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The Strumbellas with Dan Mangan at The Arboretum (July 6, 2019)
Venue: The Arboretum (Hamilton, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Atlin Music Festival Atlin Music Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Atlin, BC, Canada) Find tickets
Pickathon Pickathon 2019
Venue: Pendarvis Farm (Happy Valley, OR, US) Find tickets
Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival 2019
Venue: Deer Lake Park (Burnaby, BC, Canada) Find tickets
Beer Creek Folk Festival Beer Creek Folk Festival 2019
Venue: Muskoseepi Park (Grande Prairie, AB, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Amphitheatre, Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery (August 23, 2019)
Venue: Amphitheatre, Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery (Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan with Jeremie Albino at Regent Theatre (August 24, 2019)
Venue: Regent Theatre (Picton, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Ideal Bar, Vega - Musikkens Hus (September 19, 2019)
Venue: Ideal Bar, Vega - Musikkens Hus (Copenhagen, Denmark) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Bar Brooklyn (September 20, 2019)
Venue: Bar Brooklyn (Stockholm, Sweden) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at On The Rocks (September 22, 2019)
Venue: On The Rocks (Helsinki, Finland) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at E-Werk - Erlangen (September 24, 2019)
Venue: E-Werk - Erlangen (Erlangen, Germany) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Drucklufthaus (September 25, 2019)
Venue: Drucklufthaus (Oberhausen, Germany) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Rockhouse (September 26, 2019)
Venue: Rockhouse (Salzburg, Austria) Find tickets
Waves Festival Waves Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Vienna, Austria) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Unknown venue (September 28, 2019)
Venue: Unknown venue (Steyr, Austria) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at The Railway Inn (September 30, 2019)
Venue: The Railway Inn (Winchester, UK) Find tickets
Dan Mangan and Murray A. Lightburn at Union Chapel (October 1, 2019)
Venue: Union Chapel (London, UK) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Boileroom (October 2, 2019)
Venue: Boileroom (Guildford, UK) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Southbank Club (October 3, 2019)
Venue: Southbank Club (Bristol, UK) Find tickets
Dan Mangan with Murray A. Lightburn at Picture House Social (October 4, 2019)
Venue: Picture House Social (Sheffield, UK) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at The Lantern (October 5, 2019)
Venue: The Lantern (Halifax, UK) Find tickets
Dan Mangan with Murray A. Lightburn at The Hug and Pint (October 6, 2019)
Venue: The Hug and Pint (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Dan Mangan with Ocean Potion at London Music Hall (November 19, 2019)
Venue: London Music Hall (London, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at National Arts Centre (November 23, 2019)
Venue: National Arts Centre (Ottawa, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan Jun 08, 2019
