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Dan Mangan at Columbia City Theater (May 2, 2019)
Venue: Columbia City Theater (Seattle, WA, US) Find tickets
Dan Mangan with Patrick Park at Mississippi Studios (May 3, 2019)
Venue: Mississippi Studios (Portland, OR, US) Find tickets
The Strumbellas with Dan Mangan at The Arboretum (July 6, 2019)
Venue: The Arboretum (Hamilton, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Pickathon Pickathon 2019
Venue: Magical Pendarvis Farm (Happy Valley, OR, US) Find tickets
Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival 2019
Venue: Deer Lake Park (Burnaby, BC, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Amphitheatre, Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery (August 23, 2019)
Venue: Amphitheatre, Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery (Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan Apr 17, 2019
It happened! Jimmy Kimmel was a gent and a half. Right after this photo was taken, and the show was done taping, he recorded a sketch involving a clarinet. When that was done taping, he continued to entertain the crowd ripping on the clarinet. Showbiz is not just exhausting because of the schedules and the travel, but because of the spiritually draining practice of being “on” all the time. No downtime. Very little time for self care. Jimmy may forget meeting me but I’ll always remember meeting him, and this is how I remember him - ON. Kind. Present. Thanks so much for having us Jimmy Kimmel Live!. And thanks to all the people posting vids of watching us on their TVs etc!! Warms my heart to think that some new folks out there may have stumbled upon us singing Troubled Mind. Will post a video of the performance soon!!! #kimmel
Dan Mangan Apr 16, 2019
Not sure how to adequately capture my excitement to announce that the boys and I will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! TONIGHT at 11:35pm (10:30pm CST) on ABC alongside Martin Short & Kate Stevens. This is my “late night debut”. In all seriousness this is the single biggest bit of exposure that has ever come my way and it’s such a thrill to be injected into the artery of showbiz to find that everyone involved in the Jimmy Kimmel org are the finest cloth of human. Massive thanks to Mac for having my back and giving this kid a try. Please spread the word, set the PVR, and tell my ma I’m gonna be on the teevee. @ Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Dan Mangan Apr 12, 2019
Huge shoutout to Ramon and Bas at Gibson Amsterdam for saving my ass! Back in Leeds, my beloved 1957 Gibson J45 fell from a faulty stand and the headstock was cracked badly. They hooked me up with a loaner J45 to use for the rest of the tour. I’ve always loved Gibson guitars and getting such kind and friendly personal care from these guys made it all the more sweet. Also mega thanks to James Vincent McMorrow for the Dublin hookup, Nile Marr in Manchester and Jacob in Brighton. What would a guy do without safe harbours in a storm?? . Ps. Nicole Alosinac Luthiery get the glue ready
Dan Mangan Apr 08, 2019
UK and Ireland you danced on the tongues of joyful newts at daybreak. I don’t know what that means but it sounds pretty good. Thanks for the love. I feel like much is possible. We are on to the continent with memories of Steven Adams in our pockets. Thanks to Steve for reminding me how and why life intertwines people when they need each other. Amsterdam, Wiesbaden, Munich, Lorrach, Dresden, Lucerne, Graz - we move in sprints at your general direction. @ Europe
Dan Mangan Apr 06, 2019
Hey ma, tour’s goin’ great. Manchester tonight! Then Brighton, Amsterdam, and onward! B&W pic = thx @mattwenty @ Euro Tour 2019
Dan Mangan Apr 02, 2019
This is Steve Adams. Sometimes he goes by Steven Adams, or Steven J Adams, or Steve Adams & The French Drops. He may have an identity disorder. Maybe that’s why he’s such a great songwriter. When I met him and his wife Sadie in 2008 or so, he let me open up for his band called Broken Family Band. They shared their pizza with me. We became fast friends, and our wives became fast friends, and then we all had a million kids and exchanged our youthful songs for withered songs. I wrote one for them called Peaks & Valleys. This next week, Steve will be supporting us throughout the UK and Ireland and I get to hear his songs every night and there are NO KIDS allowed in the van.
Dan Mangan Apr 02, 2019
HICCUP UPDATE. (Yes I know technically it’s hiccough but that just looks dumb and feels dumb to type so I’m rolling with it phonetic style). EUROPE HERE WE COME! Leeds, Dublin, Brighton, Manchester to start then on to the continent! Full band! 100% not shitty! Tell your mom! Your dog! Your friends! We come in peace to find relief from existential dread!
