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Dan Mangan with Matt Holubowski at The Marquee Ballroom (January 24, 2019)
Venue: The Marquee Ballroom (Halifax, NS, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan with Matt Holubowski at Algonquin Commons Theatre (January 29, 2019)
Venue: Algonquin Commons Theatre (Ottawa, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan and Matt Holubowski at Danforth Music Hall (January 31, 2019)
Venue: Danforth Music Hall (Toronto, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan with Matt Holubowski at New Vision United Church (February 1, 2019)
Venue: New Vision United Church (Hamilton, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at The Garrick (February 6, 2019)
Venue: The Garrick (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Palace Theatre (February 9, 2019)
Venue: Palace Theatre (Calgary, AB, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan with La Force at Vogue Theatre (February 12, 2019)
Venue: Vogue Theatre (Vancouver, BC, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Kelowna Community Theatre (February 13, 2019)
Venue: Kelowna Community Theatre (Kelowna, BC, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Alix Goolden Performance Hall (February 14, 2019)
Venue: Alix Goolden Performance Hall (Victoria, BC, Canada) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Brudenell Community Room (April 4, 2019)
Venue: Brudenell Community Room (Leeds, UK) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at The Grand Social (April 5, 2019)
Venue: The Grand Social (Dublin, Ireland) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Yes Basement (April 6, 2019)
Venue: Yes Basement (Manchester, UK) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at The Hope & Ruin (April 7, 2019)
Venue: The Hope & Ruin (Brighton, UK) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Paradiso Kleine Zaal (April 9, 2019)
Venue: Paradiso Kleine Zaal (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Kulturzentrum Schlachthof (April 10, 2019)
Venue: Kulturzentrum Schlachthof (Wiesbaden, Germany) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Hansa 39 (April 11, 2019)
Venue: Hansa 39 (Munich, Germany) Find tickets
Dan Mangan at Konzerthaus Schüür (April 14, 2019)
Venue: Konzerthaus Schüür (Luzern, Switzerland) Find tickets
Laura Gibson with Dan Mangan at Postgarage (April 16, 2019)
Venue: Postgarage (Graz, Austria) Find tickets
Dan Mangan Dec 17, 2018
's cover photo
Dan Mangan Dec 16, 2018
‘Which Is It’ is the last song on More or Less. I’m going to make a found-footage vid for it like the other songs eventually but for now here’s the final chorus of the LP.. It was the last song I wrote before getting into the studio. I thought I had my batch of songs but Drew really encouraged me to keep writing until the final hour - figured I was on a wavelength that wasn’t quite finished yet. One of the big questions on this album is whether this weird feeling of societal dread is new or old. Are we perpetually on the precipice of disaster and that’s just what existing feels like? Or is today unique? I don’t know. But writing about it makes me feel a bit more at peace about it all. I can’t control it, so I gotta let it go.