A few weeks ago, we threw a Side Door house party at The Strombo Show / House of Strombo and invited our most active hosts from the Toronto area. What a pleasure it was to live just one incarnation of the tactile, real life, and offline universes that can be created by putting amazing talent into a unique space. Thanks to The Burning Hell, my pals for over a decade, for their effortless charm and wit, setting the tone for a beautiful afternoon. Then Moscow Apartment for flooding the room with creative and youthful energy. These kids are in highschool and they kick ass. Then The Sorority completely brought the house down - they were absolutely incredible. In between sets I got to answer questions from the field about Side Door, what we’re building, and what it means to me. So here’s what it means to me: we’re building a friendly, transparent and efficient global marketplace where artists can make a living with or without the gatekeepers of the industry on their side. We are removing the barriers to entry and allowing ANYBODY to bring amazing culture to where they are... country, suburb, city- the value you bring as a host is not in your proximity to an urban centre, but in your effort, your love, and your desire to curate something incredible for your local community. ANY space with a motivated host can be a venue.... book shops, art galleries, backyards, living rooms, community halls, living rooms, churches, tasting rooms, cafes, etc... and not just music. Right now Alan Cross is doing an entire tour of salon talks about the ongoing history of new music. Stand up, improv, theatre, whatever.. lastly, THANK YOU to George Strombolopolous for so graciously making your home a place of cultural communion. Your invitational spirit is a gift to us all. x Dan
Dan Mangan Jun 04, 2019
Heads up lots of info on upcoming shows! for the Ontario dates - Picton is *solo* and Jeremie Albino supporting.. & Gabrielle Shonk has been added to the Jackson-Triggs date! Ocean Potion is supporting November and those shows are all full band except at the National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts which is me and the orchestra. Coming up right quick is Hamilton w The Strumbellas Donovan Woods Dizzy then Sounds of Summer w Stars and then way north Atlin Arts & Music Festival w buds Said The Whale & Terra Lightfoot, then Pickathon with friggin everyone, Edmonton Folk Music Festival and Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival where I can’t wait to see Feist!! Also Bear Creek Folk Music Festival in Grand Prairie and oh man so much cool stuff coming up and cool announcements before long on some neat projects.. plus Scandinavia first time and returning to EU.. full dates listed below.. when I post shit like this I think about when I was 22 and how incredibly excited I was to get paid $30 for my first time playing 1st of 5 bands at The Media Club in Vancouver. The idea of playing a “real gig” was beyond me.. Lost for words at how resoundingly fortunate I am to get to do this for a living . . Jun 15 Calgary Sounds of Summer Jul 6 Hamilton Royal Botanical Gardens Jul 12-14 Atlin Atlin Arts & Music Festival Aug 2-4 Portland Pickathon Aug 10 Burnaby Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival Aug 11 Edmonton Edmonton Folk Music Festival Aug 18 Grand Prairie Bear Creek Folk Music Festival Aug 23 Niagara OTL Jackson-Triggs Aug 24 Picton Regent Theatre Picton Sep 19 Copenhagen VEGA Sep 20 Stockholm, SE Debaser Sep 22 Helsinki, FI On the Rocks Sep 24 Erlangen, DE E-Werk Erlangen Sep 25 Oberhauseen, DE Druckluft Sep 26 Salzberg, AT Rockhouse Salzburg Sep 27 Vienna, AT Waves Vienna Sep 28 Steyr, AT kv roeda Sep 30 Winchester Railway Inn, Winchester Oct 1 London Union Chapel Oct 2 Guildford The BOILEROOM Oct 3 Bristol Southbank Club Oct 4 Sheffield Picture House Social Oct 5 Halifax The Lantern Oct 6 Glasgow Joseph HugandPint Nov 19 London London Music Hall Nov 21 Peterborough Market Hall Performing Arts Centre Nov 23 Ottawa National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts Nov 25 Kingston The Grand Theatre Nov 26 Creemore The Avening Hall Nov 27 Bayfield Bayfield Town Hall Nov 28 Bayfield Bayfield Town Hall Nov 29 Barrie Mavricks Music Hall . 📷=?