Dan Mangan Mar 29, 2019
Such a pleasure to do my FOURTH episode of Scott Aukerman’s Comedybangbang podcast, which you can now find via Earwolf wherever you listen to your podcasts (or the link below). Here’s me with Jon Mackey, Will Hines & Scott celebrating having just previously bang banged as much comedy as was bang bangable. As per usual my job was to bring the laughs to a halt with melancholy bang bang. Hot tip: if you are a website owner there are some extremely pervasive business model hacks unveiled in this episode, as well as some very sensitive behind the scenes information about En Vogue’s 1992 hit “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get it)” courtesy of a very serious session musician / insurance broker. Bang bang.
Dan Mangan Mar 25, 2019
's cover photo
Dan Mangan Mar 24, 2019
When you take the early ferry home from Salt Spring so you can fly to LA and be on Jimmy Kimmel (air date TBD) and you’re surrounded by a deep perplexing beauty BUT you’ve been hiccuping for 48hrs straight and maybe you’ll be the guy who does Kimmel with hiccups and it’s all just so fittingly absurd
Dan Mangan Mar 22, 2019 New Music! This song slayed me when it came out. One of the best choruses since George Harrison’s “Something”. Lauryn Hill is an unfathomable talent, and as such, I tried to find my own angle into the song as there’s no hope in imitating her power. Here is Ex-Factor.
Dan Mangan Mar 22, 2019
San Francisco is sold out but we added more tix to the Los Angeles show Mar25 and a handful remain! Then it’s two weeks in UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland & Austria. Also a very special thing going down in LA this week that I cannot wait to announce! Digital high fivery! 📷= one and only @vanessaheins
Dan Mangan Mar 16, 2019
The mind is the cage but the mind is also the portal to infinite dimensions where we can see ourselves in new light. I find myself fettered in a hotel room. So I listen to Barber’s Adagio For Strings to recalibrate my mind. I listen to the high res file that Don found for me on the last tour and I am reminded of the kindness awarded to me in this life - the kind of kindness where a friend goes out of their way to make something beautiful even more special for no reason other than that he’s done the emotional work in this life to understand that small acts align vibrational chemistry and encourage a kind or spiritual unity. I listen loud enough that I can hear the creaking of the orchestra’s chairs, and I’m reminded that the music is the compounded effect of infinite time and space collaboration - frailties, perfectly nuanced intertwined experiences - uncontrollable, unknowable, barely understandable. The vibration of old wood and new wires across the hair of horses that lived and breathed. Smoke signals from a soul long ago that I receive across the boundaries we inflict upon ourselves so that I now feel peaceful again. And all of a sudden it doesn’t matter if I win an award tonight or I don’t because I’ve already won a million lifetimes of fortune and goodwill, just for the gift of feeling infinitesimal. That calmness is a lifelong ambition. My wife is with me. She knows what to say when I get like this. We’re going to have a cup of tea and everything will be exactly what it is. Much love. Thx for the wonderful art, Disha Dua Art.
Dan Mangan Mar 16, 2019
Toronto - I’ll play some acoustic songs then we’ll watch one of my favourite movies Dazed and Confused. @indie88toronto’s #BandAndAMovie at @theroyalto THIS TUESDAY. Some tix left I think? “Alright, alright, alrighhhhtt”
Dan Mangan Mar 12, 2019
Beyond excited to finally play @pickathon - a festival I’ve heard nothing but raves about from every musician I know in the Pacific NW. and the whole lineup is uhhhhhh... completely dreamy. I’ll have a band with me and we are gonna bring everything we’ve got. I’ll also be playing a solo, more story-telly kind of intimate show at Mississippi studios in Portland on May 3rd, for which there are still just a handful of tickets left. I love Portland!!!!
Dan Mangan Mar 06, 2019
Heads up Los Angeles! To accommodate demand, we’ve moved our show to the larger room at The Hotel Cafe & released more tix. Show is now MARCH 25TH not 26th! Old tix will be honoured. If you cannot make the 25th, pls seek a refund at point of sale, thx 🤙🏼😀…
Dan Mangan Mar 02, 2019
Throwback to 2008, recording gang vocals for the ending of Robots in my pal Julian’s hallway. In the moment of doing something.. anything.. it’s impossible to really know what the effects of that thing will be. Thx to Lana Gay for unearthing this pic!