Dan Mangan Dec 13, 2018
The best part of a show is when I trip on a guitar cable, or my voice cracks. All the presumption or pedestalling involved in a stage production goes out the window and there's a cosmic reminder of how absurd everything is, and we're all just people in a room trying to experience something magical. It's those moments when I can relax and and crack stupid jokes or whatever. I'm always aching to kill the pretence of a concert. It's then that I'm myself - not worrying about whether I'm living up to some self-imposed projected image of myself. I'm planning on playing at least three million shows in 2019. I want to let go with folks. I'll be announcing many more shows before long, but here is a list of what's already in the books. Much love. Hope to see you soon. x Dan Jan 23 St John’s Jan 24 Halifax Jan 25 Moncton Jan 26 Fredericton Jan 28 Montreal Jan 29 Ottawa Jan 31 Toronto Feb 1 Hamilton Feb 2 Waterloo Feb 4 Chicago Feb 5 St Paul Feb 6 Winnipeg Feb 7 Saskatoon Feb 8 Edmonton Feb 9 Calgary Feb 10 Lethbridge Feb 12 Vancouver Feb 13 Kelowna Feb 14 Victoria Apr 4 Leeds, UK Apr 5 Dublin, IE Apr 6 Manchester, UK Apr 7 Brighton, UK Apr 9 Amsterdam, NL Apr 10 Wiesbaden, DE Apr 11 Munich, DE Apr 12 Lorrach, DE Apr 14 Lucerne, CH Apr 16 Graz, AT Oct 1 London, UK tix/info @
Dan Mangan Dec 11, 2018
's cover photo
Dan Mangan Dec 11, 2018
's cover photo
Dan Mangan Dec 10, 2018
"So Much For Everyone" at Theatre Corona, Montreal, 2012
Dan Mangan Dec 10, 2018
Canada are you ready for some choir vibrations. Many of these shows are sold out or very close but we just added a show in Lethbridge. Very pumped to get back to it! . Jan 23 St John’s ^ Jan 24 Halifax ^ Jan 25 Moncton ^ Jan 26 Fredericton ^ Jan 28 Montreal * Jan 29 Ottawa ^ Jan 31 Toronto ^ Feb 1 Hamilton ^ Feb 2 Waterloo ^ Feb 4 Chicago ~ Feb 5 St Paul ~ Feb 6 Winnipeg % Feb 7 Saskatoon % Feb 8 Edmonton % Feb 9 Calgary % Feb 10 Lethbridge Feb 12 Vancouver % Feb 13 Kelowna % Feb 14 Victoria % . ps this is Montreal at Théâtre Corona in 2012 . ^ = Matt Holubowski * = Aliocha ~ = J.E. Sunde % = La Force . EUROPE . Apr 4 Leeds Apr 5 Dublin Apr 6 Manchester Apr 7 Brighton Apr 9 Amsterdam Apr 10 Wiesbaden Apr 11 Munich Apr 12 Lorrach Apr 13 Dresden Apr 14 Lucerne Apr 16 Graz
Dan Mangan Dec 04, 2018
Over 1300 names were in the hat! Thrilled to announce the winner! Thanks so much to all who participated!
Dan Mangan Dec 01, 2018
The great reminisce. My wife and I have a crush on another couple that lives a world away. We see them every few years. We keep in touch over email. We get gooey over pictures of their kids. I assume that they tolerate ours in kind. They live a parallel life in many ways. Like us, they have two boys. They balance artful careers and public identities with the domestic stress of making a living and raising children just as we do. Their names are not actually Steve and Sally, but their names are nearly Steve and Sally. When I get an email from Steve, there’s a good chance that I’ll get a touch emotional - even if it’s just a photoshopped picture of Theresa May. I suppose that it’s because the inception of my friendship with him marks a specific time in my life when I was conquering the goddamned world. We met at a pub in London, introduced by a mutual friend. I was on tour in Europe. Alone. I was winning an audience, twenty to fifty people at a time. I was making a life in art. We were young and broke, but rife with the intangible excitement about what might be possible. There’s a line in this song about a paper cup tea on a hell-bath festival ground. I was at Glastonbury years ago with “Steve and Sally” and it was very late. The days are long at outdoor festivals. We were filthy and sunbleached and exhausted and flying through the thrilling experience of being invited to perform at festivals like that. Sally handed me a cup of tea in the middle of the night. A proper British tea. It was piping hot and sweet and tasted like tears of joy. I’ll never forget it. Jason Falkner played the Minimoog rather than bass so the song sounds like Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover on LSD. I still have no idea what Joey Waronker was doing in the drum booth but everytime the beat drops I want to fly back to Los Angeles and kiss him. ------ Stream / Buy "More or Less" - Catch Dan on tour! - Web | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | LYRICS: [V1} Love is simple when it’s broken It’s the softest words ever spoken And I said I was kidding, but I was jokin’ Now I’m twisted up and lost in thought But I remember what I was thinking All those feelings always sinking All that waiting to take that stage And