! Can you flow? Show us what you've got and your rhymes could be posted on all of our pages. Watch the video for details.
DANGER RADIO Aug 01, 2010
DANGER RADIO Jul 15, 2010
Whos stoked for the 27th huh??
DANGER RADIO May 06, 2010
Strikegently is always on top. How do they do it? We don't know.
DANGER RADIO Apr 17, 2010
We're expecting the EP to come out in JUNE.
DANGER RADIO Apr 03, 2010
Vote for video #9 Ludi! I just did... took me 12 seconds. THANKS!
DANGER RADIO Mar 23, 2010
DANGER RADIO Mar 20, 2010
Watch this video to help our friend Ludi, so she can get on stage w/ Ingrid Michaelson and sing with her! THANKS!
DANGER RADIO Mar 16, 2010
Pardon for the curve-ball with no song yesterday... Hear another tid-bit of a B-Sides track. "Alibis".
DANGER RADIO Mar 16, 2010
DANGER RADIO Mar 12, 2010
we need to go on a world tour... who wants to take us?
DANGER RADIO Mar 09, 2010
thanks everyone for your nice comments about the B-Sides! Details on the EP coming soon!
DANGER RADIO Mar 09, 2010
New B-Sides Track Up... Check it out.
DANGER RADIO Mar 09, 2010
DANGER RADIO Mar 04, 2010
Fei Si Bu Ke!
DANGER RADIO Mar 04, 2010
facebook is such a funny word...
DANGER RADIO Mar 02, 2010
"Build" is definitely the most "rocking" song we've recorded out of all the ones we did in preparation for U&A. Sorry I have to post just a 2 min sample of it, but if you want to hear the whole thing, we'll have the EP release date up soon I hope! We are also releasing the art and track listing this week.
DANGER RADIO Mar 02, 2010
Trying to decide which song to put up next...