Dan Mangan May 29, 2019
ONTARIO DATES ANNOUNCED! Looking forward to hitting some spots that we missed on the last Canadian tour. Hamilton is with The Strumbellas, Donovan Woods & Dizzy - killer lineup. Also, playing with the NAC Orchestra??? Plus heaps of dates w/ Ocean Potion as support! So rad. Can’t wait. Some presales start tmmw, all tix on sale Friday! Ps. One correction from the graphic is that Jeremie Albino will be supporting in Picton! And I’ll be playing solo . Jul 6 Hamilton Royal Botanical Gardens Aug 23 Niagara OTL Jackson Triggs Amphitheatre, NOTL Aug 24 Picton Regent Theatre Picton Nov 19 London London Music Hall Nov 21 Peterborough #MarketHall Nov 23 Ottawa National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts Nov 25 Kingston The Grand Theatre Nov 26 Creemore The Avening Hall Nov 27 Bayfield Bayfield Town Hall Nov 28 Bayfield Bayfield Town hall Nov 29 Barrie Mavricks Music Hall
Dan Mangan May 28, 2019
MORE EUROPE DATES ANNOUNCED! First ever shows in Scandinavia! So excited. Tix on sale now: All upcoming shows: Jun 15 Calgary Sounds of Summer Jul 6 Hamilton Royal Botanical Gardens Jul 12-14 Atlin Atlin Arts & Music Festival Aug 2-4 Portland Pickathon Aug 10 Burnaby Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival Aug 18 Grand Prairie Bear Creek Folk Music Festival Aug 23 Niagara OTL Jackson Triggs Amphitheatre, NOTL Sep 19 Copenhagen #IdealBar Sep 20 Stockholm, SE Debaser Brooklyn Bar Sep 22 Helsinki, FI On the Rocks Sep 24 Erlangen, DE E-Werk Erlangen Sep 25 Oberhauseen, DE Druckluft Sep 26 Salzberg, AT Rockhouse Salzburg Sep 27 Vienna, AT Waves Vienna Sep 28 Steyr, AT kv roeda Sep 30 Winchester Railway Inn, Winchester Oct 1 London Union Chapel Oct 2 Guildford The BOILEROOM Oct 3 Bristol Southbank Club Oct 4 Sheffield Picture House Social Oct 5 Halifax The Lantern Oct 6 Glasgow The Hug and Pint Nov 23 Ottawa National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts
Dan Mangan May 26, 2019
WITH ME is a short musical film based on an interpretation of the song Fool For Waiting. We shot it in NYC last year and we’re so excited that it’ll be premiering at New York Shorts International Film Festival June 6th at 4:55pm. I’d never really acted before but was guided by the exceptionally talented Chilina Kennedy and director Weyni Mengesha - Huge thanks to all-star producer Josh Epstein for pulling together an amazing team in days and making it happen - tix here:
Dan Mangan May 25, 2019
Another cover! LOVE YOU MADLY by CAKE. My brother asked me to play this at his wedding. Then he asked me to record it in lieu of a Christmas present. It’s been fun recording these covers because it’s a gratuitous exercise. If it’s not fun to work on a song, you can just stop and do something else. I’ve always had a love for Cake since they released Sheep Go To Heaven back when I was a kid. They somehow manage to layer fifteen hooks on top of each other. Masters of melody.
Dan Mangan May 12, 2019
I have so many moms in my life. Their names have been replaced with whatever my kids call them. Grammy, Nana, GranDee, GramBea, Grandma Shan.. Here’s me and my own mom Louise shortly after I met her. She’s always been my rock. Unwaveringly supportive. I was the archetype youngest child. The baby. We’re so similar in some ways that it’s a bit of a family joke. We moved constantly as kids and life involved wide sweeping changes frequently, but there was never a moment’s uncertainty that we were loved and, more importantly, worthy of love. The next pic is my mom with her wife Liz. I cried when Liz moved in when I was 15. Did not want to be the kid with the gay mom. How things have changed since 1997. Not only has the world evolved and gotten less afraid of the fringes, but I cannot imagine my family without Liz. She always volunteers for the hardest and least rewarding task. She is my mom’s rock - her source of unwavering support. The next pic is my wife, Kirsten. I loved her a lot before we had kids but I never really realized how incredible she was until I watched her give birth. Her focus, her tenacity, her strength. If you’ve seen a birth, you know how mammalian we are. That any posturing humans do to place ourselves above or detached from nature is utter hubris. Hubris- like how men have historically postured to women. Women are powerful beyond belief. I think it’s why they are taught to question it constantly - because it’s intimidating to those who don’t understand it... Powerful - not in a superficial, physical kind of way. In an infrastructural and foundational way. They are the source. Happy Mother’s Day. To mine, to yours, to all. Thanks, moms. @ Vancouver, British Columbia
Dan Mangan May 10, 2019
Years (and years) ago, creative wunderkind This Is Woodrow made this video for "Jeopardy". It fell through the cracks of timing and human error over and over again. I'm ashamed that somehow, in the search for the "perfect" time to release it, it just sat on a proverbial shelf. What a perfect analogy for the compounded sum of all human efforts. Jeff spent 4 weeks making this video by hand in the basement of a church in Kingston where he rented a small studio with no windows and no internet connection and hence no distractions. He worked on the film everyday from 9:00am until 8:00pm, six days a week. It took a total of 289 Hours. He had 4 part time volunteer helpers to build models, assist with the set design and bring him food and music. He used 142 feet of brown craft paper. He used 48 sticks of chalk pastels. Here's Jeopardy from the 2012 LP "Oh Fortune". Thank you, Jeffery!!!!