the feeling we could let ‘em wait [CH] Hey Steven, how’s Sally? How’re the peaks and how’re the valleys? I’ve been down some, but I’ll rally Have you found something to sink your teeth into? Keep it even, keep her happy, don’t be afraid to love her madly ‘Cause she will steer you and keep you afloat As you row that boat until you both let go some day [V2] So is it simple? Being older? We’ve got all these kids upon our shoulders See, I just get softer - the world gets colder Now I’m twisted up and lost in thought But do you remember? The night got late? Equations were recalculating in my veins And you saved my life in the final round Some kind of paper cup tea, some hell-bath festival ground [CH] Hey Steven, how’s Sally? How’re the peaks and how’re the valleys? I’ve been down some, but I’ll rally Have you found something to sink your teeth into? Keep it even, keep her happy, don’t be afraid to love her madly We should recap, lay it on me - the good the bad, the in-between Hey Steven, are you happy? How’re the kids, man? How’s that family? They cannot spare you from the valleys But they will give you something you can lean into So keep it even, keep her happy, don’t be afraid to love her madly ‘Cause she will steer you and keep you afloat As you row that boat until you both let go some day
Dan Mangan Nov 30, 2018
Tickets for 2019 EU and UK tour are on sale now! Apr 4 - Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club Apr 5 - Dublin, IE - The Grand Social Apr 6 - Manchester, UK - YES Apr 7 - Brighton, UK - The Hope & Ruin Apr 9 - Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso Amsterdam Apr 10 - Wiesbaden, DE - Schlachthof Wiesbaden Apr 11 - Munich, DE - Hansa 39 (Feierwerk) Apr 16 - Graz, AT - postgarage Oct 1 - London, UK - Union Chapel
Dan Mangan Nov 30, 2018
‘Hamburger Boy’ is a song for JJ’s son Julian who resembles, in the best possible way, a hamburger. 🍔👦
Dan Mangan Nov 28, 2018
Coming back to Europe and the UK this Spring & October at London Union Chapel! Plus my first show in Ireland. Very excited to come after years of hearing from fans. Tickets on sale this Friday, 10am GMT. All details here:
Dan Mangan Nov 26, 2018
I’ve been so lost in album mode that I haven’t been posting much about Side Door! SO MUCH has happened in the last year. Ages back I posted on FB asking for feedback on peoples’ satisfaction with the concert-going experience. Over 2000 people responded! My pal Laura Simpson and I founded Side Door, a platform to democratize space and performance, where hosts match with artists (not just musicians!) for intimate performances in unique spaces. Living rooms, barns, book stores, art galleries, garages, retail businesses, etc - Any space with a motivated host is a venue. Since then we’ve raised money from investors, hired an incredible team of people, and built a platform that is currently in beta test mode. Ticket sales are split based on smart contracts and revenue is paid out directly immediately after the show, right into peoples’ bank accounts. On average, artists have taken home 70-90% of the GROSS revenue which is completely unheard of in the entertainment biz. We are building a community where artists can make a living even if they don’t have the gatekeepers of the entertainment industry on their side. Direct to audience. Trim overhead. It’s built on the philosophy of fostering connective tissue through the shared experience of art in intimate spaces. We have over 300 vetted hosts in North America, and roughly 800 artists! We’ve booked over 200 shows, including many for the likes of Broken Social Scene, Tim Baker, John K Samson etc. - if you or anyone you know might be interested in hosting art in your space, PLEASE, share this post, tag them in the comments, or pick up the telephone. The platform is still young and we’re sorting out all the kinks. It doesn’t look amazing yet, but it will. We want it to be functional before it’s beautiful. Any and all feedback on the signup process and interface is welcomed and appreciated. We want this to work. We want to change the entertainment industry around the globe. We want tactile offline experiences. Thanks to EVERYONE who has already been along for the ride. One thing that we’ve learned along the way is that it’s not about the tech - that’s just a tool. It’s about the community. Goosebumps as many times as possible before we die. Much love, Dan ps. Here’s me and my pal Laura Gibson at a house concert in St Gallen, CH. Sylvie, our host, was amazing and so experienced at catering an experience. It was her 67th house concert!!
Dan Mangan Nov 24, 2018
Here's me and Laura Gibson singing Robyn's "Hang With Me" in Berlin!