Dan Mangan Mar 01, 2019
Lookit all these dang shows would ya. Coming up real quick are solo shows in Philly, Boston, DC, and the first full band NYC show in probably 6 years or something? It’d be more fun if there are ppl there so feel free to tag ppl from these cities in the comments and get em up to speed! Thx u internet 😘🤙🏼💥🕺🏼🍔 #here #are #some #hashtags #for #visibility #we #are #living #in #an #age #of #quantifiable #influence #and #it #feels #a #bit #unsettling #to #make #finite #the #intangibility #of #nuance #but #wtf #do #i #know #im #basically #a #million #years #old
Dan Mangan Feb 27, 2019
Today is Side Door LAUNCH DAY! I can hardly believe it. 2 years of dreaming, planning, etc - and it’s here. A platform matching performers with spaces to create shows anytime, anywhere. We’ve removed the barriers of entry. We’ve removed the gatekeeping. Hosts and artists can check up on their shows in real time, watching the guest-list grow, and seeing exactly where every penny is going to go as soon as the show is over . . In the tech world, most often what happens is that you imagine a perceived tool, then you build the tool and see if anybody likes it. We took the longer slower approach, checking in with artists, hosts and audience members at every step of the process to make sure that we were actually providing a solution that made sense . Although we are using the word “launch” today, it’s already a thing. Nearly 1000 artists have joined us - ranging from treasured cult favourites to emerging new stars. Nearly 300 people with spaces from backyards to national parks, condos to mansions and yurts to community halls have signed up to host live performances. The 167 shows that have happened from New Orleans to Liberty, Saskatchewan and from a farm in the mountains of Vancouver Island to the backyard of a home in Newfoundland. And we’ve expanded beyond music to bring in plays, comedy, live podcast recordings...any kind of live performance . We promise to keep gut-checking as we go. We want to build something that makes the world just a little bit better. Something that helps artists make a living, but also helps foster connective tissue through the shared experience of art. It’s not a tool, it’s a community. We have relied on feedback from everyone involved and strive to make Side Door something that is exciting, fun, and simple to use. Keep on us . Thank you for caring if you’ve read this far! Pls considering signing up as a host. Anywhere in the world! Tell your pals about this concept/platform. Some blue sky dreaming going on over here.
Dan Mangan Feb 27, 2019
's cover photo
Dan Mangan Feb 26, 2019
Hey Hamilton! We're coming back. Playing at the Arboretum at The Royal Botanical Gardens on July 6 with The Strumbellas, Donovan Woods, and Dizzy. Pre-sale starts tomorrow at 10AM EST - use the code DANMANGAN
Dan Mangan Feb 25, 2019
Hey Vancouver / Lower Mainland! I’ll be at Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival August 10th alongside Feist, Lord Huron, William Prince, The War and Treaty & Southern Avenue!
Dan Mangan Feb 23, 2019
A recording of our finale in Kelowna. The 360 camera is fixed to a lighting contraption we call "The Hammer". Kelowna, it's Hammertime.
Dan Mangan Feb 22, 2019 I covered Neutral Milk Hotel. I love this song. I wish I wrote this song. I don’t know if this song actually was written or if it always existed. This song was the first dance at my wedding. This song is life and death and beauty and fear and love and anger and celebration. I made this recording to be played at my wife’s Aunt Lauri’s funeral. I couldn’t be there. She was an incredible sculptor. She lived in Tucson and the first time I met her, I had just driven from El Paso with no air conditioning. My south-facing left arm out the window- absorbing a day’s worth of hot southern sun. I was young and inexperienced and hadn’t applied any sun screen. She spent the evening hacking at her aloe vera plants, wrapping my arm in fresh leaves. She was a kind, creative and talented artist, and was a life-long inspiration to my wife Kirsten, who learned from Lauri that she could forge a life in artistry if that’s what her heart desired. This recording is for Lauri Slenning.
Dan Mangan Feb 22, 2019
A recording of our finale in Vancouver. The 360 camera is fixed to a lighting contraption we call "The Hammer". Vancouver, it's Hammertime.