Dan Mangan May 08, 2019
So excited to be spending so much time in Europe this year. This is the first show in Scandinavia since I played a Kulturhaus in Copenhagen in 2009! Lots of UK dates coming up and more continental shows to be announced soon! Tix/Info: 09.19 Copenhagen, DK - Ideal Bar 09.30 Winchester, UK - The Railway Inn 10.01 London, UK - Union Chapel 10.02 Guildford, UK - The BOILEROOM 10.03 Bristol, UK - Southbank Club 10.04 Sheffiled, UK - Picture House Social 10.05 Halifax, UK - The Lantern 10.06 Glasgow, UK - The Hug and Pint cc: 1% of One Pitch & Smith City Slang Arts & Crafts ICO Concerts
Dan Mangan May 07, 2019
I have two young boys. Like many of us, I dread climate crisis on my way to pick up the dry cleaning... On my way to the bank, I get anxious about how climate crisis will affect migration, and how the displacement of people will only perpetuate fads of isolationism and nationalism throughout the world. As I rake the yard, I wonder if increasing natural disasters and wild fires and political instability will fuel fear and hack away at the fabric of trust throughout society. We live now and we live in the future. I reflect on estimations about average temperatures in 2040 as I contribute to my kids' post-secondary education fund. We accomplish the tasks in front of us and read articles about some kind of impending moment where we'll look back and it will all be too late. In every moment of historical world crisis or disaster of mythological proportions, we look back and scoff at the naivety of the past. How silly they were and how considered we now are. Scientist have given us less than eleven years to cut our emissions in half in order to avoid catastrophic climate change impacts. Consumer-level decisions like recycling are not going to solve these issues, and politicians are so twisted up and leveraged by the interests of their financiers that they can't act on anything unless they are absolutely certain that failing to do so will jeopardize their elected position. Climate MUST be the number one election topic in the coming election, and for every election at every level of governance in every country for the foreseeable future. There's a wildfire approaching the back yard and we're fighting over carrots in the kitchen. We rationalize short term profits for those with influence at the cost of longterm prosperity for all. And it's not just about spending money on "the environment" or electric cars. It's about a multi-faceted approach to change the way we plan cities, divesting in fossil fuels and re-appropriating those assets and infrastructure toward sustainable energy. It's about a safety net that curbs the inequality that keeps the working class in constant crisis mode. It's about limiting the amount of financial influence private interests have over governance at the consequence of real constituents who live and breathe. It's about re-evaluating our assumption that we are somehow not a part of nature - that we are beyond it. It is us. We are it. Our borders, policies, laws, assumptions, divisions - they don't mean anything against the stupefying reality that if we do not act, we will perpetrate our own extinction, and the Earth will swallow us up and spit us out. We're not saving the Earth, we're saving ourselves. Every parent wants to leave this world better for their kids. I have signed the #GreenNewDeal pact for my kids. I know that signing an online accord doesn't solve the problems, but it's SOMETHING, and it is symbolic of the public's interest to guide our lawmakers into action, and ONLY a pervasive example of the public's will can affect real change to the status quo. I want real change in my country and concrete steps to tackle #climatechange, entrench Indigenous Rights, and fight economic #injustice. I hope you will sign it too... Once you're finished raking the yard.