Dan Mangan Nov 22, 2018
3 shows left! Thanks for having us tonight in Vienna @bluebirdvienna! Dornbirn then Prague, then New York and Washington DC. What a wild ride. No bummer summer. This tour has been amazing.
Dan Mangan Nov 10, 2018
Rolling Stone Weekender fest this eve, then Cologne, Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Paris, RS Park, Zurich, Vienna, Dornbirn, Prague. Big 📷 love to @bootjacobson for the photo and for generally being just amazing. Thanks so much for the outpouring of love regarding my vocal loss. Long road ahead, but I have a plan and am feeling positive. Despite the issues, Hamburg and Radio Bremen were beautiful evenings. It’s gonna be the quietest tour ever 🤭❤️
Dan Mangan Nov 09, 2018
👆🏼🤞🏼🤭 @ Europe
Dan Mangan Nov 07, 2018
In my home province of BC, there’s a referendum on #proportionalrepresentation, but #electoralreform is a wider issue and #ProRep should be considered in any multi party system. Here it is described simply in sports terms. I voted YES to Pro Rep. #bcpoli
Dan Mangan Nov 06, 2018
Dan Mangan Nov 02, 2018
It’s been many years. A lot of soul searching. Down some, but I rallied. Thank you thank you thank you. This is the best musical thing I’ve ever been apart of. #MoreOrLess is alive. Today this baby is born. I'm overwhelmed by how much love I've received on behalf of this work. A fountain of gratitude. xo Dan
Dan Mangan Oct 31, 2018
Recently joined my pal Tom Power on CBC's q to discuss the inspirations and intentions behind ’More Or Less’. We agreed that the world needs "more warmth" (tenderness!) and "less warmth" (climate change!). 'More Or Less' is out Friday!
Dan Mangan Oct 29, 2018
Win one of only a handful of test pressings of More or Less in the world! Comes with tee shirts, CDs, and a toque. And a belt buckle. Weird right. It's so easy! 1. Message Dan at 2. Get your name in "the hat" 3. Dream big 4. Win big Name will be drawn November 21st, 2018.
Dan Mangan Oct 25, 2018
Charlie Demers will host. He's going to interview my mom. Her name is Louise and she's a very nice lady. He will also interview Grant Lawrence. There will be a game show called MOOOOOORRREEE OOOOORRRR LEEESSSSS! There will be comedians. There will be a person eating an entire head of raw broccoli. I will play some songs. There will be roller skates. It will all be live. It will be on INSTAGRAM LIVE - which you can watch if you follow me on an app I just discovered called INSTAGRAM. I might have invented it, I'm not sure yet. The internet is confusing. OCTOBER 28th // 1200 PST - 1500 EST - 1900 GMT The audience will be able to vote "More" or "Less" to whatever they see on the screen. If enough people vote LESS - we have to scrap whatever's happening and move on. If you vote MORE, then we have to continue the bit until it's well beyond funny or entertaining. I'm really excited about this!! It's going to be wild and unpredictable, and it seriously could fall apart at any moment. It's like an album release party on your phone!
Dan Mangan Oct 22, 2018
Hey Vancouver - I’m blown away that tickets are NEARLY SOLD OUT for my show on February 12th! Tickets: We’ll be playing a bunch of new songs from More or Less and, of course, lots of old faves too. Can’t wait to return your way. If you have any pals who haven’t nabbed tickets yet, feel free to let them know!
Dan Mangan Oct 22, 2018
2 weeks! European tour with Laura Gibson - these beautifully hand-silk-screened limited edition prints by Jon Mackay Illustration. Nov 7 Berlin, DE Nov 8 Hamburg, DE Nov 10 Rolling Stone Weekender, DE Nov 11 Cologne, DE Nov 12 Brussels, BE Nov 13 London, UK Nov 15 Amsterdam, NL Nov 16 Paris, FR Nov 17 Rolling Stone Park, DE Nov 20 Zurich, CH Nov 22 Vienna, AT Nov 23 Dornbirn, AT Nov 24 Prague, CZ