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Contact (Original Soundtrack)
Milky Way
Danger Beach Aug 20, 2019
Danger Beach Oct 30, 2018
Something I produced and played synth on last year from the excellent Earache. Even better tracks to come on the album out later this year.
Danger Beach Sep 02, 2018
PAY WHAT YOU FEEL- Streaming and Download Available Now
Danger Beach Aug 13, 2018
New soundtrack AVAILABLE NOW via Bandcamp for the Documentary short "Rail Fan", produced by the multi-talented James Stuart: PAY WHAT YOU FEEL. Don't be a FOAMER. If you are in Manhattan go check out the documentary at the Chain Theatre this Sunday.
Danger Beach Aug 13, 2018
Danger Beach
Danger Beach Aug 01, 2018
Danger Beach Feb 11, 2018
Danger Beach Nov 06, 2017
Danger Beach's cover photo
Danger Beach Nov 06, 2017
Danger Beach
Danger Beach Sep 25, 2017
In the future tv will be replaced by GTA 5
Danger Beach Mar 12, 2017
Lost track from Milky Way era. Available through Chemical Imbalance.
Danger Beach Mar 06, 2017
Milky Way RE is out now through Chemical Imbalance. Features two never released songs. Get em while they are hot: Will be playing shows soon and selling MW and Contact tapes for CBR people and doing soundtrack for a documentary on subway people
Danger Beach Feb 14, 2017
Reissue of Milky Way coming out via Sydney label Chemical Imbalance.
Danger Beach Nov 14, 2016 The new band I'm in PTSD (members of TV Colours and Haram) is playing one night only in NYC this Sunday. Come pick up our demo tape. Copies of "Contact" will also be available.
Danger Beach Nov 04, 2016
I need a unit to sample and hold
Danger Beach Oct 26, 2016
Currently in NYC working on this new band PTSD Keep an eye out for shows if you are in the area over the next month before I repatriate
Danger Beach Aug 14, 2016
Danger Beach