Dan Mangan May 02, 2019
Uh holy crap. Huge thank you to BreakOut West for SIX #WCMA nominations. 4 for More or Less and 2 Impact Awards for my work with Side Door. Unbelievable. So many talented and hard working people in these categories - many of whom are good pals and all of whom deserve utmost respect. It’s a miracle to have any kind or career in the creative arts. As weird as awards are when it comes to creativity, the conclusion I’ve come to is that it’s a pat on the back for the person, not the music. It’s recognition for the determination and momentum. Yes, the momentum is connected to the music itself, but the wins and losses don’t define the music, they just propel the person. It’s something to mention - an excuse to remind people that you exist and that you’re doing your best. Distinguishing these two paths helps me wrap my head around it and not get lost in the sauce of it all, anyhow.. mega thanks and love.
Dan Mangan May 01, 2019
Very excited to announce I'm joining the National Arts Centre Orchestra | l'Orchestre du Centre national des Arts this November 23 for a special evening! Pre-sale's up for the next 24 hrs with the code MANGAN19
Dan Mangan Apr 30, 2019
In Hamilton, ON, I met an amazing young guy named Graeson who wanted to make a special surprise birthday video for his mom. We sang Robots. -- Director: Matty McKane @mattymckane Producer: Merrie Wasson @kittienoir DP: Bob Lyte @boblyte Steady Cam Op: Mark Skinner @m5kin Camera Assistant: Daniel Poirier @danielpoirier Camera Assistant: Zach Macdonald Sound: Steve Cabana Editor: Julie Simmons @eilujsimmons Colourist: Clinton Homuth @clintonhomuth Sound Mix: Vapor Music Production Company: Soft Citizen @softcitizen Editorial House: Saints @saintseditorial Transfer: Artjail @artjail
Dan Mangan Apr 28, 2019
Dan Mangan Apr 27, 2019
2005. I was a kid when I made this album. I applied for every grant possible and was denied at every turn. I went to the credit union and asked for a line of credit if $10,000. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know that recordings of a song can sound/feel various ways depending on method. I didn’t know what reverb was. I had a friend named Simon who would play lead guitar. I had a friend named Amy who would do some singing. I don’t really remember how I met Dan Elmes but he was a million feet tall and weighed several dozen pounds. He had a huge dog that barked a lot and you can hear it on some tracks. We recorded in his basement. He brought in Kerry and Randal to be the rhythm section - he did not trust this job to my high school friends. I can’t even listen to this album now because it reminds me of how naive I was, but cerebrally I understand how absolutely crucial it was to my life and experience. It was during this time that I realized the ways in which I was just copying other artists because they were really participating in the great tornado of music and I wanted to be them so, so badly. In the aftermath of recording Postcards and Daydreaming, I wrote songs like Basket, Robots, Sold and Road Regrets - songs that would literally change my life and give me an excuse to travel around the world, quit my serving job and actually begin to figure out what my voice was in all this. Not just my literal voice, but my metaphorical one. What was my approach. How could I put my own angle on something that has been done again and again by countless others. For years, I’d be asked about whether Postcards and Daydreaming would be released on vinyl, and now it is available as a double LP because it’s so friggin long. These are not my finest songs, but they are integral to who I am in an ethereal way. Like looking at a photograph of myself at this time - why the eyebrow piercing? Why the long sleeve shirt under the short sleeve shirt? Why the epic all the time? Young people reach because they’re certain there’s something out there waiting to be grasped. Which is beautiful. For more details: visit here —->
Dan Mangan Apr 26, 2019
When I was a kid, I’d hear this song waiting at the dentist’s office. Or waiting to get a hair cut. I imagined that there was an entire genre of music from the past that was just there to help people wait for appointments. A few years ago, I was asked to pitch a version of it for a TV show and, in the process of learning it and listening a few times, I was struck at how sweet it is. It’s the kind of earnest I might have scoffed at in my youth, but in the present, the sentiment is working for me. Here's John Hiatt's HAVE A LITTLE FAITH IN ME. .
