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I Did My Best - Greatest Hits
ISolated INcident
Vicious Circle
Rough Around the Edges (Live from Madison Square Garden)
Harmful If Swallowed
Planes Jan 10, 2017
Planes Mar 05, 2016
P L A N E S ...................................... It is with extremely heavy hearts that we regret to inform all of you beautiful people out there, that Planes has been forced to take a leave a of indefinite absence due to outstanding circumstances outside of the bands control. We have enjoyed these past 5 years performing for all of you, making some great music, and most of all living and laughing with each other. The times shared will forever be in our hearts, and nothing can take that away. We can not begin to thank all of you fans out there for your constant dedication to our music, and for the love that you've all shown to us as individuals. We would like to thank our manager Matthew Errington for all of his hard work and dedication to our odd and wonderful cause as well. He is our flame, our muse, our brother in arms. Without you Merrington, and you the fans, we would not exist... We sincerely hope that you all continue to join us on the musical journeys that we all as individuals will take. This decision was not our design, but as always, we shall make the best out of it. Once again, thank you for the love, thank you for the laughs. We'll hopefully be seeing you soon. -Planes xxxxxxxxx
Planes Jan 01, 2016
/ / H A P P Y N E W Y E A R / / Happy New Year from Steve, Dan, Ted, Char and Ed! We'll be back in 2016 and we're busy working on the new music! See you all soon! Love, Planes HQ x
Planes Nov 30, 2015
/ / Pre Production Footage / / Brighton Electric 28 11 15 Rhythm section recording... We've stuck some INSTACLIPS together to show you a little bit of what we have been up to... You'll be hearing from us very soon. All our love, Dan, Ed, Char, Ted and Steve X X X xx X
Planes Nov 11, 2015
/ / R E C O R D I N G / / Planes are about to start recording with producer Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Kate Bush). The band will be back with these new tracks soon. We're also hoping to announce a Christmas show shortly - stay tuned! Planes HQ x
Planes Oct 07, 2015
/ / P R I N C E A L B E R T / / Photos from our show at The Prince Albert by Rosie Powell Freelance.
Planes Oct 07, 2015
Photo: Rosie Powell Freelance
Planes Oct 13, 2015
/ / B N 1 R E V I E W / / A lovely review from the good people of BN1 Magazine. Thanks again!
Planes Jun 02, 2015
/ / G I G S O U P / / Great review of 'Hotfoot' over on GIGsoup. You can get it now on all digital stores including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, TIDAL and more! x
Planes Jun 02, 2015
/ / G I G S L U T Z / / Read our interview with GigSlutz! x
Planes Jun 02, 2015
/ / C O N T A C T M U S I C / / New interview up at - check it out! x
Planes May 13, 2015
/ / H O T F O O T / / Hotfoot is available now on iTunes!
Planes May 11, 2015
/ / V I N Y L D I S T R I C T / / Thanks to The Vinyl District for naming Planes as their 'UK Band Of The Week' - amazing news! Hotfoot will be out today on all digital stores! We'll post links as they all go live! Read the Vinyl District feature on the link below! PLANES. x
Planes May 05, 2015
/ / F A M E M A G A Z I N E / / Interview with Steve in FAMEmagazine. "... a lot of the record has to do with moving into the next chapters of our lives both individually, and as a group, and we couldn’t be more proud and honoured to be apart of something that we all love so much."
Planes May 05, 2015
/ / A R T R O C K E R / / Thanks to Artrocker for the kind words and featuring Olé! "Planes have a lot of promise. Hotfoot is an EP filled with epic, anthemic sounds you won’t want to miss."
Planes May 05, 2015
O L E // Have you heard Olé yet? Share it and let us know what you think! New shows to be announced shortly and lots of interviews with the gang coming your way this week! PLANES. x
Planes May 02, 2015
/ / F E M A L E F I R S T / / Read an interview with Char O'Lette and Edwin over on Female First today! PLANES. x
Planes Apr 29, 2015
/ / H O T F O O T / / Still a chance to grab Hotfoot ahead of general release on 11 May! Just head to! A bunch of interviews coming soon! PLANES. x
Planes Apr 22, 2015
/ / O L E / / Gigwise are premiering Olé now! Go have a listen and spread the word! PLANES. x
Planes Apr 23, 2015
/ / M E X I C O / / Love to Rolling Stone México for featuring Olé. x
Planes Apr 19, 2015
/ / S U R P R I S E / / HOTFOOT - PLANES. NOW. x (Photography: Suelan Allison)
Planes Apr 19, 2015
Thanks to ( for the photography x
Planes Apr 19, 2015
/ / W A I T I T O U T / /
Planes Apr 05, 2015
Our shoot for River Island coming soon. Massive thanks to Georgia Smith our stylist and Designer of Men's outerwear at River Island and Poppy Randall, our incredible photographer for the day.
Planes Mar 20, 2015
/ / T H A N K Y O U / / A message from Char O'Lette! Also remember to get tickets quick for the three headline shows! Night & Day Cafe / The Rainbow Venues / The Garage London