Dan Mangan Apr 25, 2019
Calgary coming your way with my dear pals Stars and more June 15! Bring a spoon. Fiasco Gelato #soundsofsummer
Dan Mangan Apr 25, 2019
My dear pals at Amazing Factory Productions Inc. captured my homecoming show at The Vogue Theatre back in February. It was the most unforgettable and emotional show of my life. The first show my 5 year old attended. We’ll be rolling out clips and eventually putting together a full concert doc, but here’s the first bit of footage. You can hear in my rough growl that it was near the end of the tour and though my body and voice were raw, it’s only because all of the intense emotions of affirmation and gratitude that came to fruition on that expedition - a lot of tears and embraces and laughs at the merch tables after the shows. The next morning, my bandmate Mike texted me a pic of my son Jude asleep in my arms after the show and I just bawled. It’s been an incredible few months since More or Less came out. I’ve got my mojo back. Things feel possible. Thanks for not forgetting about me. Should mention there are solo shows coming up in Seattle and Portland May 2/3 and tix still available for both shows! If you know peeps in those cities, pls let ‘em know. All my love! Dan
Dan Mangan Apr 23, 2019
April 16, 2019 - Dan Mangan makes his late-night debut, performing "Just Fear" from his album More or Less on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Dan Mangan Apr 21, 2019
April 16, 2019 - Dan Mangan makes his late-night debut, performing "Troubled Mind" from his album More or Less on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Dan Mangan Apr 17, 2019
It happened! Jimmy Kimmel was a gent and a half. Right after this photo was taken, and the show was done taping, he recorded a sketch involving a clarinet. When that was done taping, he continued to entertain the crowd ripping on the clarinet. Showbiz is not just exhausting because of the schedules and the travel, but because of the spiritually draining practice of being “on” all the time. No downtime. Very little time for self care. Jimmy may forget meeting me but I’ll always remember meeting him, and this is how I remember him - ON. Kind. Present. Thanks so much for having us Jimmy Kimmel Live!. And thanks to all the people posting vids of watching us on their TVs etc!! Warms my heart to think that some new folks out there may have stumbled upon us singing Troubled Mind. Will post a video of the performance soon!!! #kimmel
Dan Mangan Apr 16, 2019
Not sure how to adequately capture my excitement to announce that the boys and I will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! TONIGHT at 11:35pm (10:30pm CST) on ABC alongside Martin Short & Kate Stevens. This is my “late night debut”. In all seriousness this is the single biggest bit of exposure that has ever come my way and it’s such a thrill to be injected into the artery of showbiz to find that everyone involved in the Jimmy Kimmel org are the finest cloth of human. Massive thanks to Mac for having my back and giving this kid a try. Please spread the word, set the PVR, and tell my ma I’m gonna be on the teevee. @ Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Dan Mangan Apr 12, 2019
Huge shoutout to Ramon and Bas at Gibson Amsterdam for saving my ass! Back in Leeds, my beloved 1957 Gibson J45 fell from a faulty stand and the headstock was cracked badly. They hooked me up with a loaner J45 to use for the rest of the tour. I’ve always loved Gibson guitars and getting such kind and friendly personal care from these guys made it all the more sweet. Also mega thanks to James Vincent McMorrow for the Dublin hookup, Nile Marr in Manchester and Jacob in Brighton. What would a guy do without safe harbours in a storm?? . Ps. Nicole Alosinac Luthiery get the glue ready
Dan Mangan Apr 08, 2019
UK and Ireland you danced on the tongues of joyful newts at daybreak. I don’t know what that means but it sounds pretty good. Thanks for the love. I feel like much is possible. We are on to the continent with memories of Steven Adams in our pockets. Thanks to Steve for reminding me how and why life intertwines people when they need each other. Amsterdam, Wiesbaden, Munich, Lorrach, Dresden, Lucerne, Graz - we move in sprints at your general direction. @ Europe
Dan Mangan Apr 06, 2019
Hey ma, tour’s goin’ great. Manchester tonight! Then Brighton, Amsterdam, and onward! B&W pic = thx @mattwenty @ Euro Tour 2019